My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 68

At Panari hotel...

The atmosphere was full of celebratory mood as people clicked glasses.

"Guys, this has been the best team I have ever worked with. Everyone played their part well and the
shooting went smoothly." Director Guo said.

"I just hope that this movie will do well in the box office. If it can surpass 'The Secret Mission' that will
be a huge relief."

'The Secret Mission' has been a big hit and broke many records be it in box office, tickets sales or the
screening time.

Anyone who showed their faces in the movie have become famous.

"Director Guo, didn't you say that the president will be coming to today's dinner party?" One of the
actors said.

"Yes. The president said that he will attend today's dinner to especially thank you guys for your hard

"Since I entered R&S, this will be the first time our president will be attending a dinner party. He has
never been one to entertain anyone."

"I have noticed that our president has really changed nowadays. He is not as cold as he used to be and
he even smiles more often. I don't know what brought the changes but our president has really

"There is a philosophy that men in love are always gentle and easy to get along with. I think our
president might be in love." One of the ladies made a bold guess.

"That might be the case, but wouldn't he have already introduced to us our lady boss?"

"Maybe it is not the right time or the lady boss is just shy."

Actually majority of the people here were from R&S since the movie had been invested exclusively by
R&S. The company had a lot of talented actors and actresses and it did not require to seek outside
help to shoot the movie.

It has always created movies exclusive to its artists.

"Director Alex, you are always close to president Richard, you would possibly know if our president is
seeing someone?"

Although many ladies in the room had wild fantasies that their president may one day take a fancy on
them, but they could also retreat once they found out that he has a girlfriend.

They could not wish to interfere in their president's affairs and cause a misunderstanding.

Director Alex has also participated in directing the completed movie although he was not the main

Hearing them ask him a question about the president, Alex raised his eyebrow and looked at a certain
someone, seeing that she was calmly chatting by some of her seniors, his lips curved into a knowing

He turned to those who had asked him the question and looked at them.

How will they react when they find out that Amanda is their lady boss. The one person they are
yearning to meet. She is right here with them but they have no idea.

"Of course our president is not single. It is almost a year since our president started dating." Alex said,
anticipating to see their reaction.

"So it is true. Wow that lady must have saved the world in her past life to have a chance to be with the

"I bet she is beautiful and gentle like a breeze. Have you seen her?"

"Of course I have. How else would I know?" Alex looked at them with a smile.

"In fact their might be a surprise tonight!" Alex said looking at them with a pregnant gaze.

"Ooh what is it?"

"You will know later." Alex said and paid no more attention to them.

Seeing that people were excited, Amanda and her group could not help but ask curiously.

"What are you guys excited about?"

"We have just uncovered some earth shattering news!"

"What is it?"

"Our president has a girlfriend and they have been together for almost one year. No wonder our
president has changed so much."

"Ooh is that so? I have never heard anything about it." Jacky said.

"Director Alex has confirmed to us just now. You know that he is always close to our president so his
words can be trusted."

Jacky gave a disappointed look. She has always liked the president but if the president was already
taken, she will gladly retreat. She cannot be a third party in a relationship and maybe their president did
not even like her.

"He said that their might be surprise later, maybe the president is planning to introduce his girlfriend to

"A surprise?" Amanda asked shocked.

"Yes. You might not know but our president does not like to attend this kind of gatherings. Not even
once has he attended such a dinner, but today he is making an exception, maybe he might really want
to introduce his girlfriend to us."

Amanda nodded. She of course knew that her man did not like to attend this type dinner parties. He
had only made an exception once when he attended the dinner party when 'The Secret Mission' was
completed. And it was only because she had attended that dinner party that Richard also went, if not
this will be his first but unfortunately this people did not know about that.

Amanda turned to look at Alex only to find the latter shrugging his shoulders at her with an innocent

She was at a loss and could only pretend to be excited like the rest of the people but her mind was
already elsewhere.


"The president is here?" Director Guo and other senior members who were at the high table went to the
entrance when they heard that the president has arrived.

Everyone craned their necks, their eyes sparkling with curiosity and gossip.

"Is he here with his girlfriend."

"You will hurt your neck, just relax. It is just a few steps from the door into the room."

Outside the hotel door. A black Rolls Royce had packed steadily. A man with long straight legs alighted
from the car. He was wearing a white retro suit, his face was stunningly beautiful as his hair was neatly

His deep set eyes contained a mysterious light that was hard to decipher. His gaze was not as cold and
contained a gentle light that was hard to hide. He really looked like a man who was foolishly in love.

Those at the door greeted him and to their surprise, he answered them one by one without showing
any impatience. They almost thought that they were hallucinating when they saw his smile.

Richard entered the room followed by those who had gone to welcome him. His steps were steady and
looking at his beautiful face, many hearts were drumming.

Amanda looked at her man with pure admiration. This man really knew how to steal the show. The way
he dressed, you could think that he was going to get married.

Looking at his white suit, Amanda felt a sense of familiarity and so did everyone. When it clicked it their
minds, they all turned to look at Amanda.

Her one-shoulder channel white dress had the same design with that of the president. Was it a
coincidence or did she do it on purpose. Different thoughts went through their minds as they looked at
Amanda with envy.

Amanda was also shocked when she saw that she was wearing a dress with the same design and
colour as Richard. Was it really a coincidence, she could not tell.

"Amanda look, your dress is similar to the president's suit, is it a coincidence?" One person could not
hide her curiosity and asked.

"I don't know too. This dress was prepared by my manager. I didn't know that it will collide with our
president's." Amanda said.

Everyone looked at her but they could not hide the envy in their eyes. Although they were one big
family, everyone strived to out do the other. The best one at scheming will always receive the best
resources, they never thought that Amanda, who was still a new comer will have the guts to scheme
against their president.