My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 69

Seeing everyone look at her with envy, Amanda laughed awkwardly. "Haha, I think it is just a

"Do you know that the president does not like people who use underhanded means to get the
resources?" Someone warned.

"I actually did not think that my dressing will clash with with the president's, maybe I should go and
change." Amanda said, as she tried to stand up.

Some people thought that she just wanted to create hype using their president's name while others
believed that it was just a coincidence.

"There is not need for you to change your clothes. If you change now, people will only think that you
wanted to create hype. And since the president has already arrived, it will be even more rude for you to
leave." Jacky said.

She had toiled in this industry for so many years and knew that Amanda was saying the truth. The
reason she believed her was because Amanda was still considered a new comer, although rumours
had it the president personally scouted her, she believed that they had no other relationship.

Alex took the microphone and went on stage.

"Attention guys, our esteemed president has arrived, as I told you, there will be a surprise tonight.
Remember the cards you guys were given at the entrance, they have numbers on them, our president
will be choosing one number randomly and whoever is chosen will have the chance of dancing with our
president. It was given exclusively to girls." Alex said.

Everyone was surprised. A dance with the president, that was a dream of all the ladies in the room.

Whoever will be chosen, they were sure that her life in the entertainment industry will never be the

"What! I threw mine away because I did not understand why it was given in the first place. I thought
that it was just some random pass to enter the room." One of the girls said with regret.

Those who had kept theirs started to search for them frantically.

Those who had thrown them away had regret written all over their faces. How they wished they could
go and look for it. But they could not leave since the president was already here.

They could only swallow their bitterness and wait to see who the lucky girl was.

Soon the hotel staff brought a box that contained folded papers. Richard did not waste time as he
dipped his hand in the box and made a random pick.

Alex looked on with a microphone in his hand. Richard had specifically told him that he must dance
with Amanda, so all the papers only had one number on it but the people below the stage did not have
to know about that as it will cause a blow to Amanda's reputation.

He took the paper from Richard's hands and unfolded it infront of everyone.

Every girl held their breathe, even Amanda could not help but become nervous. How she wished she
will have a chance to dance with her man. This will be their first dance in public even though people still
don't know about their relationship.

After opening the paper, he signaled the staff member to leave to avoid any suspicious incase the
people requested for Richard to pick again.

"Our luck lady tonight is number..."

Alex deliberately paused and looked at the people below the stage. Everyone was really nervous, his
gaze lingered on Amanda for seconds before he read out the number.

"29." Hearing the number, everyone hastily looked at theirs, but they were bound to be disappointed as
they were not number 29. Even Jacky was disappointed since she had hoped that she will be chosen
and dance with her dream man.

"Who is number 29?" Everyone turned to each other.

Amanda looked at her card and her heart raced. She could not help but glance at Richard. Richard
smiled at her lightly without hiding the fact that he knew it was her number.

"Amanda it is you." Jacky, who was closest to Amanda saw her card and cried out in surprise.
Everyone turned to look at her in surprise.

How was this girl so lucky, first she wears a matching outfit with the president, then she is the one
chosen as his dance partner, can this be just a coincidence or is it a deliberate plan.

"Huh, Amanda, I never knew that you were that scheming, we treated you like family and took care of
you like our junior, yet you were aiming far beyond the sky?" One of them could no longer hide her

The artists under R&S always maintained a united front and they always support each other. Although
some were scheming, but it was not to the extent of letting yourself be the centre of hatred and envy.
They could support you and they could also pull you down.

To them Amanda has gone beyond what they could tolerate. They thought she was just a young girl
who had not seen much of the world, but her scheming prowess surpassed all of them.

Even Jacky showed her displeasure. She has always thought that Amanda was innocent that is why
she chose to support her, but now she hated her.

As they were still mulling over the matter, seeing that Amanda had not yet come forward, Alex called

"Our number 29, Amanda Jackson, the president is waiting for you."

People refused to let her pass, but seeing their president's cold gaze, they had no choice but to give

Amanda walked gracefully towards the dance floor, although she was nervous, she did not show it.
Looking at the man who was standing at the centre of the dance floor with his hands clasped together
infront of him, Amanda felt like she was walking down the aisle towards her to be husband. Her steps
became more graceful as she walked towards Richard.

Richard stretched out his hand and invited her with a gentle gaze.

People who were watching were shocked when they saw the love in Richard's eyes. It was as if only
Amanda existed in his world and the rest were backdrops.

"Just this and you are already shocked, there is more to come. I have been eating dog food for the last
one year and I feel like I don't want to date anymore, the next surprise will definitely blow your mind
away." Alex though in his mind as he looked at the people who were shocked with pity.

The music was light and romantic. Amanda followed in Richard's steps as they swayed on the dance
floor. They were in sync that people could not help their thoughts from running wild.

"These two look compatible. I have to admit that Amanda is beautiful. Even her aura does not fall

"Yeah she is graceful and the chemistry between the two makes me think that they are in love."

"Do you see the president's eyes, they are filled with love and indulgence when he looks at Amanda.
His smile is so gentle and his expression is full of love."

"Haha this Amanda is not a simple character." Some people could not admit the vibe on the dance floor
and just scoffed

The two couples on the dance floor were obvious to what was happening as they enjoyed their
precious dance.

"You look stunning." Richard whispered in her ear.

"You too." Amanda said but a blush had already spread on her face charming face.

"Did you arrange all these?" Amanda could not help but ask..

Richard was looking at her longingly that he did not here her question well.


"The clothes, the dance, did you arrange all of it?"

"Yes." He nodded without hiding anything.

"Thank you. I love you." Amanda said, how she wished she could just kiss him here.

"No problem. There is more to come." Richard said with a mysterious smile.