My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 70

People started to let lose and join the dance floor. They let down their guard after seeing how their
president was dancing with Amanda. The mood was not as oppressive as they had imagined.

After the song finished playing, Richard gave Alex a look. He soon understood and cleared his throat
before saying into the microphone...

"Let me have your attention again guys. The biggest surprise of the night is coming. Please I want
everyone to leave the room in an orderly manner and stand outside. Do not make any noise. This is
very important occasion to our president." People were dumbfounded but did not ask any questions.
They did as they were told and left the room one after another.

"Why is he being so mysterious. Can't he just say what is about to happen instead of keeping us in
suspense?" Many people grumbled as they walked outside.

When they reached entrance of the hotel, everywhere was coloured red. Red roses were spread
everywhere on the ground. They could not help but marvel at the sight.

Many of them could not keep their cool and let out surprised shrieks.

Amanda was standing in the middle of the roses with her eyes blind folded and did not know what was
going on.

After the dance, Richard mysterious covered her eyes and led her outside, telling her that he had a
surprise for her.

She did not know what was happening around her but she could hear people talking and exclaiming,
although she could not tell what exactly they were talking about.

"What is this man planning". Amanda's mind turned blank as she thought of a possibility.

"But that can't be real, after all there are a lot people here, would he dare do that?" Amanda heart
raced for some unknown reason.

"Wow this is so beautiful? Is someone planning a proposal?"

"All this roses, it is like we are walking in a bed of roses!"

"Who is lucky to be able to enjoy all this romance. If my boyfriend could even do half of this, I will wake
up smiling every morning."

"How do you know someone wants to propose?"

"Then what is it with all this flowers...."

"Wait, who is that standing in the middle?" Someone soon noticed a slender figure standing amidst the

"Doesn't that look like Amanda?" Someone with a keen eye noticed

"Why is she everywhere?"

"Does she want to embarrass herself, clearly someone wants to propose to her girlfriend, why she
doing there?"

"Maybe she is the one being proposed to...!" Just as that person's voice fell, a tall figure was seen
coming from the other side walking towards Amanda.

The person was holding a huge bouquet flower in his hands and from his walking posture you tell that
he was extremely nervous.

"Wait, isn't that president Richard! Don't tell me that he and Amanda...." The person's voice tailed off.
Although he did to finish what he was saying, but everyone seemed to grasp the meaning behind his


Their minds exploded when they thought about it. Some stood dumbfounded as if they had been hit by
lighting and they have now become statues.

Richard took one step at a time untill he stood behind Amanda. Feeling someone standing behind,
Amanda tried to turn around but because she was blind folded she could not see anything.

"Don't turn around." Richard's low voice came through as he hugged her from behind. He led her
forward and Amanda just followed dumbly.

Her heart was thumping in her chest, her feelings were all over the place.

"I want to remove your blind fold now, but you should do as I say, okay?" Richard said in his magnetic

"Okay!" Amanda nodded.

"Okay there we go..." Richard removed her blindfold but Amanda did not opened her eyes. She closed
her eyes tightly without any intentions of opening them.

Richard took her hands and placed them on something that felt like a ribbon...

"I will count to three, I want you to open your eyes and pull whatever you are holding in your hand....
but don't turn around until I tell so... okay... we go 1...2...3...."

Amanda's eye lashes flattered as she opened her eyes slowly, before she could react to what was
infront of her, Richard urged her to pull the ribbon.

The huge red box was pulled apart. Balloons flew everyone, just as she thought the surprise was over,
a brand new custom made Porsche 911 greeted her eyes. Amanda covered her mouth as tears flooded

her face.

She had just said in passing that she really loved this sports car, never in her wildest dream did she
imagine that Richard will buy one for her.

"You can turn around." After Richard finished speaking, he knelt on one knee and held a red ring box in
his hands. It seemed like today everything was made in red.

Amanda got the shock of her life when she saw Richard kneeling before her and holding a ring box in
his hands.

Before she could react....

"I have thought about it since the first time I set my eyes on, of how our life will be beautiful if we get to
spend it together forever. I have realized that you are truly the girl that is made for me, and I’m also the
man that is made for you. We are both compatible with each other, every moment I have spent with you
are the best moments of my life, I never thought that an angel like you still exist in this world. I promise
to be there for you every single moment of your life, I will be by side. I want us to grow old together,
hold our hands when our hair turn all white and die together. However, right now all that I’m asking you
is a beautiful token of my heart, would you marry?"

Richard said, he voice and eyes were filled with deep emotions and love for the girl who was standing
before him.

She was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his life.

He maintained his kneeling posture as he looked at Amanda with love.

"Let me take care of you for the rest of our lives..."

Seeing her lack of reaction, Richard became nervous. Had he overdone it and scared his girl. What will
he do if she said no?

His heart was now beating furiously. He has never been this nervous even when he signing a billion
dollar business deal.

"Say yes... yes.... yes..." Everyone started to shout. They even forgot that it was Amanda they have
been loathing a moment ago.

Amanda came back to her senses from the screams. Seeing the god-like man still kneeling in front of
her, Amanda nodded her head without a second thought.

Yes, she loved him with all of her being and wanted to badly be his wife. But she thought that her
dream will never come true. She thought that the heavens were already fair enough for giving her a
chance to become his girlfriend, but now, the man she loved was proposing to her, how could she say

Seeing her nod, Richard felt that his soul has come back to life from the depths of hell. When he saw
her lack of reaction for a long time, his heart died just there and then.

But seeing her nod her head, his whole face lit up, it was so bright that it could lit up the entire place, he
placed the custom made diamond ring on her middle finger before standing up and hugging her tightly.

It was then that his heart settled down. This girl was one step away from being his for life.

He cupped her face and gave her a deep French kiss, it was the most passionate kiss Amanda has
ever received. She returned it with much passion. All the emotions she was feeling right now were
conveyed in that kiss.

Just as she was still indulging in the kiss, fireworks sounded.

Richard held her hand and turned to look at where the fireworks were coming from.

In the sky, different colourful fireworks could be seen.

After exploding, one letter after another could be seen appearing in the sky.