My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 71

"Who would have thought that Amanda and our president were a pair?" Those who had experienced
the whole thing were still shocked.

"Someone quickly pinch me. I think that I'm dreaming."

"Ounch! Can't you be gentler?" She complained after someone gave her a hard pinch.

"It is not a dream, okay. Amanda is the president's girlfriend. You can see how much they love each

"Hehe and there we were, bashing Amanda and yet it turns out the she our lady boss. I feel like my
face is swollen from the slap."

"But I think Amanda is cool. She has never used her relationship with the president to bully us. She has
always been polite to everyone and never once showed disdain or arrogance." Someone from the
crowd said.

Those who had bullied Amanda and talked bad about her had their faces turn pale from the fear the
she will get back at them.

If they had known, they would have instead improved their relationship with her instead of ruining it.
Now they could only feel regret and hope that Amanda will not remember what they said about her.

Amanda who was still recovering from the shock of the surprise, did not know what was going on in
people's mind. Even if she knew, she will not care about such a trivial thing.

She still felt like she was dreaming as she glanced at everything around her. This man was really full of
surprises and mysterious.

"Did you like it?" Richard lowered his head and asked in her ear.

"Yes." Amanda nodded but her eyes were still dazed.

"I like it so much. I did not know you would do this to me. I fell like I'm in a trance." Amanda said

"Silly! All this is real. From the very first day I saw, I knew that I had to make you my wife. That is the
goal I have been striving towards." Richard said as he revealed a doting smile.

"Thank you!" Amanda said and hugged him tightly.

In this lifetime, everything was beyond her expectations. What if she had coward back then when
Richard was wooing her and refused to accept him? Will she be able to attain all this happiness on her
own. Would she be able to achieve all that she has achieved alone? Amanda felt so emotional that she
did not know what to say apart from hugging him tightly.

Richard embarrassed her securely in his arms. He never knew that he will be a romantic person or
even love a person so hopelessly without any restrain. After his mother died and his father schemed
against him with Mandy, he totally closed himself off from the world.

He had no desire to date or even get married. But the moment he saw Amanda on that day at the
audition, something in him seemed to have awakened as his cold heart stirred with some unknown

The feeling was foreign to him but he did not dislike it. Thus he embarked on his journey to pursue her.
Luckily she reciprocated his feelings.


People started to return to the room one after another. Those who had talked bad about Amanda dared
not to open their mouth again. They quitely returned to the hotel room.

When they reached, several long tables had already been arranged and different types of dishes were
placed on them. Smelling the aroma of the food, everyone felt hungry and they could not wait to dig in.


Jason, who had experienced everything, was not feeling well. He had come to this hotel to close a
business deal. He also chose this place because he knew Amanda will be coming today with the crew
for the completed movie.

He wanted to find a chance and talk to her but never did he imagine that he will experience such a

Richard who was known to be cold and unfeeling had actually prepared such a grand proposal for

When he saw them together before, he thought that Richard was only using her and their relationship
won't go far. He was waiting for the day that Richard will dump her so he can take his chances. But
now it seemed like he will never get the chance.

His relationship with Vallery was not that great like it had been from the start. Vallery kept telling him
how he did not love her anymore. The moment he even tried to mention Amanda's name, Vallery will
be raged and even refuse to talk to him for days. Since she was pregnant everyone tried to give in to
her as much as possible, but even his family was getting tired of her bad temper. He had been going
home less this days. He better spend a night in hotel room, than go home and be yelled at.


Peter's company was not doing great. Many big projects were mysteriously cancelled or the investors
refused to offer funds. Juliana was complaining how her allowance was reducing each month. He really
missed his peaceful days when he only had Amanda and her mom.

Juliana was a shrew and her villain character was coming out one after another.

"Why are you home so late again. Nowadays you come home late and you don't even offer any
explanation. You don't even look at me anymore. Don't you love me anymore?" The moment Peter
stepped his foot in the house, Juliana's shrewd voice was heard, his migraine seemed to become
worse the moment he heard her voice.

"What are you complaining about. I spend the whole day looking at the documents and tire myself out
just to give you a comfortable life, but the moment I reach home, you start shouting at me like some
village ogress. I really didn't know that you had such a bitchy character." Peter said tiredly. He really did
not have an ounce of energy left in him to argue with a woman who only knew how to doll herself up
and bring nothing to the table.

He walked passed her and directly went upstairs without even offering her a second look.

Juliana was so mad that she almost bit her lower lip into half.

"Why do you get mad everytime I ask you a question, are you having a mistress outside or are you
seeing that bitch again?" She asked angrily.

Only after seeing Peter's expression turn cold did she realise that her words had gone too far.

"Don't you know better who the mistress of this house is? What does it matter to you if I have one on
the outside, you won't possibly be mad right, after all you once were." Peter did not hide his disdain.

His daughter was causing trouble over there by throwing useless tantrums. He was sure that if not for
the child in her stomach, the William family would have long gotten rid of her.

Hearing his words, Juliana's face drained of all colour. She never thought that a day will come when
Peter will call her a mistress.

She stared ahead dumbly. By the time she came back to her senses, Peter was nowhere to be seen.

Jason experienced the same scene when he reached home. It was like the mother and daughter pair
had some telepathic connection.

They really knew how to imagine all kinds of things that their husbands did outside.

Unlike Peter, Jason only asked how the baby was doing and went to the bathroom to take a shower. He
did not have the energy to bicker with his wife.


By the time Amanda and Richard reached home, it was almost midnight. They did not leave
immediately and had dinner with everyone. The higher ups from R&S also came to give their
congratulations so they had to toast to everyone.

Richard carried her directly to the bathroom and placed her in the bathtub. Amanda was tired that she
let him do whatever he wanted with her body.

"Sorry, I planned it simple and we had to leave immediately after, I didn't know that it will take long."

"It is okay. My heart is still beating hysterically." Amanda said as she looked at her man with love.

"I will let you off tonight." Richard said.

He cleaned Amanda and took a quick shower. He then carried her to the bedroom.

The couple soon hugged each other and drifted into slumber land.