My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 72

Amanda's days in the company have been smooth sailing after everyone knew of her relationship with
Richard. She could freely go to his office and most of the time they even drove the same car to the

But only those in the company and their close friends knew of their relationship. Everything has been
sealed off from the media.

"Today you have a magazine shoot, and it might happen a little late. We need to start preparing. The
location is within the city, we will head their when the time is right." Linda said. Since she joined R&S
with Amanda, she has made great progress in her career and could only thank Amanda for that.

"Okay. When is the Film Festival Awards ceremony happening?" Amanda asked. She has acted in
several movies and TV dramas and she hoped to be nominated in even one.

"It is almost end of the year, I think it won't be too far." Linda said.

"We will wait and see if I can get nominated." Amanda said, but her heart was hopeful.

"Of course you will. It will be a huge boost for your career. You fanbase is now huge and stable you
don't have to worry about that."

"It is all thanks to you. I wouldn't be here today if not for your guidance." Amanda said as she glanced
at Linda.

"It is the big boss you have to thank. If it was not for him, we would still be rotting at Starshine." Linda

Hearing someone mention her man, Amanda gave out a sweet smile.

Linda immediately felt her heart bleed. Why did she mention the boss. She got stuffed by PDA untill
she got a nosebleed.


"Today is the day we have been waiting for." Vallery said over the phone.

Mandy had kept her in the dark about the relationship between Amanda and Richard and she did not
know that the two were already engaged.

She was heavily pregnant and her due date was approaching.

"Just go ahead and do as we had planned. I'm sure no man will accept a woman who has been tainted
by a dozen men. Make sure to do a clean job, I have tolerated her long enough it's now time she
disappeared." Val said over the phone.

Mandy replied that she understood and hung up the phone.

Her expression was dark and filled with evil.

She could not believe that Amanda and Richard were engaged! When she received those photos, she
was so mad that she smashed everything in her house. But her anger, jealousy and hatred could not
be quenched.

She could only resort to such a lowly method to quench her anger. But her anger will only subside after
she has succeeded.

She did not take Vallery so seriously and only wanted to use her. She wanted to find a scapegoat once
things did not turn out the way they had planned.

There was no such thing as true friends in her dictionary, everyone was her pawn. Once she was done
using them, she will just get rid of them.

She knew everything about Vallery, and how she stole her sister's fiance but she did not expose her.
after she used her to achieve her goal, she will just get rid of her.


Vallery was rushed to the hospital as the baby was coming out. Maybe due the stress of dealing with
Amanda, her emotions had been unstable so the baby came out one week earlier. Jason had only
been coming home once in a while and she could not help but think that Amanda had seduced him.

Grandma Catherine remained indifferent as everyone hurried to rush Vallery to the hospital. They
called the Jackson's family and Juliana rushed over in an instant. Peter was out of town so they only
told him over the phone.

The family waited for almost one hour as they prayed for a safe delivery, soon the nurse came out and
told them that Vallery had a safe delivery and she delivered a bouncing baby. Everyone cheered on
and even Jason could not control the excitement he was feeling inside.

He was now a father. He could not help but smile happily. He could not wait to hold his baby.

James was especially pleased knowing that Vallery had given birth to a boy. At least the family had
someone who will continue their bloodline.

"I'm now a grandmother." Liz could not control her tears of joy. Juliana too was happy hearing that her
daughter had given birth to a son and she was safe and sound.


Amanda had finished shooting for the magazine and were coming back when their car was suddenly
cornered. Linda was the one driving and she had noticed the car following them but had not paid much
attention to it.

But the car soon overtook them and blocked their way. Amanda who had been resting opened her eyes
when she felt the car stopping. She has been feeling tired a lot lately and slept every moment she was
not doing anything.

"What happened?" Vivian asked.

"A car has blocked our way, I will go and take a look." Linda said as she opened the car door and
alighted, but the moment she stepped out of the car, she was hit on the back and lost consciousness.

Some people came towards the car door, opened it and dragged Vivian out of it. Before she could even
react, she too was knocked down.

Amanda was fully awake after sensing that something was not right. She opened her drooping eyes
and felt a huge force pull her from the car, before she could make sense of what was happening, her
head was covered with a thick black hood and was yanked into another car.

Her heart was palpitating. What was happening, was someone trying to kidnap her, ooh they have
already kidnapped her.

She was so tense that she felt cold sweat dripping down her spine.

The car started moving immediately at a terrifying speed. Judging from the direction the car was
moving to, they were probably moving towards the outskirts.

Amanda forced herself to calm down because panicking won't save her. She atleast had to find a way
to save herself.

"What are guys doing, what do you want from me?" She asked with a shaky voice.

"Ooh, what a beauty." The people in the car did not answer her and instead laughed maliciously.

"I warn you, don't you dare to anything to me. My boyfriend is not someone you dare to mess with!"
Amanda tried to warn.

"Hahaa, today we will have the best day of our lives. Say who will go first?" The people in the car
seemed not to hear what Amanda was saying.

They were focused on checking her out with undisguised lust.

"The boss said that we only have to kidnap and take her to him. You should keep your wild thoughts to
yourself. Someone had paid a hefty price to get rid of her." The person who was driving said.

"We will just wait for the boss to have his fun then." The man said.

Amanda heard their conversation clearly. Someone wanted to mess with her and has paid a lot of
money just to get her.

She did not have a lot of enemies in the entertainment industry who could pull something like this,

A name clicked in her mind. She could not help but shiver at the thought of what awaited