My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 73

Linda slowly regained her consciousness. She touched the place where she had been hit and it hurt
like hell.

Looking around, she found that their car was still packed but the other car was not there anymore. She
did not have time to think about anything as she stood up with shaky legs.

She fumbled to the car only to find that no one was there. The door was wide open but neither artist nor
Vivian was in the car. She started to panic as she called Amanda's name.

Getting no response, she walked to the other side of the car only to find a figure lying there
unconscious. She rushed over and found it was Vivian.

What happened, where was Amanda?

"Vivian quickly wake up!" Linda said, her voice shaking with nervousness and uneasiness.

"Wake up!" Linda was starting to panic.

Vivian woke up after a while. Her eyes were groggy and she tried to remember what happened.

"You are awake, what happened, where is Amanda?" Linda asked hurriedly.

"Amanda..." Vivian was not yet fully conscious. Linda almost gave her a slap to wake her up but
resisted the urge.

"Amanda... what! Wait, why am I lying on the ground... ouch, my head hurts." Vivian said as she tried to
sit up. Linda hold her hand and pulled her up.

"After you went to check the car that stopped us, I suddenly heard a thud! As if someone had fallen so I
came to take look, something hit me hard and I fell on the ground." After sitting up, Vivian remembered

what had happened and recounted.

"Then Amanda must have been kidnapped." Linda came to a conclusion.

That car stopped infront of them to lure them out so that they can knock them out and then kidnap
Amanda. Who would have the guts to kidnap the boss's woman.

"Kidnapped!" Vivian was shocked as her heart started to race.

"The what will we do. Boss will definitely skin us alive and feed us to the sharks." She said, her voice
was quivering.

"We have to report to the police." Vivian said.

"No!" Linda stopped her.

"Why?" She did not understand.

"We do not know the situation, we cannot alert the police. What if the people who took her are lunatics
and hurt her after finding out that we contacted the police, I will call the boss first." Linda said as she
went to car. Luckily those people have not taken anything from the car.

She took out her phone and dialed Richard's number.


After recounting what happened, Linda felt relieved but she was still panicking. She did not know what
the boss would do to them.

Richard did not say anything and hung up the phone.

Thirty minutes ago, Mandy had called to tell him that his father had been admitted to the hospital
because his condition was not good. Although he did not like his father that much, he still rushed to the
hospital after hearing the news.

His father was still in the operating room undergoing surgery. When he received Linda's phone, his
whole body turned cold and a dark aura shrouded his eyes.

Mandy who was waiting with him outside the emergency room could not help but shiver.

She looked at Richard only for find him emitting an oppressive aura. His cold aura almost froze the
whole corridor.

She has been planning for a long time just for this day. After she received the news that Amanda was
taken, she immediately put some pills that could trigger a heart attack into Leonard's tea. She has been
spending most of the time with him, and she practically lived there.

After the pills took effect, she immediately rushed him to the hospital as she called Richard. She knew
that Richard will not abandon his father because of a woman.

But she seemed to have miscalculated something, to Richard Amanda was not just any woman, but the
person he was going to spend the rest of his life with. Even his own biological father could not measure
up to her importantance in his heart.

Richard took the his phone and left the corridor, but Mandy did not want him to leave as she clung on
his sleeves.

"Where are you going, uncle is still in surgery. Do you have the heart to live him?" Mandy said.

"How do you know I'm leaving?" Richard asked as he looked at her coldly. His suspicion grew stronger.

He had only taken a few steps and this woman already knew that he was leaving.

Mandy bit her lip and said nothing. Why was she impatient. Everything will be over soon. Even if he
rushed over now, he won't make it in time to save Amanda but instead he will only experience her sorry

She could not blow up her cover.

"I'm just worried that uncle will not feel better after waking up and not seeing you." Mandy found an

"I was just going to the washroom. The surgery is still ongoing and I have no idea when it will end."
Richard said, flung the hand that was holding his sleeves and walked away in hurried steps.

"Don't disappoint me Richard, go and experience her sorry state, then you will hate her for being filthy
and I will help you finish her off." Mandy thought as she smacked coldly.

Unbeckonist to her, her erily smile had fallen to Richard's eyes.

When she was gripping his shirt, he has quickly put a mini camera on her sleeve button. It was so tiny
that is was not visible to the naked eye.

After he received Linda's call, although he almost flipped out from anger, he forced himself to calm
down. He could not make any informed decisions when he was angry and it could even lead to more
fatal consequences.

Thus he started to go through everything that has happened. Although his father's health was not so
good, it was not to the extent that he will suddenly faint. He was using the best medicine in the world
and he had ordered the maid to be administering it on time. His father also loved his body and could
not make a fuss about not taking the medicine.

His father fainted and Amanda was kidnapped, he was pretty sure that someone was trying to lure him
away from saving Amanda.

Although he was angry, he had been watching Mandy's expression, and seeing her uneasy expression
after he received the call, his suspicion only grew.

When she gripped his shirt and told him not to go, he immediately knew that he was right. He has
always know that Mandy was not a good person, but every time he wanted to deal with her, Amanda
had always stopped him saying that he should consider his father's feelings even of they were not on
good terms.

Richard has always relented because he listened to his wife more.

After he left the corridor, he made a series of calls as he issued several commands.

He called his assistant and told him to head to the hospital to keep watch as he left in his car.

Although he appeared calm on the outside, his heart was very nervous. He did not know if he will make
it in time.

"Amanda hold on. I'm coming to save you!" He thought silently in his heart.