My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 74

Amanda was still in the car. The speed has reduced since they were out of town and the terrain was
not good.

She was still trying to distract her kidnappers.

"Who is your boss?" Amanda asked.

"You have no right to know who our boss is?" The person who was sitting in the passenger seat said.

"How much did they pay you. I will pay you double... no triple... you know what I will just pay you
however much money you want as long as you let me go." Amanda threw out her bet.

From their conversations, she had learned that this people only cared about money and they will do
anything to get.

They were a gang who did illegal activities to make a living.

"Are you kidding? Do you know how much money was paid just to get you?" The man in the passenger
seat said. He seemed to be the most talkative among the three of them.

"I'm not kidding, just name your price. As long you let me go I will give you whatever you want."

Seeing that their bro was almost brainwashed by the woman, the two sent her nasty looks.

"Shut up woman. You will not convince us of anything. Our boss only commanded us to kidnap you.
Everything is beyond our control." The one sitting beside Amanda said.

Actually they did not know how much money their customer had paid, all they knew was that it was a
good amount of money and if they did a good job, they will be rewarded handsomely.

Seeing that they were getting angry, Amanda immediately shut up and closed her eyes to rest. She did
not know if Richard will find her in time.


Richard on the other hand, was already racing. He has passed many red lights and was starting to
alarm the authorities.

He had placed a GPS tracker on Amanda's phone. Luckily when Amanda was forced out of the car,
she was still clutching her handbag and now it was with her.

Seeing the red dot on his phone disappearing into the suburbs, he had a bad feeling. What if he lost
the connection with her. After all the outskirts had poor network coverage and even the GPS could not
function well. He could only urge his driver to driver faster.


After what seemed like forever, Amanda suddenly felt the car come to a stop. The road has been very
bumpy and she felt her bones had cracked.

The guy who was sitting next to her took her hand roughly and yanked her out of the car. She was
taken to a building, it seemed to be an abandoned house but it has exquisite design. Amanda
wondered who would abandon such a beautiful house and let this lawless people occupy it.

As she was still thinking, she was directly shoved on the floor, her knees bumped into something hard,
it hurt so much that she felt like crying. She bit her lower lip to prevent her tears from flowing. She must
put on a strong front infront of this people or else it won't be anything good if they found that she was
nervous and afraid.

"Can you be gentle. I'm just a harmless girl who is defenceless."

"Shut up." The man who had pushed her howled.

Amanda was startled and wondered why the man was angry. Wasn't she the one who was supposed to
be angry for being mistreated.

"Boss we got her." The person who was driving said respectfully to the man was sitting in the dark. The
house was faintly lit and you could not tell out how the person looked like from a far.

When Amanda heard that the boss was here, she abruptly raised her head. She did not managed to
see the person but his aura alone made her heart thump. Was there really no way for her to save

She did not want to be at the mercy of these people.


"Boss the surgery was a success." Thomas said over the phone. When he heard that Amanda was
kidnapped, he was worried but there was nothing he could. He wanted to go with his boss but his boss
told him to guard the hospital so he could only obey the orders. He only prayed that Amanda will be
alright or else...

"Make sure Mandy does not get near my father. Also ask the doctor what caused the sudden heart
attack." Richard said. He still did not believe that his father naturally fainted. There must be something
that triggered him although he could not guess as of now.

He did not waste anymore time as he hung up the phone. Amanda was still waiting for him to save her.
The GPS tracker had stopped, although it was almost invisible, but he could tell that they had reached
their destination.


Vallery who had been out after delivering regained her consciousness. Although the baby came one
week earlier the delivery was smooth and she did not have to undergo any surgery. The baby was also
healthy and weighed three pounds.

Jason was holding the baby in his hands, gentleness oozing from every part of his body.

This is the scene that fell into Vallery's eyes after she opened them. She could not help but be dazed.

She had really missed this side of him.

Before they started dating, she was always envious of how well and compassionate he treated
Amanda. Amanda was the only woman in his eyes not untill she started sending him signals.

At first he felt guilty and did not want anything to do with her, but after their first night together and
having gotten a test of the forbidden fruit, Jason started treating her with much care as if she were
some kind of delicate porcelain. She basked in the love and gentleness that he gave her and almost
forgot about everything.

She coughed slightly....

"You are awake." Hearing someone cough on the bed, Jason turned around with the baby in his arms.
He was wrapped in a cute baby blue shawl and looked very small.

Jason moved towards the bed with the baby in his hand. "This is our baby. You fainted after giving birth
and did not get the chance to look at it."

"Can you sit up?" Jason asked.

Vallery who was lying on her back sat up. Jason immediately handed her the baby.

His attitude had changed so much and it felt like he had accepted her again. He was not as cold as he
had been a few days ago.

"Brother Jase, this is our baby." Vallery said. She was so happy that she almost shed tears of joy.

"He is finally here. I can't believe that we are now parents." Vallery said.

"Yes. I'm now a father. It has been hard on you for the past nine months." Jason said.

"It was nothing. I was anticipating for his arrival. The waiting feeling was just right."

"Rest well, we will go home after a few days." Jason said.