My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 75

The person who had been called boss stood up and moved to where Amanda was. He bent infront of
her and held her chin up forcing Amanda to look at him.

When she saw his face closely, Amanda got the shock of her life and her heart almost stopped

Wasn't this Godfrey, the one person who was feared in the whole country.

Rumours had it that he was the most dangerous gang leader in the underworld, no one messed with
him and remained alive.

She had heard of him in her past life. She remembered his face because he was once number one on
the criminals wanted list. His pictures were posted everywhere and everyone in the city knew him. The
government had put a 100 million bounty on his head. To many, he was known as the godfather of her

But even when she died, the person had not been found.

In both her lifetimes, this was the first time she has been in close contact with him.

Amanda felt that God must have played a prank on her. Did he give her another life just to die at the
mercies of this gangster?

"Woman, do you know who I'm?" Godfrey asked when he noticed that the woman before him was
looking at him with fear and trepidation. It seemed she knew him and was aware if his ruthless

Amanda shook her head like a chicken pecking on the grains.

"You are really beautiful but unfortunately you offended someone you shouldn't have." Godfrey said,
revealing a bloodthirsty smile.

"Sir, I think you must have made a mistake here!" Amanda tried to sound as calm as she could.

"I'm just a nobody who does not know how to offend anyone. Maybe you got the wrong person. Just let
me go and I will tell no one about this." Amanda said. She tried to sound as pitiful as she could in the
hope of gaining this man's sympathy.

But hell... this man had seen and been through a lot, her little tears could not work on him. His heart
was cold without any feeling. He was like a war machine and only cared about the money.

"Boss, the woman said that she can give us whichever amount we want, as long as we let her go." The
person who had been talkative in the car said.

"Really?" Godfrey asked with interest.

"Yes boss. Just name your price. My boyfriend is very powerful and rich. Whatever price you name I
will give it you as long as you let me go." Amanda readily nodded.

"How unfortunate. The person who contacted us wants you dead, but after we've had out fun." Godfrey
said eerily smile.

Amanda felt goosebumps all over her body.

"Drag her over and prepare the cameras." Godfrey ordered.

"My boyfriend is Richard Howell, he will never you let you off incase something happens to me."

Hearing that, Godfrey stopped in his tracks. He knew who Richard was. Although he was just a CEO,
he had a lot of contact in the underworld. He was not someone he did not want to mess with.

He was just a little surprised before he regained his confidence. He knew that a man like Richard will
never risk his resources just because of a woman. When one is gone, he will just find another.

"Hehe you think that I'm scared of you. You are just a small fry, why would someone like Richard care
about you. You are just a play thing for him. Once he gets tired of you, he will just cast you aside
without caring about you." Godfrey said.

"I would also like to have taste of a woman who will attract someone like Richard." Although he had not
planned on touching this woman as he deemed her dirty, he was now interested.

He was not the godfather of underworld like most people thought. He was only a stand in for his boss.
Not many people have seen his boss because he was the one who usually accepted missions and
talked to their customers. Even those who followed him thought that he was the boss, but only he knew
that there was someone more powerful than him.

Amanda felt despair. Even Richard's name can't make them yield, was she really going to die here


Back at the hospital, Leonard was wheeled out of the operating room. His face was pale and his eyes
was tightly shut.

When Mandy saw him, she immediately hurried over but was stopped by Thomas. She somehow felt
guilty because of what she did.

Leonard has treated her well since she was young. But she could not even spared his life in the name
of achieving her goal. But her guilty soon fade away as she thought that she was doing him a favour by
getting rid of Amanda.

"Why are you stopping me from seeing uncle?" Mandy asked Thomas.

Thomas eyed her coldly and said nothing.

From what his boss had said, this woman must the one responsible for getting Amanda kidnapped.
She planned all of this and she still dared talk to him.

"Who are you stop me? You think that because you are Richard's assistant you can do as you wish. Do
you believe me that you will be fired once I tell him that you stopped me from taking care of his father?"

"You don't have to worry about that Miss Mandy. It was the boss's orders that you should not get close
to his old man. You should just stay as far away as possible."

Mandy was astounded. She could not do anything. She did not even get the chance to talk to the
doctor and tell him what he should say.

As the nurse wheeled Leonard to the ward, Thomas followed the doctor.

"Doctor how is the patient?" Thomas asked when they reached the doctor's office. Richard had
specifically instructed him to do everything discreetly. Mandy was not supposed to find out anything.
She was a suspect and they should not let her plan succeed.

"The patient was given some medicine that stimulate the heart attack, that is why he fainted."

Thomas was shocked.

"You mean to say that someone intentionally tried to harm him?"

"Yes. The heart attack was induced. Someone must have placed the medicine in his drink." The doctor
said after seeing the analysis report.

"Thank you doctor. Other than me, do not say anything to anyone." Thomas as he strolled out with a
grave face.

He made a phone call and ordered his men to go to Richard's house and collect evidence. After
questioning the maids and finding out that Leonard fainted while he was drinking tea, they took his cup,
luckily the maids had panicked and they had not touched anything.

The cup of tea was taken to the hospital so that the doctors can run more tests.


Vallery was discharged from the hospital and everyone was finally happy and relieved. Peter had also
returned from his business trip and had gone to see his grandson.