My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 76

Seeing them come at her with undisguised expressions and seeing their ugly faces, Amanda felt like
throwing up.

The moment they tried to touch her, she hit the filthy hand away.

"Don't touch me with your filthy hands." Amanda said coldly.

"Woman, you better behave. We don't have time to play games with you." The man whose hand had
been slapped away said in a sinister voice.

"You think that I'm afraid of you. Don't you dare touch me. I warn you to keep your filthy and dirty hands
away from me."

"Hahaha, what are you going to do? You cannot be thinking that someone is going to save you or you
are going to escape right? No one has ever escaped from the hands of our boss! You better cooperate
before things get ugly."

After the man said that, he tried to touch her again. Amanda took the chance and bit his hand hard with
all her mighty. The man winced in pain not at all thinking that the woman will suddenly bite him. His
hand turned numb from the pain.

"Woman are you a dog? How dare you bite me? Do you want to die?" The man said angrily as he sent
a tight slap on Amanda's cheek. She felt her head spinning from the slap and felt her vision blur.

Her face tilted to the side from the impact of the slap, a five finger imprint was already visible on her
cheek. She could even feel a metallic taste in her mouth. She was pretty sure that she has lost a few
teeth and even her mouth has been torn apart.

Sure enough when she spat out the blood in her mouth, a few teeth feel.

"If you touch me again, I will bite your fingers off." Amanda said. Her face had already swollen to a pig's

"Hehee I have never seen a defiant woman like you. Don't you fear death?"

"I better die than be touched by you!" Amanda said.

Why would she be afraid of death when she has already died once. If this was her fate, then so be it.
But she was a little regretful as she will not get the chance to spend more time with Richard.

"Boss she is refusing to cooperate, what should we do with her?" The man did not bother to talk to her
anymore and turned to his boss.

"You have become really incompetent. You cannot even handle a single woman, don't tell me you need
me teach you what to do!" Godfrey said.

Having been ridiculed by his boss, the man got angry and roughly pulled Amanda's hair. Amanda felt a
stinging pain on her scalp and gave out a painful moan.

"Don't touch her face though. I don't want to have s*x with an ugly woman." The boss said.

He liked to watch people be tortured. It gave him some kind of relief.

"Yes boss." The man nodded.

Having gotten his boss's approval, the man was not gentle at all. He pulled Amanda by her hair without
caring if she was getting hurt or not. Amanda felt so much pain. Her knees had been scraped since she
was practically walking on them.

Her hair seemed to have been pulled out from her head. Her scalp became numb as she let the man
pull her away. She did not even cry out in pain.


Richard was anxious and had rushed the driver several times. He wished he had wings so he could just
fly over and rescue his girl.

The car soon stopped where the red dot had disappeared. Before even the car steadied, he had
already jumped outside. On the way here, he had used up almost all his contacts to get people to
surround this area. Since he was in the millitary before he took over the family business, he had alot of
friends who he could contact to give a helping hand.

He did not know the strength of the enemy and would never take any risk. He would not put Amanda's
life in danger. Thus he made a lot of preparations. If those people did not know their place and wanted
to play with fire, he did not mind opening one for them.

Richard walked forward as he gave a series of instructions in his walkie-talkie. As he moved forward,
he saw an old building in the distance. The house was dimly lit and he guessed right away that, that
was where Amanda was being kept.

"The location of the target has been locked, everyone stay alert and wait for more instructions." Richard
said. If it was possible, he just wanted to quitely take Amanda and leave this damned place. He did not
know how she was or if those people had mistreated her.

Richard rushed over without thinking about anything else and kicked the door open with a heavy kick.

The people in the room were shocked as everyone became alert.

"Who is it? Who dare bang in my territory?" Godfrey asked coldly as he pulled a gun and held it in his

Richard entered the room without any fear. The aura that he was emitting was like that of the king of
hell who has come to claim lives.

Everyone including Godfrey could not help but shudder. The temperature in the room suddenly cooled

Amanda, who was half conscious, thought that she was hallucinating due to pain when she saw the
familiar figure of Richard. She wanted to utter a word but no word came from her mouth. She had been
tortured beyond recognition.

Her face was swollen, although that man was told not to hit her face, he still gave her a few slaps.

Richard entered the moment they were starting to set the cameras, their boss had already removed his

"Where is she?" Richard asked coldly without caring about the guns that they were pointing his way.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Godfrey said. Since it was dimly lit in the room and Richard
was still standing at the door, Godfrey did not recognize him right way.

"The woman you kidnapped, where is she?" Richard asked, walking slowly towards the the room.

"You come into my territory and you want to act arrogant? Who do you think you are?" Godfrey asked.

"You don't have the right to know who I am, just hand over the person." Richard said coldly, he was
starting to lose his patience.

"Are you talking about her?" Godfrey said as he pointed his gun at a certain corner.

Following his hand, Richard saw a woman crouching in a corner. Her beautiful hair was in a mess and
she was in a terrible state. She buried her head in her hands and was even trembling.

His pupils immediately dilated, he sprinted and in a blink of an eye he was before Amanda. Anger
wailed up in his chest when she saw her beaten beyond recognition.

He immediately hugged her but Amanda tried to push him away. She might have thought that they
were those people who still wanted to abuse her.

"Don't touch me, stay away from me..." Amanda cried as she waved her hands in the air aimlessly.

Richard had no other choice but to comfort her lightly.

"It is me... it's me... sorry I'm late... I will take you home." Richard said as he stroked her back lightly.

Hearing the familiar voice and smelling the familiar scent, Amanda could not take it any more and the
last shred of consciousness that she had maintained collapsed as she was shrouded in darkness.