My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 77

When Godfrey clearly saw who the man was, his legs finally gave way. Even the gun he was holding in
his hands fell down on the floor.

"Richard Howell... so this woman was telling the truth." Godfrey was in a state of panic. Although he
pretended to believe that woman when she said that she was Richard's woman, but in realy sense, he
did not believe her at all.

How could Richard Howell date a lowly actress. Before they accepted any mission, they had to do a
thorough investigation on the person they were dealing.

They only knew that Amanda was a little famous in the entertainment industry, although she had a
backer, the person who posted the mission refused to divulge any information, so they could only rely
on the little information they gathered.

Godfrey did not have enough power in the underground like most people thought and only relied on the
fact that his boss did not show himself in the public, to mess around. But he could not use the
resources of the underworld like he wished.

So, with his little resources, he was not able to gather more information about Amanda. But he was
also disdainful that she was only a little actress, who he needed not to pay attention to.

Having seen Richard come to personally rescue her, Godfrey knew that he had screwed up big time.

His boss had warned him several times that he can mess around as much as he want, but there are
some people he dared not to touch. Richard happened to be one of those people.

"Mr Richard, sorry I didn't know that Amanda was your woman, even if I was given a thousand guts, I
will never dare touch her." Godfrey did not wait for Richard to say anything. He kneeled down and
started to kowtow without a care in the world.

His subordinates were astounded seeing their boss kneeling while banging his head on the ground.

What exactly was going on? They looked their boss dumbfounded. Seeing that they did not yet
understand the seriousness on the matter, Godfrey stood up, kicked them to make them kneel before
going back on his knees.

Richard only looked at them coldly without any expression on his face. He was hugging Amanda lightly,
afraid that he will hurt her more than she already is if he exerted any more force.

Looking at her disheveled look, he did not want to think about the torture she had gone through. Her
face was swollen, her body was covered in stains of blood, a huge piece of her hair was even missing.

Her breathing was unstable. Richard's heart was hurting so much. He felt as if someone was
squeezing every blood vessel in his heart with a forceps.

He walked over to the sofa and laid her down gently. As he was leaving, Amanda subconsciously
clutched at the corner of his shirt. She was frowning in discomfort.

"Don't worry, I'm right here. Nothing will happen to you... I will take you away in a while." After saying
that, he lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. The light kiss immediately cooled Amanda

He then walked to the people who were kneeling on the ground.

"Who took her?" Richard asked, his voice was laced with sheer coldness.

Everyone looked at Godfrey without answering.

"Was it you?" Richard said, pointing his gun at Godfrey's head.

Godfrey was scared stiff. He knew that if he delayed even for a minute, his head will be blasted open
by the bullet.

"Bastards, why are you not talking?" He yelled at his minions.

"Who captured her when you went over?" Godfrey yelled.

"It was big 4!" Everyone pointed at the tall man who was kneeling at the far end of the room.

Without wasting a second, Richard fired a shot, and then another shot.

The man called big 4 fainted on the ground as his two hands were shot. The shot was precise and it hit
his tendons accurately.

"Who touched her?" After shooting the man, Richard looked at them and asked again.

Everyone was trembling and even others peed on themselves.

Whoever was pointed at, his hands were shot.

They thought that Richard was the demon king, his aura was dark and oppressive even Amanda who
was unconscious could feel it.

She heard gunshots, although she could not open her eyes, she was scared and curled up into a ball.

After Richard finished quenching his rage, he took Amanda and left the place. His was still angry
though and really wanted to kill those people, but he could not as he still needed evidence to put
someone behind bars.

"Come over, I want a confession, after that call the police." Richard said over the walkie-talkie.


Godfrey thought that the disaster was over and that the man had let them off, but hearing solid
footsteps coming from outside the house, he knew that he was too naive.

Soon, he saw men wearing camouflage uniforms entering the door one after another. They were not
too many, as Richard had ordered others to go back since it was not a big deal.

"Who is so disrespectful as to kidnap our sister-in-law?" Someone asked coldly.

"I'm yet to meet my sister-in-law and yet this people wanted to kill her?" Another person added.

"Brother Richard is so secretive it's been long and he even got engaged but he is yet to introduce us to
our sister-in-law, he is so mean."

"Maybe he just want to let sister-in-law leave a carefree and normal life, you know how messy our
circle is, I bet sister-in-law doesn't know his other identity." A young man who appeared to be in his late
twenties said.

Hearing the familiar voice, Godfrey was shocked. Wasn't that the voice of his boss.

Why is he here?

"Let's see whose balls have grown to the extent that they can even kidnap Richard's woman." The
man, called Andrew moved forward.

Andrew was the godfather of underwolrd. Many people did not know him, because it was Godfrey who
used his title.

"Boss..." suddenly Andrew heard someone call him. Few people had the right to call him boss. They
could be counted by fingers.

"Andrew, is it your person?" Actually, although all this people were army veterans, they too had
unimaginable power in the underworld and they had their own people.

"It's you!" After hearing the voice of the person who had called him, Andrew immediately rushed over
and threw a deadly kick at man who who was trying to stand up.

The people who had fainted were jolted awake by the sudden voice.

Looking at their boss who his bones had been broken from the single kick, they drew in cold air. They
could not help but tremble.


Richard rushed Amanda to the hospital at a lighting speed. When they reached the hospital she was
rushed to the emergency room, Richard had doctors check every inch of her body and see if she
sustained any internal injuries.

Seeing the doctor come out, Richard immediately rushed over.

"Doctor, how is she?" Richard asked, his voice sounded nervous and uneasy.

"She is fine. Luckily there is nothing life threatening, but she was lucky because her stomach was not
hit or else she could have lost her baby." The doctor said.

Hearing that, Richard's mind turned blank. It was as if he had been hit by lighting as he stiffened.

"The baby! Do you mean she is pregnant?" Richard asked.

"You didn't know, your wife is 8 weeks pregnant." The doctor said.

"Ooh, thank you."

Richard said, after a long. He did not know how to feel. He was too delighted that he laughed out loud.

The doctor looked at him astounded.

"What is wrong with this man? Can he have not known that his wife was pregnant?" The doctor did not
mull over it for long and left.

Richard felt like crying. He was truly overjoyed that Amanda was carrying his baby. She was going to
make him a dad. That feeling was too great.

But remembering that those people had almost killed his baby, Richard's eyes turned frosty as he made
a call.

"You don't have to call the police, after you are done getting evidence, deal with them as you see fit.
They almost caused by baby and my wife to lose their lives."

"I got it." The other person answered.