My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 78

Amanda was enveloped in darkness, someone was chasing her, she tried to move towards the only
source of light but she could not, no matter how much she tried, she could not reach it.

Her heart fell as she thought about the fate that awaited her. Was she already in hell. Had God really
let her die?

Amanda fought to open her eyes but they were so heavy. Her eyelids seemed to carry tons of loads as
she could not even move them. The darkness was suffocating her.

As she struggled with the darkness and almost gave up, she heard someone shout her name.

"Amanda hang in there, don't give up. You cannot leave me alone. I will be right there to save you.
Even if I can't, I will gladly accompany you to hell. We will always be together, always." The voice
started to fade.

Amanda thought that the voice sounded familiar, but because of the darkness she could not tell out
who was talking.

But she felt an explicit peace when she heard that voice. In her past life, no one cared about her like
that. She even died alone in the prison.

Amanda fought heard to open her heavy eyelids.

What greeted her eyes was white a ceiling, it had a huge bulb that had already been turned off.

Her head was resting on a soft fluffy white pillow. Her hair was all over the place and her body was
sticky with sweat.

Amanda looked at the blue and white walls and concluded that she was in a hospital. Seeing the IV
bag hanged on the IV pole, Amanda was dazed.

It seemed that she was just having a nightmare and she was has not died.

She tried to move her hand but realised that something was clutching it tightly.

Amanda moved her head robitically only to come into view with a handsome face.

Richard was sleeping on the side of the bed while clutching her hand tightly. He seemed not to be
sleeping peacefully as a frown was seen between his eyebrows.

He looked exhausted as his eyes, although closed, you could see the obvious eye bugs.

His santa claus had grown and it only added to his charm.

Amanda looked at the handsome face and immediately thanked the heavens that she was not dead.

Richard opened his eyes when he heard the movement beside him.

He was having a nightmare that he saw Amanda being consumed in flames but he could not do
anything. No matter how much he called, Ananda never looked at him.

Opening his eyes and seeing that beautiful face infront of him, Richard was relieved.

"You are awake. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?" He asked, without releasing her hand.

"I'm fine just a little lethargic." Amanda said. She was in fact feeling very unwell, but seeing his tired
and worried face, she did not want him to feel heartache.

Richard reached out to touch her forehead, seeing that her fever had gone down, he gave out a sigh of

She had suddenly developed a high fever at night. Since they could not administer any antibiotics due
to the baby, they could only lower it naturally.

Richard stayed the whole night taking care of her and he had barely taken a wink.

"What happened?" Amanda asked.

"You were kidnapped!" Richard said.

"I know that. How did I end up here?"

"Silly, of course I saved you." Richard said as he pinched her nose.

"Did those people do anything to me?" Amanda asked.

"They just beat you, sorry I came late and made you go through all that... you almost lost your life and
that of..." Richard did not finish his statement. When he was told that Amanda was pregnant, he was
very delighted and forgot about everything.

After calming his mind down, he became unsure if Amanda will be willing to keep the baby, after all her
popularity was on the rise and her career had just stabilized, taking a break for a year or so will mean
that people will forget about her.

He did not want her to sacrifice her career because of him but he also hoped that she could keep the

Seeing that Richard did not finish his sentence and he seemed to have a lot on his mind, Amanda
looked at him with a questioning gaze.

"Darling, can I ask you something." Richard probed lightly.

"What is wrong?"

"Err... if by any chance you got pregnant during this period of time, will you keep the baby?" Richard
asked carefully, his eyes never leaving her face.

Amanda was stunned when she heard his question.

Why would Richard ask such kind of a question out of the blues. Was there something going on?

"Why do you ask?" Amanda asked.

"Mmm..can you answer first?"

"Of course it is our baby, I will keep it." Amanda answered after thinking about it seriously.

She loved Richard so much. He has always been giving in to her and pampering her. She did not know
what to do to show him how much she loved him, if giving birth meant that she can pour her feelings to
him, then she would gladly do it.

Hearing her answer, Richard felt his eyes tear up. He could not help but direct his gaze at Amanda's
flat tummy. Amanda followed his gaze, and seeing where he was looking, her mind could not help but
run wild.

Richard engulfed her in tight hug. But he was careful not to touch her belly.

"Thank you so much baby, you have no idea how happy I'm!" Richard said, he could not control his
emotions and his tears finally fell.

"Why are you thanking me?" Amanda was still in the dark.

"Thank you for loving me and bringing light into my life..."

"Baby, you are pregnant!" Richard took her face into his hands, looked at her direct in the eyes and
said word for word.

Amanda was stupified and looked at him dumbly. Her mind was slow to process what Richard had said.

"What did you just say?"

"Baby you are pregnant, 8 weeks pregnant!" Richard repeated himself and pulled her into another tight

Amanda hugged him back.

She was pregnant with Richard's baby, that was great, she was worried that she was going to die for a
second time and will not have the chance to spend more time with Richard, but God even added
another blessing on top, Amanda let her tears flow freely.

"Baby, are you feeling uncomfortable any where? Why are you crying?" Richard asked in a hoarse
voice. His eyes were still wet but he was asking Amanda why she was crying.

Amanda could not help but laugh. She reached her hand to wipe the tears from Richard's face.

"Same reason as you." Amanda said as she smiled sweetly.

"But how comes I didn't feel anything, it is already two months." Amanda said, feeling that she was
rather stupid and careless.

"You schedule has been tight, you hardly had time to rest, how could possibly notice anything?"
Richard said. He could not allow Amanda to blame herself.

"I did not even notice my periods." Amanda said.

"It is okay baby. Isn't everything alright now." Richard said as he kissed her on the face.

"Look at me... I even forgot to call the doctor to come and check on you." Richard said as he slapped
his face.


"Wait, I will call the doctor right now." Richard said as he pressed the call button on the bed.

After the doctor did a thorough check up on Amanda and confirmed that everything was fine, then did
Richard relax.

He tucked her in bed, and only after confirming that Amanda was asleep did he leave the ward. He still
had somethings to take care of.



"Boss Mandy has been arrested. The evidence was enough to put her in jail for five years." Thomas
said over the phone.

He has been working tirelessly over the night to collect enough evidence that could help put Mandy
behind bars.

"Good. Make sure that she stays there." Richard said.

"Yes boss. Your father woke up in the middle of the night, you might want to visit him." Thomas
reminded over the phone.

"I got it."


"Hey bro, why are you so mean? It's been almost a year, when are you going to introduce sister-in-law
to us?" A cheerful voice came over the phone. The person talking was Andrew.

"Soon." Richard said, and before the other person could say anything, he hung up the phone.

He was in no mood to deal with certain people.

"Tks... this brother is choosing love over us bros."

"Are you only noticing that now?" Someone asked with disdain.