Chance's Hell

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“So’s Emilio,” Miguel grinned again at the uptight cousin who was a cop in Spearfish. Chance gave him a chin tilt and left with Leslie.
“Talk to me,” Chance commanded.
“Clio’s a sweet girl, she’s alone here, never mentioned family or friends. Clio took Benny’s shit because she needed the money. It didn’t leave her a lot of time to find a different job, lord knows Clio wanted one, bless that child. She’s got a pain deep in her, frightened to get close to people, but she wants company. Clio’s excellent with the old people, they really reach out to her. I’ve seen Clio pay for a meal before behind someone’s back and tell them it’s on special and I know that girl needs money! Clio’s a good one,” Leslie said slyly looking up at Chance.
“Where she live?”
“Somewhere unpleasant, I don’t know where, but it’s got to be in the rough part. Clio always was on edge returning there and hates living in the shoebox as she calls it. She’s a good kid, Chance if you’re looking for a piece of fluff to warm your bed, go elsewhere.”
“Clio’s mine,” Chance said firmly.
“Then treat her with kid gloves, that girl may flee if she thought it necessary.”
“Yeah, sensed that, I’ll look after Clio. Go pay your money in,” Chance commanded as they arrived at the bank. Leslie nodded and then patted his arm and went inside the building.
Chapter Two.
Chance was shocked to see Leslie waiting in a car when he left the clubhouse on Monday morning. It was ten minutes to eight and the minute Leslie saw Chance, she climbed out and hurried towards him. Chance rubbed a hand over his face, barely awake, but it was his turn to open the garages, store and shop today.
“Okay?” Chance grunted wanting coffee.
“Did you find Clio?” Leslie asked in a rush. She looked up at Chance with hope in her eyes.
“No, we got ears to the ground.”
“Clio’s in trouble,” Leslie rushed out. “She didn’t meet me yesterday, and something’s wrong.”
“Celt!” Chance yelled, and Celt stuck his head out the clubhouse doors. Celt was due in the shop at eight with the two girls who worked there. Chance knew he’d be awake.
“Yo,” Celt called back.
“Open the garages and shit. Got something to do.” Celt nodded and stuck his head back in yelling for Pyro and Levi to get their asses outside now.
“Talk,” Chance said leading an agitated Leslie inside the clubhouse. Leslie walked over to an armchair and perched on it. Distressed, Leslie twisted her phone around in her hands and looked at Chance.
“Did you honestly mean Clio’s your girl?” Leslie asked, straight off the bat.
“If I can nail her feet to the floor, yeah,” Chance muttered not feeling fazed by the question. Clio was going to be his, come hell or high water.
“I texted her on Friday. Clio was happy to hear from me and over the moon at the money and what happened. Clio gushed over you, and she’s taken with you, Chance. I told her to enjoy what was offered, and Clio replied she was going to make brownies. Oh here, read the messages yourself, it’s quicker,” Leslie handed Chance her phone.
Leslie:Hey Clio honey, hru after 2day? Did you get ur money paid into the bank?
Clio:Hey Leslie, thks for messaging, yeah, I got it paid in, n I’m ok, bit stunned but ready to find another job.
Leslie:That Chance is something else, isn’t he?
Clio:Did u see him lift Benny up by his shirt. OMG Leslie, muscles!
Leslie:He’s a catch, honey. What you got planned for tonight?
Clio:I kept back thirty bucks, gonna treat myself to a Chinese, can’t remember the last time I had 1. And I’m baking brownies and cupcakes for Hellfire. Is that too simple for them u think, they r bikers?
Leslie:Aw honey, go ahead, I see good things 4 u coming up. Hellfire will love ur baking. What u doing 2morrow?
Clio:Gonna go grocery shopping and get baking stuff, u really think HF will enjoy brownies, think they’ll like cupcakes?
Leslie:Who doesn’t like ur brownies? If Chance didn’t want in ur pants, he will when he eats ur baking. I’ll b forming a rescue 4 u from HF. LOL. What else u got planned?