Chance's Hell

Page 12

“Clio, what happened then?”
“I don’t know what time it was when he woke up, but Ron began muttering something about his precious prize. He kept touching me on my legs and face and patting me, he stroked my hair and kissed me on the cheek several times. The day passed like that, he carried me to the toilet and forced me to pee in front of him,” I said in a tiny voice. Chance dropped a kiss on my head, the feelings of being violated were coming back, and I was grateful Chance was there with me.
“Ron kept touching my face, it was awful, he touched my legs and my thighs, and I was terrified he’d rape me. But he didn’t, it was almost as if he was worshipping me, it was creepy. The whole time he kept saying how he’d look after me, and how precious I was, a treasure and I’d no idea how much danger existed in the world. And it was Ron’s job to look after me.
I kept begging him, pleading him to let me go but Ron wouldn’t, just kept up that creepy litany and stroking me. Then it got dark, and he turned funny, told me I was tempting him, and I should be ashamed. He threw a dirty tee on me he got from the floor, and I begged Ron to let me go but he wouldn’t then there was a pounding at the door…” I broke off, remembering the next part too well, and I trembled. Chance held me tight, and Leslie stroked my hand, trying to calm me.
“Clio do you want a drink, a break?” Emilio asked searching my expression, I was damn sure my fear was written across my face.
“No, it was Tommy, he burst into the bedroom, and I thought he’d come to save me. Instead, he grinned at me sleazily, and I guessed everything had got worse. Tommy and Ron began yelling at each other, and I cried, I was so scared. Then Tommy came back and untied my arms, and for a moment I thought Tommy was letting me go, and then he duct-taped my arms behind my back.” I paused and then spoke fast.
“Tommy leant over me and touched my breasts and then my hips and legs, he put his hand between my legs and groped me there. Ron was going mad at him, and Tommy threw him a small bag of powder. I begged Ron not to leave me alone, but he did, and Tommy kept putting his hands on my breasts and then between my legs. He tried to push his fingers inside me, but I kicked and kept fighting him.
Tommy grabbed a rope from Ron and tied my legs to the bed and pulled a knife and cut my panties off me. He was going to rape me but stopped. He told me he’d heard what had happened in the diner, Slimy Sam had been there and seen everything. Tommy said that I was going to give him and Sam the nine thousand and they were going to make more money off me. Laughing, Tommy stood up and masturbated on me as I cried. Then he left me alone for ages and returned with Sam. Sam brought…” I broke off and looked at Phil with shame across my face.
“We found the camera honey, carry on, it’s okay. Honestly, you did nothing wrong Clio, believe me, you did nothing wrong,” Phil reassured me. Focussing on him, I took a deep breath and continued.
“Tommy and Sam took turns, putting me into poses and placing things between my legs. I remember a few vibrators, a walking stick and other stuff. They didn’t put it in me, but they both got off on my fear, they were recording the whole thing. They masturbated on me several times and placed their penises near my mouth as if they intended to force me to give them a blow job. I’d have bitten it off if they got near my mouth!
Tommy gagged me and told me we’d have fun in the morning and left me with Sam. Sam was so whacked out, he masturbated one last time and fell to sleep. The next morning, I heard shouting and banging and knew someone had come for me, I tried to get free and thought I was saved. Instead, Ron appeared and groped me and then kissed me all over my face, telling me he was my saviour, but he had to consummate our relationship.
Ron was on top of me and about to rape me when Tommy burst in, he said men had come for me, but he’d got rid of them. Tommy pulled Ron off and yelled at Ron that he wouldn’t have Ron’s sloppy seconds. Tommy dropped his pants and was climbing on top when Chance burst through the door. It goes foggy after that, I just knew I was safe because I saw Chance, so I let go.” I dropped my head and finally picked up on the vibes hitting the room.
Leslie was upset, I didn’t know why but she was, she’d a death grip on my hand and I didn’t want to tell her she was hurting me. Luckily, Leslie came to that conclusion by herself and forced her hand to relax. She patted my hand and began stroking my hair.
Detectives Hawthorne and Gold both looked concerned, but there was such a dark vibe coming off them it frightened me a little. Detective Hawthorne seemed the most dangerous as he stared at me, but he forced himself to relax and gave me a wink. He wasn’t amused I could tell, but Detective Hawthorne tried to reassure me.
It was Chance who was murderous, I risked looking at him, and his face was expressionless with green eyes burning. His body was so rigid I thought Chance had turned to stone, anger rolled off his body in waves and hit everyone, making them flinch.
“They go down,” Chance ground out, the two detectives nodded.
“Clio, there’s more, but we don’t know if you’re ready to hear it, maybe we should come back?” Detective Gold asked.
“Tell her now while I’m with her,” Chance snarled.
“Phil, take a walk,” Detective Hawthorne said, and Phil glanced at Lio and nodded and left.
“Lio, talk to me,” Chance bit out furious.
“The camera was live as well as recording,” Detective Hawthorne dropped the bombshell. Leslie gasped, and her gaze turned to me with sympathy and horror in it. I didn’t think it would have been possible, but Chance grew even stiffer.
“I don’t understand Detective Hawthorne,” I whispered. Chance wrapped me up in a crushing hug which scared me more than Leslie’s reaction and Detective Hawthorne’s words.
“Call me Lio, I’m sorry to tell you this, it’s gonna be hard for you to understand. The camera was logged into a black site, people pay the price to log on and view the going’s on. Tommy and Sam had put up an advert about you on a website, people logged in to watch what they were going to do.”
“There are witnesses, and they didn’t help?” I gasped horrified. Emilio nodded.
“Worse honey, they were placing bids for one hundred spots to watch you get raped by Tommy and Sam that morning. If Chance hadn’t found you… it wouldn’t have been pleasant, if that wasn’t enough, the people also bid on a snuff film. Ten of them placed high bids in six figures, for Tommy and Sam to kill you.” I gave a cry and burrowed into Chance. They were being paid to rape and kill me? My mind couldn’t cope, and I began shutting down emotionally. Leslie stroked my back as sobs broke from me, and Chance held me as tight as if we’d been fused together.
“Want those fuckers found,” Chance finally said.
“We’re trying to track them Chance, may needspecialisthelp,” Emilio said with a strange emphasis in his voice.
“Lose a copy, Artemis will get it,” Chance agreed.
“Going to leave you with Clio, Chance until we catch these, don’t let her out of your sight.”
“Not a chance in hell,” Chance rumbled and continued to soothe me. Emilio looked at me sadly and then got up from his chair. He walked to the door and was stopped by Chance.