Chance's Hell

Page 24

“Don’t let Clio out of your sight, she goes in a changing room you clear it first, and Tati goes in with her. Clio has a target on her back,” Chance ordered, and Shee stopped smiling and frowned.
“Big target?”
“Fuckin’ big target Shee, keep her with you at all times, Clio goes nowhere alone. Tati you armed?” Chance asked, and Tati nodded.
“Yeah, why do you think I got the enforcers? No one going to mess with them, take a tank to get through happy chappy here,” Tati said poking Tiny in the ribs. The miserable man grunted and grabbed her hand and raising it to his mouth, he bit her finger. Tati squealed, and I saw a glimmer of light in Tiny’s eyes before it faded again.
“Get me Big Al, on your way out, I need him to get onto something for me, take a damn truck,” Chance told Shee. Shee nodded, and Chance turned to me.
“I’m okay,” I said before he could speak, his eyes gazed into my soul, and he drew me close.
“Bullets start flyin’ hit the ground, someone grabs you fuckin’ scream, fight, bite and kick. Shee, Tiny or Tati tell you to run, run as Lio said,” Chance told me, and I nodded.
“It’s only shopping, I’ll be safe,” I said and reached up as he bent his head and kissed me.
“Go enjoy yourself,” Chance chuckled as he saw my expression drop, he knew I didn’t want to go but was doing so to make Tati happy.
Tati knew how to shop, it was almost a career to her as she dragged me from one shop to another. I began exchanging desperate glances with Tiny after two hours when Tiny finally insisted on a coffee break. I sank gratefully into a chair and stared at the bags we’d already accumulated. In dismay, I heard Tati say we weren’t even halfway through, I let out a low groan and wondered if I could pretend a sprained ankle or something. Shee had been just as excitable as Tati as they forced me to try on clothes and then either approved or nixed them.
In desperation, I’d tried putting my foot down once I had five pairs of jeans and some tops. It was hopeless, Tati just gave me that gleeful grin, and off she flew again. I sensed Tiny was far more amused than I was, and he was taking a cruel delight out of my discomfort, which I thought I was hiding pretty well. I glared at Tiny, and a small crease lifted his lips, and I wanted to smack him. Shee and Tati were loudly discussing where to go next, and I wanted to kick Shee in the shins as much as I wanted to smack Tiny. Shee was enjoying himself far too much. Tiny rose to help them get coffee’s and pastries and left me in full view of the three of them.
“Hey, this is you, isn’t it?” someone said, and I gazed up to see a young man in his late teens, early twenties standing over me. Tiny began to move, but a woman barged into him and with a wail, spilt coffee down herself.
“Huh?” I asked, keeping Tiny in view.
“That’s you?” the man said, thrusting a phone into my face. I gazed at the image in horror and blanched. The blood drained from my face as I stared at a screenshot of myself tied and spread-eagled with Tommy’s cock near my mouth. My hair was a mess, and my eyes were filled with horror, and I was visibly pulling away from Tommy.
“No,” I stuttered.
“A girl like you can’t charge tons, so how much for a night?” the smarmy little shit asked leaning into my face and blatantly staring at my breasts.
“What do you mean how much?” I gasped not taking my eyes off that image.
“Drop the fuckin’ innocent act, maybe you charge more than I thought, the innocence is making me rock fuckin’ hard. Do you keep that up in bed or turn into a wild thing?” he pushed on leaning closer into my space. Abruptly he squealed as his head smashed into the table and was then yanked upwards.
“Enjoy watching a victim be raped?” Tiny snarled into the sudden silence. “Get your rocks off knowing that an innocent woman was attacked, subjected to horrific shit and nearly raped so a sick fuck like you can wank in the shower?” Shee was at my back and Tati beside me. To a stunned collective gasp, Tati stepped up and slapped the man straight across the face.
“Whoever you are you’re finished shithead, we’ll fuckin’ destroy you,” Tati snarled. The pervert looked shocked as Tiny launched a punch that knocked him down or would have if Tiny had released him.
“Lio’s on his way,” Shee snapped from behind me as his arms encircled me.
“You’re going down fucker,” Tati snarled. “Watching rape porn and then approaching the victim and trying to violate her again. Whoever you are, you fucked with the wrong MC.” A car screeched to a halt outside, and two uniforms came charging into the shop. They took one look at Tiny holding the man off his feet, and one pulled a weapon.
“Put that away, douche,” his partner said and stared at Tiny. “Put him down, Tiny,” the officer commanded.
“Why the fuck should I?” Tiny demanded.
“He’s going blue,” the officer pointed out.
“Good, let the pervert suffocate, he just offered Clio money for sex. I’ll break his fuckin’ neck and if I don’t, Chance will,” Tiny grunted. Tati laid a hand on Tiny’s arm.
“Let him go, honey,” she whispered, and Tiny shot her harsh stare and slowly relaxed his hand.
“He propositioned the girl, if I’d been Chance, he’d be dead by now.” Tiny let the man gain his feet but still held him around the throat. “Man thinks it’s okay to watch porn where women are forced into doin’ shit and nearly raped. Thinks it’s okay to watch shit where they were bidding on how to rape and kill her!” Tiny’s voice rose to a bellow, and the cop pulled his gun again. The far calmer officer shot his partner a dirty look and then shoved his arm down hard.
“Tiny, I’m okay, please let him go, and the let officers handcuff him,” I asked, and his gaze moved to where I stood.