Chance's Hell

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“Jesus, baby, you’ll be my undoing, that was beyond my wildest dreams,” Chance whispered. Chance finally regained his composure enough to turn around and take me in his arms. He kissed me deeply and then to my disgruntlement turned on the shower. Chance ripped my tee off, and as I tried to cover myself, he stopped me and gazed at my body.
“Fuckin’ beautiful, what a prize,” he said and then stepped us both into the shower. To my amazement, Chance took time washing my hair and rinsing and then conditioning it. Without shame, Chance washed my body, even between my legs and with each swipe of the puff, he worshipped me in a way he never could do with words.
When Chance decided I was clean, I returned the favour although he had to bend for me to do his hair. Over a foot taller than me, I wasn’t reaching it on my own! Silently I worshipped his body, and when I knelt to wash his thighs, I couldn’t resist a cheeky kiss on the tip of his cock. It jerked in response and delighted I laughed, Chance was so responsive to me, I was ecstatic in my power over him. We lazily idled minutes away running hands down each other’s bodies, and then Chance turned the shower off and wrapped me in a ginormous fluffy towel.
As part of our courting ritual, Chance dried me, and then I returned the favour, enjoying exploring the masculine body. Chance never once stopped me exploring and enjoyed it as much as I did. He pulled a new outfit out of the walk-in wardrobe, that he’d bought yesterday, and I dressed in the sexy underwear he’d chosen. There was no self-consciousness between us, which I thought was strange, I’d at least expected to feel awkward, but no, I was comfortable and relaxed.
Chance left me to finish dressing, and when I entered the large living area, he was merrily cooking bacon and eggs and chewing on a piece of toast. There was a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and Chance nodded at me to drink it. I did, laughing at his highhandedness, I offered to help cook and Chance shook his head, expertly cracking and frying eggs. Humming Chance dished up sausage, bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms with a side helping of toast and then looked at me expectantly.
“Chance, I can’t eat this!” I exclaimed laughing, his eyes crinkled at the corners.
“Eat baby, need to build up your strength,” he growled mock angrily. Idly, I contemplated throwing a piece of toast at him but ate it instead. Chance had done my eggs perfectly, there was nothing better than properly runny egg yolks. I cut around the yolk and pushed the white to one side and then placed the yolks on three pieces of toast and spread them out. Chance watched bemused as I then cut the toast into pieces and cut bacon or sausage to eat with it. By the time breakfast finished, Chance was shaking his head laughing as I mopped up the yolk and tomato juice with a piece of bread.
“Full?” he chuckled, and I winked at him, and Chance froze before his entire body relaxed. I wondered what had happened and then I considered who Chance was, it was doubtful women rarely winked at him unless they wanted something. There and then, I decided Chance needed to laugh once a day, and that was my mission to make him laugh. Pleased to have set myself a target I pulled on my boots as Chance stamped into his.
I was out the cabin and on the back of the bike before Chance could blink, he began laughing again when he spied me perched on it waiting patiently. Chance thumped the helmet down on my head and swung his leg over. Before Chance even started the bike, I was wrapped around him, and I felt his body shake again in amusement. This ride was more enjoyable than yesterday because I was fast adjusting to the bike, and I loved the thrill of the ride. I couldn’t wait to talk Chance into taking a longer one, maybe out into the Black Hills or something.
When we arrived at Hellfire, I saw the garage bay shutters were just opening, and mechanics and brothers were on the forecourt. Leslie’s beat-up car was waiting, and my eyebrows rose as it was only just past eight.
“Hey,” Leslie greeted, and she looked shattered, I can’t imagine she’d slept well by the bags under her eyes.
“Okay woman?” Chance rumbled before I even got a word in edgeways.
“Tired, I was up most of the night, I’ve a plan if you have time,” Leslie replied, and there was a sparkle in her eye.
“Got all the time in the world for my girl’s family,” Chance affirmed and led us into the clubhouse and into the inner sanctum.
“Spill,” Chance demanded as he sat down after holding out chairs for Leslie and myself.
“I’m interested Chance, really interested, and I’ve done lots of thinking. This can happen several ways, I manage the tearoom which I honestly don’t want to do. At my age, I want something permanent and something I can make mine.”
“Get that,” Chance nodded.
“I’ve been thinking about the two options, both are appealing and unappealing. There’s no doubt I’ll, we’ll,” Leslie corrected looking at me, “need Hellfire’s backing. It won’t work otherwise, I’m not sure which way to go. That’s where I’m stuck, if I take Hellfire’s loan who’s to say you won’t whack prices up or demand a bigger interest rate. If I take Hellfire as a silent partner, who is to then say, Hellfire won’t interfere with things that Clio and I can manage. Even worse, Hellfire may try to force me out, you and Clio would control the majority share,” Leslie said, speaking fast. I wondered if Leslie feared offending Chance, who pulled out his phone and sent someone a text.
“Got your point woman, just wait for Rooster, and we’ll explain more, we did further thinkin’ yesterday that may help,” Chance said. Chance bellowed at the man I now knew as Fanatic to get coffee’s and Rooster barged through the door.
“See you were right,” Rooster said, nodding his head towards Leslie. Leslie bristled, and Rooster put a hand up, “Nothin’ bad, woman, calm your passion. Chance thought you’d be back because of our girl.” Rooster nodded at me.
“Tell Leslie what we discussed yesterday afternoon after she left,” Chance said, sitting back and dragging my chair near him.
“Hellfire will convert the building into a bakery and kitchen. You’ll lose some of the first shop’s floor space, about a third making the kitchen. The rest will be fronted by the counters you want. The other shop will be the seating area…” Rooster said, and Chance cut in.
“Woman knows that, give Leslie the offer.” Rooster shot Chance a dark look and then turned back to us.
“Offer one. Hellfire front the loan, officially, with lawyers and a contract, the contract will state the terms of the loan, which are easy to understand. Once you have taken off costings which include, bills, ingredients and staff wages whatever is left Hellfire will take ten percent off to pay back the loan. This is over as much time as needed, then the left-over profit is settled half and half between you two.” Rooster nodded at Leslie and me. What Rooster proposed sounded fair, except for one thing.
“May take years to pay the loan back,” Leslie saw the same point I did, “I don’t want to be burdened that long.”
“Me either,” I agreed.
“Well you two can pay lump sums off, but Leslie’s would be greater than Clio’s which means Clio would then be on the back foot. Pres is willing to put up the difference which means you’d both pay off say twenty-five thou each.”
“No!” I exclaimed, “I don’t want Chance making my money up.” Chance frowned but held his tongue for now.
“The other choice is, Hellfire comes in as a silent partner, we front the costs, the renovation and everything else. Once the costs are completed, they’ll be split three ways, say fifty k each. Now Leslie can throw thirty at hers which means she’ll owe twenty thou. Clio can throw ten which means she owes forty, we’ll owe shit because we fronted it.” I frowned keeping up with Rooster so far.
“Once the business is bringing in money, the same happens, costs and shit are taken out, but the profits are split three ways. The difference is this, we’ve changed our offer. Our profits will pay back the investment we put into you women, until our share of the profits has paid back what we invested.