Chance's Hell

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Iwoke the next morning with my head swimming with information, I wondered if I needed to keep a notebook. But when I relaxed against Chance’s warm body wrapped around me, I realised the information was still there.
Tati had been generous by not overfeeding me too much information. As it stood, I understood little bits about the brothers, and that should provide a beginning to build on. Chance was President, he was called a legacy President, as Enigma had been Pres before him. There’d been trouble in the past, but Tati to explained Chance had to elaborate later.
Bear was Chance’s VP, the man once had a sister who died, and Bear still held a ton of pain. Despite that, Bear was the gentlest brother and one of the fiercest warriors Hellfire had. Next was Diesel, sergeant at arms, a quiet man who spoke when he’d something to say. Diesel once had an old lady, who’d split from him during the fight to get the club clean. I already knew Diesel bought and flipped houses for a profit.
Big Al was Hellfire’s Chaplin, and the only First Gen Hellfire had left. First Gen were brothers who joined when the MC began. What happened to the other First Gen was a mystery, one Chance would explain. Tati was over twenty years younger than Big Al and loved him with an unsurpassed passion. The next of the inner circle was Rooster, who I knew was Hellfire’s secretary, he handled the money and routes for the brothers to ride. Rooster had three kids I found out, all boys but he’d separated from their mother and Rooster had custody of them.
Tiny was an enforcer, and I discovered why his reaction was so out-of-control yesterday. His mother had been murdered by his father, and Tiny hated women being abused. Tiny, I found out owned a gym that was part of Hellfire, like the other businesses. The other enforcer was Banshee, who everyone called Shee. Tati said despite Shee’s smiling outer appearance, he was the one to watch, he’d had a woman who’d done a bunk with Shee’s kid and they’d never found her. Shee had been searching for four years.
Chatter had seen his girl gunned down in front of him when Hellfire took their club back from the evil men who’d infested it. My heart broke for the man who rarely spoke. Pyro was the clown but hid a secret pain too, his brother and sister had got into drugs and were both now dead. Both men worked on the car designs and were extremely skilled at what they did. Tati told me Levi had darkness in his past and sometimes would disappear for a few weeks. No one knew what Levi did during that time, but no one pressed him either. Levi’s landscapes were his way of escaping whatever bothered him.
Shotgun came from ‘the wrong side of the tracks’ and cared for his grandmother, who the club was fond of. He learnt his skill of leatherware from his grandfather. Celt had been betrayed not once but twice by women and saw women as a release and nothing else. The only women Celt treated with respect and decency were Phoe and Tati. He’d been brought up by an uncle who taught Celt glass blowing and then turned his back on him.
Next were the five prospects, all of whom had been recruited in the previous year. From what Tati had told me, Hellfire’s last prospect Road Kill hadn’t worked out so well, and Chance wanted to expand the club. They’d had five candidates the previous year, and the five had moved into a prospect spot. Tati said they had two years as prospect before they got their brother patch, unless one of them did something heroic which caught the brothers’ eyes.
The prospects were called Smokey, Bone, Fanatic, Slaughter and Wraith. Tati explained they’d earned their nicknames for a variety of reasons, Smokey because he was always on a grill smoking ribs or something. Bone because he was a dog with a bone when he got a project in his head for a design. Fanatic for much the same reason, Tati said he was the worse one for picking on the finest detail in a design and making it perfect. Slaughter worked once in a butcher, so his name was apt and Wraith because as big as he was, the man moved like a ghost. Tati wasn’t aware of their history but was certain there was one.
Chance made a noise in his sleep, his arms tightened, and he buried his nose in my neck and inhaled deeply. He muttered something I couldn’t catch and rolled onto his back, pulling me firmly into his side. I smiled against his ribs as I slung an arm around him and kissed his chest. Chance muttered again, and then I was on my back, and his mouth was on mine. I didn’t have time to draw breath as Chance’s tongue prised my lips open, and I sank into a kiss to beat the other kisses he’d given me.
One of Chance’s hands gripped my head in place as he plundered my mouth while his other lightly trailed fingers up my ribs, making me shiver. Chance hesitated just before the curve of my breast and then Chance slid his fingers around tracing the arc. His thumb swiped my nipple, which was so hard it was painful. With a mutter, Chance pulled his mouth from mine and dropped his head and took my nipple in his mouth.
My legs spasmed against his, and I twisted a leg around his pulling Chance’s groin closer. Heat hit between my legs and I grew moist as Chance idly teased my nipple. Head thrown back in pleasure, I let out a soft cry. Chance removed his mouth and replaced it with his fingers while his lips got busy with my other nipple. Sensations ripped through me, and I couldn’t vocalise what I needed, but Chance knew as his leg pushed between my thighs and I clamped down on it hard. I rubbed myself against his leg shamelessly, and my hands clenched in his hair as Chance began trailing kisses upwards towards my throat. He changed direction and hit the hollows in my collar bone, forcing a gasp from me.
I’d never known I was sensitive there until Chance showed me, my hand ran down his back feeling soft, smooth skin over rock-hard muscles, god his skin was amazing. Chance nibbled and licked his way across my collar bone, sliding a hot wet mouth across mine. When I moved to deepen the kiss, Chance gave a dry chuckle and turned attention to my other collar bone. My hips moved of their own violation, and somewhere in my mind, it told me I should be embarrassed I was dry humping Chance’s leg, but who freaking cared?
Chance’s fingers left my nipple and was replaced with his mouth, and his fingers trailed down my stomach making me suck in a breath and then slid into my panties. I stiffened, and Chance paused, sensing he was going places that no one had permission to touch before him. A flash of my violation crossed my mind and then as Chance’s fingers trailed circles on my pubic bone, and the images fled my mind. I pushed his hand down, and Chance’s fingers hit the spot, my legs fell open, and fingers slid between my folds and to my clit. I let out a strangled scream as Chance began circling my tense nub and teasing. All I could feel was pleasure, hot desperate pleasure and need. Chance was aware of precisely what I needed and sped up the pace, and my hips moved to meet the strokes.
Sensation built, and I felt I was on the edge of exploding as Chance’s mouth resettled over my other nipple and sucked while he pinched my other nipple hard. I screamed as my orgasm hit me hard. Chance grinned a self-satisfied smug smile and then kissed me deeply on my lips and walked into the bathroom. I lay there dazed wondering what truck had hit me when Chance returned a few minutes later. He rolled back into bed and tucked me into his side, covering my legs with his heavy one.
“What about you?” I asked.
“Just took care of it baby, couldn’t lie in bed any longer that fuckin’ hard, fucker hurt,” Chance rumbled, and I blushed.
“I could have…” Chance stopped me with a kiss.
“Yeah, you could have, but the first few times is about you baby, pleasuring you gives me the ultimate boost. Watching you like that was outta this world, so fuckin’ responsive. Thought I’d got lucky with you, now I know how fuckin’ lucky I am,” Chance said tucking my head under his chin. That was his favourite hold, Chance loved tucking me under his chin and holding me tight.
“I could of… used my hand…”
“Yeah, but I used mine and blew a load, told ya baby, know you’re innocent, aware how innocent, going to bring you slowly to how I want it. Clio, you’ll love what I’m going to give you baby and won’t complain.”
“Complain? Are you for real?” I blurted, and Chance chuckled.
“Well, baby, you never know, I’m an old man.” Affronted I smacked Chance’s chest with my hand, and he caught it and nibbled my fingers.
“Old man my ass,” I muttered not mollified. Chance roared with laughter and dipped his head and kissed the tip of my nose.
“Such as nice ass,” Chance said as he squeezed the mentioned ass and then leapt from bed dragging the covers away from me. I grumbled and made to snatch them back, but Chance picked me up and carried me into the bathroom.
“Shower,” he grunted and stripped off his boxer shorts off, and my mouth went dry. I knew Chance was ripped, but the boxers had been hiding a delightful surprise. I studied Chance, his thighs were thickly muscled and powerful, calves well-shaped and lightly haired. Chance’s feet were lean, and suddenly I found feet sexy, at least on Chance, my eyes ran back up his body skipping the important part for now.
Chance’s chest held an eight pack, not six but eight, his skin was tanned and stretched taut over his muscles and was lightly haired. Two pink nipples peeked at me, and I wondered what it would do to Chance to take one in my mouth. Leaning forward, I spread my hands over Chance’s chest and then kissed my way down. With a cheeky glance, I took the first one, in my mouth and mirrored Chance’s actions on me. Delighted I pinched it hard and Chance let out another groan and I moved to the second while my fingers played with the first. Chance’s cock poked me hard in the stomach, and while teasing his nipples, I slid a hand down, and his hand grabbed mine.
Surprised, I stopped, and green eyes blazed into mine, seeing straight to my soul. Slowly his hand holding mine, Chance moved it to his cock, and I grasped it. I was stunned at how thick and hard it was, but the skin was velvet over a steel shaft. Chance holding my hand slid it along his shaft, and then at the end, I felt a pearl of wetness. Curiously I looked down and saw a drop of pre-cum, I moved a finger over it and spread it around his tip. Chance groaned again and threw his head back as I began moving with more confidence, gripping him tightly but not too tight. Chance’s hand remained on mine and then fell to his side as every few swipes I spread the wetness around him.
Curiosity took over, and before Chance could stop me, I dropped to my knees and took the tip of his cock in my mouth. Chance gave a strangled cry as I ran my tongue over and around him, tasting the man I desired. His cock jerked in my hand, and I continued to move up and down, all the while exploring the top of his cock with my tongue. Chance’s hands sank into my hair as I ran my tongue up his shaft and back down again before taking him into my mouth. Suddenly Chance pulled away, and his hand replaced mine, and he spun to the shower and jets of cum came from him.
Wide-eyed, I watched as my man emptied into the shower and I rose to my feet and came up from behind him. I slid my arms around Chance and cupped his balls before squeezing gently. Chance gave the strangled cry again, and a second huge spurt of cum came from him. He rested his head on the wall as he stopped, and I stroked Chance’s flat stomach with one hand and played with his half-hard cock with the other.