Chance's Hell

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“Can I speak now or you gonna keep rattlin’ on Goddess?” Chance asked, amused, and I ducked my head. A firm finger pushed my chin upwards again until I met glittering green eyes.
“You can speak,” I said loftily, the spark of amusement turned into outright humour.
“Glad to hear that, me too Goddess, feel the same.” I narrowed my gaze and checked Chance’s face for duplicity or for mollification, I found none, just a genuine reflection of my emotions.
“I want to go home and have sex,” I whispered blushing, and Chance blinked as his mouth opened. Somewhere behind me a bike pulled in and parked near the clubhouse, I didn’t pay attention I was far more interested in watching desire flit across Chance’s face.
“Goddess,” Chance groaned sounding tortured.
“Let’s go get naked?” I asked and looked up coyly. Chance groaned again and dragged me to him.
“You make me hard baby, with just one look, you make me rock fuckin’ hard. But I got a surprise for you and sex wasn’t planned when I ordered the surprise,” Chance muttered as he glanced towards the clubhouse and then back at me.
“Can’t it wait, I want to get you naked and show you how much I love you,” I whispered.
“Jesus babe, I won’t be able to walk in a minute, let’s go get your surprise and then we’ll get naked later,” Chance muttered. Chance adjusted the prominent package in his jeans he began walking to me to the clubhouse.
“You’ve a bunk here, we could take care of that now,” I said nodding at his cock. Chance groaned again and swat me on the backside.
“If you don’t behave, girl, I’ll be bending you over the fuckin’ pool table,” Chance threatened, and I missed a step.
“Sounds promising,” I grinned at him, and Chance’s eyes grew wide, and then he threw his head back and laughed.
“I’ve created a monster,” Chance said.
“Your monster,” I said, swinging in front of him and reaching up for a kiss, Chance obliged my demand, and his hands cupped my ass again, as he deepened it. When we finished, I eyed him naughtily, and Chance responded by picking me up and slinging me over his shoulder. I shrieked with laughter and slapped his ass as he took long strides towards the clubhouse. Chance stopped outside the door and put me back on my feet, I was certain I was red from laughing.
“Baby, something inside belongs to you, want you to know I didn’t do this to hurt but to heal,” Chance said solemnly, amusement gone, and he opened the door. I blinked as I walked in and saw a few of the brothers with Leslie standing staring at a man. She looked like she’d seen a ghost and I wondered what that was about. The stranger turned, and the blood drained from my face as I stared at a man, I’d not seen for ten years.
His shoulders weren’t as wide, his hair had more grey than brown and was longer, past his shoulders to fall down the middle of his back in a ponytail. His mouth and eyes had more lines, and he had a scar on his cheek that was recent. But his frame was as cuddly and robust as it had always been, blue eyes twinkled at me as delight crossed his face. He said nothing, he never had to, just held out his arms, I stared at the man who had been my father, before running towards him.
I flew into Staffey, and he rocked back a step as I burrowed deep, he smelled of lemons and old spice, a scent I’d always linked to him. Strong arms wrapped around me and a chin came to rest on my head. I felt a rumbling deep in Staffey’s chest and recognised the noise as one that Staffey always used to make to soothe me.
“My girl,” Staffey said in a voice broken with emotion.
“Staffey!” I exclaimed.
“Searched for ya girl, searched for years, hoped you’d come and find me when you turned legal. Didn’t know the assholes moved you out of state, if I’d have known I’d have torn South Dakota apart looking for you,” Staffey said still holding on tight.
“I didn’t know where to find you, I visited the old house, but you’d moved and the last I heard you were on the road. No one had contact details for you,” I whispered. Staffey laughed bitterly.
“The fuckin’ neighbours knew, they got my change of address every time I moved. Assholes always were on her fuckin’ side.” No need to guess who her was, Staffey’s ex had done everything in her power to keep us apart. Diana had loads to answer for, but I hoped Diana’s bitterness towards me came back to bite her on the ass.
“You’re here now, you’re staying?” I asked a forlorn hope in my voice. Staffey smiled and reached into his cut and pulled two envelopes from inside it.
“Open that one first,” Staffey said and curiously I opened it and found I held adoption papers. Disbelievingly, I stared at the date as tears welled up in my eyes, it was dated eleven years ago. Staffey had been making moves to adopt me back then. I opened the second, and the tears streamed down my face when I saw a second set of adoption papers, dated six years ago when I turned eighteen.
“Got your answer?” Staffey asked softly, and I nodded and folded him in my arms again. Chance moved closer, and Staffey let Chance take me and to my surprise spun around and speared Leslie with a look.
“Don’t even think about running again woman, this time I’ll tear the state apart to find you!” Staffey growled, and Leslie stared at him wide-eyed.
“Samuel Staffey, you don’t scare me!” Leslie shot back, and my mouth dropped open in surprise, Chance stiffened behind me.
“Ain’t gonna be scaring you, woman, when I tie you to my fuckin’ bed until you wear my ring this time. Thirty years is bullshit Leslie and you ain’t fuckin’ running again!” Staffey warned. My eyes huge I stared as Leslie took in everyone around me and then glared at Staffey.
“Not going to be tied to your bed Samuel Staffey, thirty years is a long time, and we’ve both changed,” Leslie said, shaking her head. Staffey puffed up, something I learnt he did when he was about to make a point and everyone better listen.
“Leslie Manners, I let you go thirty-odd years ago to the man who fathered your kids. Didn’t believe he was perfect for you, but he was a damn sight better than me. Gave you the life you wanted which I couldn’t provide, see you’re single now, you gonna wear my ring and I ain’t fuckin’ around this time woman. Get your head around it!” Staffey stated.