Chance's Hell

Page 33

Chance tested the water ad turned the taps off, I noticed he’d used liberal amounts of bubble bath, and there were bubbles everywhere. Once down to my bra and panties, Chance stood me up and unhooked my bra. A flush of embarrassment touched my cheeks as my arms rose of their own accord to cover my breasts. Chance pushed my arms down and gazed at my mostly naked body.
“You’re beautiful,” he said before his fingers clasped my panties and slid them down my legs. Chance’s fingers brushed the inside of my thighs, making me tremble, and I never realised until now how sensitive my skin was. Featherlight touches made goosebumps break out, and Chance smiled as I finally stood naked in front of him. A smirk lit his lips and Chance bent and picked me up before placing me gently in the hot water, it was perfect, just as I liked it.
Chance placed a towel under my neck as a pillow, and my mouth watered as he stripped off his tee and picked up a washcloth. To my surprise, Chance began washing me with reverence in his eyes, I clamped my legs together as he dipped down towards my sex. His eyes gazed into mine, and I opened my legs and let Chance wash my most intimate area, it’s hard to explain, but that one act was so hot. His hands washed down one leg and up the other, and my pussy was wet for more than one reason.
Chance’s eyes burning, he bent his head and took my mouth in a searing kiss. I relaxed into it as Chance deepened the kiss and his hand slid back up my legs. He slipped between my folds, and his finger found my entrance, wildly I squirmed against him, and his hand held me in place while Chance kissed me repeatedly. Hotly, his mouth trailed across mine, nibbling and biting gently, teasing, and then a finger slipped inside, and I cried into his mouth.
Chance’s eyes held mine as his finger pushed deeper, and a second joined it, stretching me, heat spiked, and I thrust against his hand. Chance met my thrusts with increased urgency, and I trembled as my orgasm peaked. Just as I reached the summit, Chance flicked my nub, and I screamed my release, my back arching and splashing water everywhere. My body relaxed, and I sank back under the bubbles and then erupted from them like Venus in a fountain.
My hands reached for Chance and roamed freely around his muscled chest. I rose to my knees and placed my mouth against him, I began trailing kisses down his chest as I undid his belt. The leather made a rasping noise which resonated between my legs as I slid the belt through the buckle. Then as I claimed his mouth this time, I popped the jean buttons open lightly trailing a finger down his groin.
Chance hissed in my mouth as I slid my hand around his cock, I loved that noise, it gave me so much power. Slowly, my hand slid up and down spreading his pre-cum over him and making his cock slicker. Chance grunted as I leaned over the bath and kissed the tip of his cock, it thrust towards me, demanding more. I happily obliged, and Chance’s hands sank into my hair. Shyly taking Chance’s cock in my mouth I teased him just as he’d teased me. With a pop, his cock sprang free from my mouth, and I licked the thick vein that ran its length. Chance shuddered, and his cock twitched, ah yes, I had power over this man.
Chance’s hands tensed as I took him back into the heat of my mouth and latched on to him firmly. Hollowing my cheeks, I sucked hard and took him deeper into my mouth, I choked a little the first time, but I found a rhythm. Joyously I sucked Chance hard, twirling my tongue around him. Chance moaned as I ran my tongue down the slit in his cock and licked it hard.
I slid him out of my mouth and bent lower and twirled my tongue around his heavy sacs, pulled tight in expectation of release. Chance hissed under my ministrations, and I felt glee that this powerful man was putty in my fingers. I trailed my way back up his hard cock and took Chance back into my mouth.
My hand crept up and cupped his balls and squeezed lightly, without warning Chance released in my mouth. Startled, I froze for a second wondering at the taste and then swallowed. Unsure what to expect, I discovered it wasn’t an unpleasant taste, it was more the surprise of his release. Chance pulled his cock free and lifted me to my feet and gazed into my eyes.
“You okay?” he asked instantly understanding that was the first time I’d given a blow job. I nodded and licked my lips, his saltiness remained on them.
“Didn’t expect that,” I replied honestly. Eyes narrowed on me, Chance sought something in my face and appeared to find it, and relaxed.
“You didn’t mind me in your mouth?” Chance asked.
“No, it felt strange but good, I had power over you, and I revelled in that,” I replied honestly.
“Goddess, if only you knew exactly how much power you had over me,” Chance chuckled as he eyed the mess in the bathroom. He shrugged and stripped out of his clothing, and I began laughing as he scooped me up and climbed into the still warm bath.
Chance was as good as his word, we spent the day in bed, relaxing and watching movies. Every so often, one of us got amorous and explored the other’s body, giving and taking pleasure. We didn’t have sex but did near enough everything else bar that. Neither of us could be bothered to cook, so Chance ordered takeout, and we ate in bed before curling up together, wrapped around each other and slept.
The next day I was amused to see Leslie sat in her car peering at the clubhouse warily. We’d arranged to meet with Diesel this morning for colour schemes and for Diesel to go over the plans. Diesel was bringing a catalogue with him so we could order the equipment needed and a lady called Penny was arriving who was a Rage brothers old lady. Penny had helped set up the café in the Reading Nook, the bookshop that belonged to Sinclair, an old lady claimed by Rage brother Jett.
Chance noticed Leslie at the same time I did, and his lips quirked as he tilted his head at her. Leslie waved, but her eyes moved back to the clubhouse and narrowed as Staffey came out and spied her. To my amusement, Staffey folded his arms over his chest and stared straight at Leslie. Leslie, with more than a hint of red in her cheeks, stared straight back at him and cocked an eyebrow. Staffey snorted and strode over to grab me for a hug and kiss before clapping Chance on the shoulder and strolling in Leslie’s direction.
Like a bat out of hell, Leslie was out of the car and flying towards the exit of the forecourt. She disappeared around the corner, and I giggled as I realised she’d found my old hiding place and was spying through the bushes at us. Staffey stopped in the middle of the forecourt and aimed a finger in Leslie’s direction, and the bushes rustled before he turned his back on her.
“Leslie can keep fuckin’ running, but I’ll nail her down,” Staffey grinned, and his gaze turned towards Leslie’s car. A knowing grin crossed Staffey’s face, and he winked at us before returning to the clubhouse.
“Your woman won’t be able to run forever. Staffey’s gonna be part of Hellfire, and when a Hellfire brother sees what he wants, the target better get on board,” Chance smirked. I thumped his chest and Chance dropped a kiss on my lips before leaving me to chase after Leslie. I stopped short of leaving the forecourt and called for Leslie to come back, her head popped around the bushes.
“Is that pain in the ass gone?” she hissed. I nodded bemused by the older woman’s actions. Leslie stepped out and straightened her clothing, today she wore black pants and a fluffy white jumper, topped with a chunky necklace. She looked classy and chic, her hair had been styled, and she wore light make-up, something I’d never seen her wear. My eyes narrowed as I realised Leslie had made an effort and I knew precisely who for, oh yeah, I did.
“You like Staffey!” I exclaimed, and guiltily Leslie’s eyes shot in my direction.
“Don’t be daft girl, we’ve got history, and it doesn’t need repeating!” Leslie snapped, but I saw the insecurity under the words.
“Staffey’s going to nail your feet to the floor,” I teased hoping to get a reaction. The blush in Leslie’s face deepened and her lips pursed together.
“I’m an old lady now Clio, too old to go chasing after a man!” Leslie denied, and my eyebrows rose.
“You’re barely over fifty, I asked Staffey. That’s not too old to begin again, and Staffey doesn’t plan to let you go this time,” I warned, and Leslie’s blush spread.
“He doesn’t?” she asked whimsically, and then her shoulders straightened. “I’m too old! I’m not the young girl Staffey was in love with all those years ago.”
“No but you’re a beautiful, amazing woman, with the biggest hearts I’ve ever met,” I murmured and Leslie’s eyes filled with tears. She reached out and snatched me into a hug and held on tight.