Chance's Hell

Page 38

My eyes widened as I took in how the bra pushed my breasts up, I’d a nice handful, not too large and not too small. But in the bra, they looked massive, and that momentary self-doubt came back. Ruthlessly, I shoved doubt aside, all Chance could do is say no, and if he did that, well, fair’s fair. The high cut French panties hugged my ass and twisting I could see how nice it looked. I’d a plump behind, something Chance loved grabbing hold off when he dove his tongue into me.
Nervously I flew across the bedroom and climbed into bed and snuggled under the covers, despite the heat in the room I had goosebumps through nerves. Unsure, I twisted and turned and tried to find a comfortable but sexy pose and gave up. I wasn’t a seductress, but Chance had liked what he’d seen so far, I plumped the pillows up behind me and waited. It wasn’t a long wait, the door opened minutes after I’d settled, and Chance entered. He gave me a puzzled look and then stopped as I pulled the duvet back and his eyes widened.
“Jesus,” Chance rumbled his eyes raking up and down my body.
“Like it?” I asked shyly, and Chance’s eyes held mine, desire burned and even without knowing I knew Chance was growing hard.
“Goddess,” he started and stopped. Chance coughed to clear his throat and nearly choked as I ran my hands down my body. One hand stopped on my right breast, and I cupped it as his eyes watched me and my other hand hovered above my panties. Chance’s eyes followed that hand as I slipped it between my panties and touched myself. Already, I was aroused, and I moaned as my finger found the taut nub just waiting for release.
Chance was frozen on the spot as I began shyly moving my finger and the heat in his eyes scorched me to the bones. Seconds later, Chance was on the bed ripping his tee over his head. Arrogantly he pushed my finger away before ducking his head and tonguing me through the lace of my panties. I cried aloud and grabbed his head, holding him in place.
Chance didn’t disappoint, his tongue probed and teased, and before long, my panties were soaking wet. My hands held his head in place as my hips frantically moved with his mouth. With a guttural sigh, Chance lifted his head and took my mouth with urgency my hands scrabbled at his belt buckle. With a cry of frustration, I finally got it open and unbuttoned his jeans. My hand slipped in, and together we both let out a cry of relief as my hand grasped Chance and began moving.
“Fuck me, baby,” Chance muttered breaking the kiss. Oh, I planned to do just that, my breasts straining against the fabric of the bra I cupped one of them and squeezed. In response, my body shuddered as I hesitantly touched my nipple. All the while, my other hand remained on his rigid cock. Chance knocked my hand aside, and his mouth latched on to my nipple, and he sucked hard through the lace. My back arched off the bed as Chance lavished attention on it and then swapped to the other. Surprised, when Chance knocked my hand away from his cock, and he dived to the vee between my legs, I gasped. There was a ripping sound, and fresh air hit my lady bits, the sensation making me arch again.
Chance stared before his mouth hit, and he devoured me. I squirmed under him, panting and breathing harshly, my hands scrabbling in the bedcovers. He brought me to the peak and stopped and lifted his head to claim my mouth again.
“Inside me now,” I cried, this time I didn’t want release unless Chance was there with me. Chance’s eye’s flared, and I thought he was going to deny me, but he sprang from the bed and shucked his clothes off, and I drew in a harsh breath. Chance was beautiful, but tonight the hard planes of his body, the ridges of his abs and his cock standing to attention, were even more beautiful. He climbed back on the bed and nestled between my legs, his hand between us playing with my pussy.
Chance’s mouth hotly trailed kisses down my throat, and I couldn’t focus, he’d aroused such feelings I was being overwhelmed. Fingers gave a sharp pinch of my nub, and I spiralled out of control and into an orgasm. I clutched Chance’s bare shoulders as I peaked, and I felt the first bite of pain as he slid his cock into me slowly. Without meaning to, I winced, and Chance paused and let me stretch to accommodate him. The fact I was still coming down from my release helped, I was soaked, and my muscles clenched around him grasping him tightly. Slowly Chance fed himself into me a little at a time until he was fully seated. Nails dug into his back in response to the pain, and I breathed deeply while holding his gaze.
Content to wait until I was comfortable Chance held himself rigid, I moved my hips and Chance reacted, he gasped and grabbed my hips. Slowly he pulled out and thrust back into me, and I wondered at the sensations on my slick walls. Dazed, I could feel every move, every inch of Chance and I wanted more.
“Harder,” I gasped, and Chance moved faster and pushed a little deeper. “Chance harder,” I wailed, and Chance’s control snapped. Holding me tight, he thrust deep into me, causing a cry to fly from my lips, not one of pain but pleasure. A hand slid down to his ass, and I felt it clenching with every thrust Chance made. Both of us were lost to reason now, slaves to the demands of our bodies.
Mine instinctively knew how to react, meeting Chance’s every thrust and clenching tightly around him. The pressure built inside, and I pushed against him, forcing Chance deeper and to take me harder. We exploded at the same time, and I was sure I blacked out, I definitely saw stars. When I came to, Chance was leaning on his forearms, his head buried in my collarbone and beating as harshly as I was.
“Jesus Christ Goddess,” Chance ground out, my muscles twitched around his cock, and he withdrew from me dropping a kiss on my mouth. I was surprised when Chance left me and returned with a cloth in hand. Gently Chance wiped me clean much to my embarrassment and then dropped the cloth on the bedside table and wrapped himself around me. The heat of his body hit, and I cocked a leg over his, pulling Chance’s pelvis against mine.
“It was okay?” I asked, biting my lip and incredulous green eyes stared at me.
“No baby, it was anything, but okay, it was fuckin’ mind-blowing,” Chance murmured. And my newly discovered inner sex kitten purred at his response. I shifted to feel his cock against me, and Chance rumbled before taking my mouth in a deep kiss.
“Again?” I whispered not satisfied with just one bout, I wanted more, I wanted to collapse spent and worn out in this man’s arms. Those green eyes twinkled amused.
“Created a monster,” Chance whispered, kissing me. I shoved Chance onto his back and pushed my pussy against his cock, it was perking up again, and I felt Chance growing hard against my slickness.
“Your monster,” I whispered, leaning down and taking Chance’s mouth this time. Hands came up and cupped my breasts, still contained in the push-up bra.
“Always,” Chance replied as he slid his still hardening cock inside me. Chance tried to roll me back onto my back, and I struggled, and he lay back and let me be on top. Gingerly, I rolled my hips and Chance grasped them, showing me how to move. I clenched my muscles and Chance’s cock shoved deeper into me, and I let my body do what came naturally, and this time I fucked Chance’s brains out.
I awoke the next morning and winced, there was a dull pain between my legs, and I didn’t have to wonder why. Chance and I had made love through the night, five times in total, and it had been hard and fast and slow and torturous. Chance had hammered into me, and I’d taken him twice with me being on top. I wasn’t sure which position I’d liked the best apart from while I was on top Chance let me command the pace and I got power from that.
Chance wasn’t on his side of the bed, and I sat up puzzled, pushing my mess of hair from my face. It felt like a bird’s nest and was knotted from Chance holding my head or my head tossing on the pillows. Whatever the reason, I’d have trouble brushing it today. My eyes landed on the torn panties and bra Chance had ripped from me, and I enjoyed an inner glow that I’d made Chance lose control.
The bedroom door opened as I sat up and the sheets pooled around my waist, baring my breasts to the half-naked man entering. Chance wore his jeans unbuttoned, and I followed the thin, happy trail to where I knew something magnificent was hidden. Chance’s bare chest was on show, and as he turned to shut the door with his foot, I saw scratches down his back and gasped in shock.
“Oh my god, I’ve scarred you!” I cried in horror. Chance turned back and appeared amused.
“Those scars darlin’ are scars worth having. Show’s you were completely mine last night and given over to the pleasure I gave you,” Chance said smugly. I realised he was holding a tray in his hands and Chance carried it over to the bed and I saw a plate full of bacon, sausage, egg and tomatoes. There was a rack of toast, and the coffee I loved, jam and marmalade sat nestled together on the tray. Balancing the tray on its legs, Chance lifted a hand and pushed my hair out of my face.
“How are you feeling?” Chance asked quietly.
“Some pain,” I replied honestly, and Chance nodded.
“Thought so.” Despite Chance’s words I knew he meant nothing wrong by it, Chance meant we’d had lots of sex.