Chance's Hell

Page 50

“Why the fuck would you do this?” I yelled and slapped Maura again. Chance’s arms came around me hard and fast, and I hung in them, panting in anger. Tears formed at the corners of my eyes as fury swept over me.
“You stole my man,” Maura hissed, and Chance snorted.
“Fucked you a few times but didn’t claim you and you fuckin’ thought this was okay?” Chance spat out anger laced so deep into his voice I flinched.
“She’s a whore!” Maura yelled snot and tears making a mess of her face.
“Clio was a victim, and you tried to violate her again,” Chance hissed, and venom crept into his voice.
“Burn them,” I hissed. Would this fucking incident ever leave me alone to move on with my life? It kept creeping back time and time again, I was sick of it, every time I moved on, back it came.
“Goddess, go to our room,” Chance ordered, and I took two steps before stopping and shaking my head.
“No, after what that bitch just tried to do, I deserve to stay,” I refused, and Chance’s eyes met mine. Something dark lurked inside them, and I held my ground.
“Strip the bitch and get a camera,” Chance ordered, and my heart sunk. No, surely Chance didn’t mean what he said! Celt disappeared and returned with a camera. Maura began shrieking and crying again, snot dripping down her face and she wiped it on her arm, Shee yanked her top up baring her breasts in a low-cut bra. Sickened I began to look away, I wouldn’t be a party to this. Just as I went to speak Maura shrieked.
“This is violating me and my rights! You can’t put me on show for everyone to see, you can’t! I’m innocent! Everyone will see me naked, and I’ll have to move!”
“Now you know how Clio felt!” Chance snapped, and Shee yanked Maura’s top back over her head. I relaxed instantly, Chance hadn’t been about to violate Maura, Chance had wanted her to know how it felt, now the bitch did.
“How sickened and violated do you feel Maura? That’s how I feel every fucking time those pictures of the video turn up. I was a victim kidnapped out of my home and subjected to that. How fucking terrified do you feel knowing that no matter how you struggled, you couldn’t have stopped these men as I couldn’t stop my attackers? Want to crawl in a hole and lick your wounds? That’s how I feel that every time I see these images, but I’m strong, I may have been attacked and violated, but they didn’t break me.
You though, you came freaking close to breaking me, a woman subjecting another woman to that? Bet you were fucking cheering today, thinking you’d got one over on me, that you’d shame me and force me to leave Spearfish? Do you think Chance would have crawled back into your bed?He’s mine,I claimed him, Chance belongs to me and I’ll fucking tattoo that across his head if that’s what it takes. Jesus, you make me sick!” I seethed, every negative emotion I’d been bottling up spilling over and striking Maura. Maura’s actions have given me a target, and I wanted to lash out over and over, but my control snapped in, and I stared at her in disgust.
“Should I let Chance do to you what was done to me, one word would be all it takes, and Hellfire would do it. How distasteful is that? To know I now hold power over you, and I can wreck your life just as those assholes attempted to wreck mine. I can spread pictures of you around showing you in horrible positions with men forcing their dicks near your mouth. Have pictures of you plastered around town showing men violating your body and then put a price list underneath saying how much you charge,” I hissed. Maura blanched, her skin losing colour.
“Didn’t know,” Maura whispered, and I thought I saw a momentary decentness in her eyes, but it was gone too quick. I turned my back, and as I did, I caught something that tugged at me.
“Bullshit, how did you get those pictures?” I asked, and Chance snapped to attention. “They’ve been wiped, destroyed, how did you get them?”
“Downloaded them,” Maura whispered.
“No, you didn’t, they’d been wiped by the time we met, you’d never met me so how did you get them?” Maura’s mouth snapped shut. I studied her, really looked at her, that nagging tug happened again and I closed my eyes.
“Clio?” Shee asked, and I shushed him.
“Natalia, you look like Natalia, she’s your sister,” I said after a few minutes of silence while I searched my memories for that niggle. Maura’s lips tightened.
“Who the fuck is Natalia?” Chance bit out.
“Another bitch who lived one floor under me, a drugged-out skank, Natalia hung around Sam,” I said, putting the pieces together. Pissed off vibes nearly suffocated me as I put the last piece in place.
“Clio?” Chance bit out.
“Natalia was always hanging around Tommy and Slimy Sam, she bought her drugs from them, and I’m sure Natalia was screwing them both. She was undesirable, but I think I saw you visit; I’m right aren’t I, you’re sisters. Natalia got the images from Sam so either you or she knows where that asshole is,” I said, and the expression on Maura’s face said I was correct.
“Take her, you know what to do,” Chance ordered, and Celt and Pyro roughly dragged Maura up as she cried crocodile tears again.
“What are you going to do?” I asked when Chance and I was alone.
“Once we get answers, bitch will be escorted to the city limits and told to leave. Maura doesn’t get to pass go and collect her belongings, they’ll be burned or given to charity, she’s got whatever’s in her purse to get her somewhere. She’ll no doubt be able to swap a fuck for passage somewhere,” Chance replied. “You didn’t doubt me?”
“Over what?”
“What I said,” Chance said his voice holding a question.
“At first, I was shocked that you’d contemplate it, even say it, I was about to defend Maura and then I realised that you wouldn’t subject a woman to that. Not even Maura, and what she planned was seriously nasty, you wouldn’t do that. Can’t say I’m a fan of you grabbing her and if you ever raise a hand to me, I’ll cut your balls off.” Chance chuckled and reached out a hand, relieved when I didn’t flinch away.