Chance's Hell

Page 53

“Snap out of it!” Big Al roared punching Chance straight in the jaw. Chance stumbled back and blinked. “Clio needs you, fuckin’ get your head in the game son!”
“Call every ally Hellfire have, as Bear said to flood the roads with bikers, get Nigel on camera feeds. Find us a trail, anythin’, fucker has to be on camera,” Chance said finally moving.
“Satan’s Warriors riding, Rage riding!” Rooster yelled back as Hellfire hit their bikes. Bikes roared off in every direction, and Big Al hung back.
“Use Bluetooth and hands-free, I’ll co-ordinate. Go, the three of you go, I’ll make calls,” Big Al ordered. Chance ran for his bike, heading in a different direction than Rooster and Bear.
“Unwanted Bastards have a sighting, the I90 towards Gillette, they’re giving chase,” Big Al barked down everyone’s ear. Chance gunned the throttle harder, sheer fuckin’ luck he’d headed in this direction. Clio was somewhere ahead of him, and Chance was getting her back, and then he was burying Slimy Sam in the fucking hills.
“Let me go, Sam, Chance will kill you,” I begged, trying to get my hands out from behind me. I hauled myself upright in the seat, but I was sliding about as the twat drove like a maniac to get away from Spearfish. We’d already been driving in circles for two hours, asshole kept pulling over and checking for tails.
“Asshole will kill me anyway, this way you go down bitch,” the idiot yelled back.
“You’re a seriously sick twisted asshole!” I yelled.
“Shut the fuck up!” Slimy Sam screamed, spittle flying from his mouth.
“I’m trying to save your life, you ungrateful asshole,” I hissed.
“And I’m trying to take yours you stupid bitch and this time you’re going to die screaming,” Slimy Sam hissed back.
“Fuck you, won’t be me who dies crying for his mommy!” I snapped. My ears faintly heard bike pipes. Chance was coming! How Chance was going to remove me from the freaking car, I didn’t know, but he was coming, I just had to survive.
“You’ll die screaming one way or another,” Slimy Sam hissed.
“Not before Chance rips your head off and shits down your throat!” I yelled.
“Bitch! You’re going to die begging.”
“I very much doubt that,” I sneered as throttles roared and bikes appeared behind us. The idiot cursed and began wildly swinging the car across one lane and then the other. I slid from one side to the other and let out a resounding shriek.
“Shut up!” Slimy Sam screamed, frothing at the mouth. A bike pulled alongside keeping pace alongside the madly weaving car. I glanced out the window and paused, that wasn’t someone I recognised, a wild-haired bearded biker stared back at me and then grinned. The asshole swung the car, and the biker moved with it again and fell back. I twisted my head and stared at the bike in the lead, it wasn’t Chance or Hellfire, I wondered who the bloody hell was following me.
“Oh, you’re in so much shit, that’s not Hellfire!” I taunted and then the penny dropped. “Oh my god, Chance has called in allies, he’s called other MC’s.” Hysterically, I began laughing as the idiot began cursing even louder. “You are so fucked!” I seethed.
“I’ll put a bullet in your brain right now if you don’t shut up.”
“No, you won’t you’re out, I counted how many shots you fired,” I yelled, all the while crossing my fingers. No, I hadn’t counted the bullets and prayed hard that Slimy Sam wouldn’t test my words. The idiot let out a wordless scream of fury as the biker pulled up close to the car again. The biker motioned with one hand, and I frowned trying to understand what he meant. Finally, I figured out he was asking where my hands were and turned my back and showed him them tied behind me.
The biker’s mouth tightened, and I realised whatever plan the biker had in mind wouldn’t work. He moved his hands in a circle, trying to tell me to move my hands in front of me, and I began wriggling around on the back seat. Slimy Sam kept crazily muttering to himself, and I felt fear seep into me when I saw the gun in his hand. Slimy Sam aimed blindly behind him and fired, and a bullet hit the seat behind me. I bit back a cry of fear and carried on struggling to get my hands in front. As soon as they were free, I slid to the side and tried to find the door release, of course, there wasn’t one.
The biker mimed unwinding the window, and I did, the asshole screamed crazily at me, air swept in, and the car sped up. The blasted idiot was not only trying to ram the biker off the road but also keep me sliding around like a maniac. I hooked my arms over the door and put my head out.
“Can you open the door?” the biker yelled, and I stared in disbelief.
“Are you fucking nuts?” I yelled, and a smile crossed his mouth.
“Let’s say desperate, we try to slow this asshole down, he’ll just run those down in front of him. A bike ain’t nothing against a car, need you to lean out, princess!” the crazy man shouted.
“Not bloody happening!” I screeched as the car wildly swerved across the road. Slimy Sam had completely lost it and was cussing and hollering and shot over his shoulder again. I could have throttled him, but a high-speed crash would no doubt kill me.
“Princess trust me!” the biker shouted as the car aimed at him, and he moved with the vehicle. He raised his arm and dropped it, and several of the bikers chasing after us began moving around the car. I instantly guessed what they were doing, distracting the lunatic driving the vehicle. Slimy Sam’s head began swivelling around as bikes roared past and then hung back.
The fool was losing concentration and taking every single piece of tattered courage I had, I leaned my head and shoulders out of the window. The road was a blur beneath me, and I swallowed rising bile, was I seriously considering doing this? Once again, the idiot slammed the car into another lane, and I squealed as I fell backwards. A string of foul curses left my mouth that made even the biker lift an eyebrow in surprise as he heard them.