Chance's Hell

Page 54

“I’ll kill you!” Slimy Sam raged from the front. Yeah, either way, the asshole meant to kill me, but if I was going to die, it was going to be on my terms.
“Fuck you!” I cursed and leant halfway out of the car. Just don’t look down, I kept repeating and went white as a bump forced me to look down. I squealed in fear as the biker came close and reached out an arm and the car swerved. Sharp reactions saved the biker again and another bike cut in front of the swerving vehicle.
The biker leaned towards me again, and I reached out, and his hand latched onto my arms. His gaze held mine as he came in closer and his arm locked around my torso. Manically screaming, the car swerved, and the biker’s grip loosened. A roar echoed, and bikes swarmed the vehicle. Tears of sheer terror in my eyes, I reached for the biker again, and he locked onto my torso. Curses left my mouth as fear flooded me, and my heart beat crazily in my chest.
“Curl your legs up!” he yelled, and with a heave, he dragged me through the window. My ankles briefly scraped the road, and I was hanging over the bike gazing at the biker’s legs. I screamed loudly and clutched his jeans. A shout of triumph sounded above me, and my heart pounded in my chest, my head was inches from the road, and I closed my eyes. The biker slowed, and we pulled over. Bikes swarmed, protecting us from the squeal of car brakes ahead and the biker pulled over.
Hands grabbed me, and I was swung upwards and back onto my own feet. I stared at the biker in front of me who wore a cut with a patch I recognised. It was the Unwanted Bastards patch, and I stared into the bearded, smiling face of their president.
“You got balls, girl!” he exclaimed, drawing me into a hug and I held onto his cut in desperation. “Chance is minutes out,” he said, and I gasped.
“Prez!” someone screamed, and I was aware of a car’s motor coming increasingly closer. I was shoved roughly to one side as Slimy Sam crashed into the bikers scattering them. The president fell, his body clipping the wing of the car, I screamed and began running, and feet pounded behind me. Rough hands caught me, and a fist hit my face, and then I was once again slung over the back of a bike, and it throttled away from my saviours. The quick glimpse I’d had of the Unwanted Bastards showed half of them running towards their downed president and a few running towards their bikes.
“Chance, Inglorious had Clio, and the asshole ploughed a car into the Unwanted Bastards. Sam’s on two wheels and heading towards Magic, Magic’s been alerted. The Devil’s Damned Disciples are heading straight at him. They hope to force him to stop at Magic’s,” Big Al boomed down the phone as Chance raced towards the Unwanted Bastards. Shouts and arms pointing told him which way to go.
“I’m a minute behind her,” Chance muttered glancing over his shoulder and relaxing slightly when he saw Inglorious rising to his feet. The man hollered something and gave a fist pump, and Chance raised his fist back. He vaguely noted that several of the Unwanted Bastards bikes lay under the wreck of the car.
“Bear and Bone are closest to you, they’re gunning it man, keep going,” Big Al encouraged, and Chance grunted. His heart had been in his mouth during the running commentary that Big Al had patched him into from the Unwanted Bastards VP. Psych, described in detail how Inglorious was attempting to haul Clio from the car. Chance’s stress levels had soared as Psych explained what Inglorious was doing, and then disappeared the second Psych crowed that Inglorious had Clio on his bike.
Chance gunned his bike, leaving Unwanted Bastards behind him in the dust. He heard sirens behind him and sped up. He wasn’t stopping for no-one, he didn’t care what happened to him, Chance just needed to get to his girl. Once Chance had Clio, the cops could do what they wished.
“Chance she’s been spotted near Magic’s Bar, bikers and state police are blocking the road exits, keep going. Sam’ll have to stop at the bar,” Lio’s voice bellowed over a loudspeaker. Chance was momentarily stunned but kept going with the cops behind him, sirens blaring. There was more than one cop car, Chance realised as he glanced behind him. Lio’s unmarked with another unmarked behind that and two black and whites behind them.
Chance saw dust and spied bikers and knew he was catching up with the Unwanted Bastards who’d chased after Clio. He shot past them as they pointed to a distant figure approaching a turnoff, the distant bike swerved and then corrected, and four bikes pulled out behind it. Chance pulled up behind them, and they split to let him through. Four more bikes pulled out in front of the fleeing bike and Chance could now see Clio thrown across the bike, her head inches from the ground. The fucker was being herded, and in desperation, Slimy Sam opened the bike up.
Chance cursed, his bike was flat out and so was those chasing Clio, one slip would be all it took to kill his woman. Falling back was an option, but one Chance didn’t want to consider, if he and the others did, the fucker might escape. The next time he’d see Clio would be in the morgue. If Chance didn’t pull back the bastard might skid off the road, fuck if he knew what was right. Bikes headed towards him in the far distance, the rest of the Devil’s Damned Disciples he guessed. The asshole was blocked in with only one place to go, Chance prayed Magic was in the fuckin’ loop.
The bike skidded under Slimy Sam, and I cried out, I felt my hair catch on the ground, and I waited for my head to bounce off it. I waited in vain as the asshole righted the bike and then tried to take a turn off, bike pipes roared, and Sam swerved and kept going straight on. Sam’s ramblings had become frantic now and bordered on psychotic. He sped along and then suddenly swung into somewhere and skidded to a halt. Slimy Sam was off the bike in seconds and dragging me off with the gun to my head.
Bikes roared in behind us, and I glanced frantically around and then spied Chance. My body relaxed, Chance was here, he’d save me, my faith had no ending in my man. Chance was impassive as he strode towards us and the lunatic holding the gun to my head screamed at Chance.
“Stop before you end up wearing her brains!”
“Let my fuckin’ woman go before you die in the most painful way possible,” Chance growled his own gun out and hanging loosely by his side. Four cop cars with sirens blaring pulled in and Lio and Phil Gold hopped out. Behind them was Bone and seconds later Bear arrived his bike skidding, kicking up a load of dust. Bone and Bear were off their bikes and heading towards Chance with Bear holding a weapon on us.
“Stop there! Stop right fucking there!” the twat yelled.
“Let Clio go,” Chance demanded as the police approached their weapons out and trained on us.
“Drop your weapons,” Slimy Sam screamed the gun digging into my head. “I’ll blast her brains all over this parking lot.” Chance held my eyes, telling me silently not to be afraid. I wasn’t, and I hoped my eyes told him that, I was furious beyond belief and I glanced left to where the gun was and gave a small head jerk. Chance shook his head at once, and instead of ramming my elbow into my kidnapper, I remained still.
“Let Clio go,” Chance growled again. More bikes arrived, and I recognised the Unwanted Bastards with a few Hellfire mixed in. Slimy Sam gazed around, and I smelt fear waft off him. Slimy Sam began dragging me backwards, and I realised where we were, at the bar that Chance had taken me to. I wondered if the giant Magic was inside and hope blossomed, that was probably why Chance was so calm.
My feet scrabbled for purchase as the maniac kicked the door open and dragged me inside the bar. The asshole slapped and pushed me down and jammed a chair under the door. As he turned, I made my move and tried to kick his feet out from under him. Sam stumbled and raised the gun and smiled evilly.
“Any last words bitch?” he asked, aiming.
“Yeah, motherfucker, never hit a woman,” a voice growled, and Slimy Sam spun around, and Magic’s meaty fist hit him square on the jaw. The asshole’s eyes rolled up, but his finger squeezed the trigger, and I screamed. Blood blossomed on Magic’s shirt, and the giant looked down in disbelief before his knee’s crumpled. I didn’t hesitate and dove for the gun as the asshole’s knees slowly gave out. I fired once blindly and didn’t look as I threw the gun in a corner and scrambled across the floor to Magic.
“Hey little darlin’,” Magic muttered as I ripped his shirt open. Blood soaked his chest and flowed from the small bullet hole. Shouting erupted outside, but I didn’t answer as I yanked off my shirt and screwed it into a ball and pressed hard on Magic’s chest. The big man held my eyes as he struggled to stay conscious. There was a smashing of glass as Chance broke a window and barrelled through with Bear behind him. Bear kicked away the chair and police flew in as Chance dropped to his knee’s as he in one glance, took in the scene.
“Need an ambulance, got a wounded man,” he spat at Lio as Lio rushed over and crouched.
“Get a medic kit,” Lio yelled at an officer running through the door. The officer turned on his heels and bolted back out again, returning a few seconds later with a medical kit.