Chance's Hell

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Chance Michaelson. DOB 1973. Chance is the Hellfire President. His father started Hellfire. Chance looks like Tim McGraw, and he is Drake’s older cousin. They were brought up together and are as close as brothers. They both fought to get their clubs clean from the filth that infected them. There are a lot of comments that Chance and Drake could be twins. Chance is very protective of Phoenix and loves her without reservation.
Chance is six foot four and projects a deceptive leanness, in fact, he has a broad chest and shoulders that are muscled, not massive like a wrestler but clear muscle definition. He’s lean hipped and long-legged, and Chance’s hair is shaved the sides, and the top is long and tied back in a ponytail. He has sharp, bright green eyes with laughter lines. Chance has a neat goatee the same colour of his hair, which is a brown so dark it looks black sometimes.
Bear. Bear is the Hellfire VP. Chance lets it slip to Drake that Bear has a dead sister. Phoenix calls him Bearbear. Bear loves his food.
Diesel. Diesel is Hellfire’s Sergeant at arms. He buys and flips houses, putting a quarter of his profit into the Hellfire coffers. Diesel, a quiet man who speaks when he has something to say, he’d once had an old lady, who split from him during the fight to get the club clean.
Big Al.Al is Hellfire’s Chaplin. He has an old lady called Tatianna and owns a pawnbroker. Al is the only First Gen left and is over twenty years older than Tati.
Rooster.Rooster is Hellfire’s Secretary and handles their money. He has three kids, three sons but isn’t with their mother, and he has custody of them.
Tiny.Tiny is an enforcer for Hellfire. Tiny is sullen and quiet, but with reason, his mother was murdered by his father, and he hates women being abused. He owns a gym.
Banshee.Shee is an enforcer for Hellfire. Shee buys houses and rents them out, he also loves shopping for women. He had a woman who disappeared with his kid, and he’s never found them. Shee has been searching for four years.
Chatter.Chatter had witnessed his girl gunned down in front of him when Hellfire took their club back from the evil men who’d infested it. He works on the car designs.
Pyro.Pyro is the clown, but he hides a secret pain, his brother and sister had got into drugs and are both dead. Pyro works on car designs.
Levi.Levipaints pictures of landscapes. He has darkness in his past and sometimes disappears for a few weeks, no one knows what he does during that time. Levi also does tattoos.
Shotgun.Shotgun makes leatherware. He came from ‘the wrong side of the tracks’, and looks after his grandmother, who most of the club were fond of. He learnt leatherware from his grandfather.
Celt.Celt has been betrayed not once but twice by a woman and sees women as a release and nothing else. The only ones Celt treats with respect and decency are Phoe and Tati. He’d been brought up by an uncle who taught Celt glass blowing and then turned his back on him.
Road Kill.Road Kill was meant to dispose of Phoenix’s ex-husband’s body, his failure to make sure he was dead led to Phoenix being kidnapped. He was a prospect and was removed from the club.
Smokey. Smokey has just become a prospect. He’s called Smokey because he was always on a grill smoking ribs or something. He is a tattoo artist.
Bone. He’s called Bone because he was like a dog with a bone when he’s got a project in his head for a car design, he’s just become a prospect.
Fanatic. He’s a prospect and called Fanatic because he’s like Bone. He is apparently the worse out of the lot of them for picking on the finest detail in a car design and making it perfect.
Slaughter. Has just become a prospect and is called Slaughter because he once worked in a butcher.
Wraith.He’s called Wraith because as big as he was, the man moved like a ghost and has become a prospect. He’s a tattoo artist.
Hellfire Old Ladies
Tati.Tati is roughly five foot eight, with a vast Dolly Parton bust and a tiny waist and flaring hips. She has blond hair that’s teased out around her face, and kind, steady clear blue eyes. There were a few lines around them, and a smattering of freckles on her nose, Tatianna is aged mid to late thirty’s. She has a generous mouth and is attractive. Tati is friendly and excitable, and over the moon there is another old lady. She loves shopping and spending money.
Clio.She has long, silky brown hair that hangs to her waist in a straight sheet, and a flawless peaches and cream complexion. She has a rosebud mouth and large wide grey eyes framed with long lashes. Clio has a slender frame but with a rounded ass and a bust that promises a handful. Clio has no one in the world and was an orphan. She’s kind and generous and is five foot three inches tall. She spent her life in foster homes and from seven to thirteen, Staffey raised her. Clio calls Staffey her father. Staffey adopts her in Chance’s Hell, aged twenty-four. She co-owns a tearoom with Leslie and Hellfire.
Rage MC
Drake Michaelson.DOB. 1975. His father started Rage MC and died before Drake was old enough to become President. He became VP and then in a hostile takeover became President. Phoenix thinks he looks like Tim McGraw with longer hair. Drake had a leanness to him but has well-defined muscles and broad shoulders. Drake sports dark brown eyes with laughter lines. He’s six foot four. In March 2015 his son, Dante Chance Michaelson was born. Drake considers Detective Antonio Ramirez and PI Dylan Hawthorne close friends.
Ace. DOB 1983. Ace is Drake’s VP. He’s described as looking like a young Lou Diamond Philips. Like his father, he is Native American. Ace has bright green eyes and is six foot two. He is described much the same as his father, absolutely stunning with gorgeous, high cheekbones and raven black hair that hangs past his shoulders. Ace was in love with Kayleigh Mitchell and thought she’d left him. Ace discovers that Kayleigh hadn’t left him but had been tortured and left for dead. He has two children Nova and Falcon.
Lowrider.DOB 1984. He has ebony hair shaved short at the sides and longer on top. A roman nose and full lips, he has blue eyes. Lowrider has a tattoo of black flames that crawls up his throat. He’s six foot three of lean powerful muscle and tanned. Lowrider had a friend, Tammi who was shot in front of him when she was sixteen, Lowrider has never forgotten it. He Looks like Colin Farrell. Lowrider’s actual name is Nathan Miller. Lowrider is a mechanic and makes builds from scratch.
Ezra. DOB 1979. His parents died when he was 16 in a house fire. His aunt and uncle didn’t want him, and he ended up on the streets. He has a younger sister called Lindsey who seeks him out. He has brown eyes, is tall and has shaggy dark hair. Ezra’s a broad-shouldered man with a deep, broad chest, beautiful bone structure and a neatly trimmed goatee. He is ten years older than Lindsey. He looks like Robert Downey Junior and owns a landscaping company which is in high demand.
Axel.DOB 1951. Axel was one of the founders of the club. He is the Chaplin of the MC. The Chaplin’s role is to look after Rage’s spiritual needs. Axel makes sure they have their heads on straight and holds the marriages and deaths. He has blue eyes, and he is heavily bearded and very loud, and built like a mountain. Axel has wild hair which hangs to his shoulders. He disappears in The Hunters Rage, there is mention of his messed-up kids, and Axel has gone to resolve an issue with them. He returns at the end of The Rage of Reading to marry Sin and Jett. Axel is six foot six with a salt and pepper beard.
Phoenix.DOB 1979. Drake’s old lady. She is English and left England to escape an abusive relationship. Phoe has five children she gave birth to and adopted eleven. She is exceedingly well off and runs three National Charities. The Phoenix Trust, the Rebirth Trust and the Eternal Trust. She has been married twice, the first husband died and her second was a bigamist. Phoe has long blond and green-eyed and is five foot tall. She met Hellfire MC first and is loyal to them.
Artemis aka Kayleigh Mitchell. She has red curly hair, green eyes, she’s small, dainty and muscled. She was born in 1987. Heart-shaped pixie face full lips. Kayleigh was taken in by Master Hoshi, and out of her alleged death, Artemis arose. She’s a famous bounty hunter and runs a team who operated under the name Artemis. She was part of a group called Revenge before she left and became Artemis group. The Artemis Group became the Juno Group when she went legal with her efforts. She has combat skills and has killed many times.