Chance's Hell

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Delicious as Hell Tearoom.
Clarice.Clarice has sadly been recently widowed, and her only son is an awful person, and greedy, he wanted Clarice to give him her husband’s insurance. She moved to Spearfish with her niece Anita, and they are both friends of Penny’s. She specialises in English comfort food. Clarice is a thin, woman with reddened cheeks and a ready smile.
Anita.She’s been baking at her Aunt Clarice’s side since she was little. She’s accompanied her Aunt to Spearfish and plans to make a life here. Anita is a merry, bubbly young woman, with a rounded figure and a contagious laugh.
Eddie.A fifty-year-old man who’d worked for many years in England in cafés and restaurants.
Zoey.Zoey worked as a server at Benny’s and now works for the tearooms. She has Tuesday and Wednesday off and does the middle shifts.
Carla.Carla was a server at Benny’s and now works at the tearoom, she has Sunday and Monday off and does the early shifts,
Kris.Kris worked at Benny’s, and when Benny’s shut, he became the manager at the tearoom. He’s roughly the same age as Clio and is a quiet, dignified man.
Tania.Tania worked at Benny’s and now works the late shifts at the tearooms and has Sunday and Monday off.
Vinnie.Prep chef.
Duncan.The older brother of Douglas, barista.
Douglas.The younger brother of Duncan, barista.
Other MC’s.
Satans Warriors.
The Devils Scythe.
Unwanted Bastards.
Inglorious. He’s the president of the MC and was involved in Clio’s rescue. He got hit by Slimy Sam driving a car at him after Inglorious rescued Clio.
Psych. He’s the Unwanted Bastards VP and was involved in Clio’s rescue.
Devil’s Damned Disciples.
Jailbait. President.
Fallen Warriors.They are an MC entirely made up of military men.