Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

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“Enough.” Tank reached out and pulled at the woman’s ear as if she were an ill-mannered child. “Slave, do you think I should punish you for that outburst to our new guest?”
The woman closed her eyes and nodded. “Yes, Master.”
Tank let go of her ear and started stroking her hair. “Sit and be quiet for now. You’ll get what you deserve soon.”
The woman’s lower lip jutted out. “Yes, Master.”
Jessie wondered if she was disappointed that he hadn’t delivered some kind of instant disciplinary action.
The bouncer looked at Denver as if to apologize. “Lani’s not normally such a bratty sub.”
Jessie’s date for the evening just shrugged.
“So, is your tourist going to sign or not, Wilde?”
Tourist? Must’ve been another term for visitor. Jessie smiled. “Yes I am, Tank. Right? I am going to sign the papers.”
Tank looked her up and down. “Nice one you’ve got there, Wilde.”
In a flash, Denver turned her so that now she faced him. His harsh glare made her tremble. “I thought I made it clear to you in the truck that you were not to speak to anyone unless I gave you permission.” There was no hiding his anger.
She felt her cheeks burn. “Yes, Sir. You did.”
“Don’t forget again. Sign the papers and we go in. If you don’t, we leave. This is your last chance.”
The smart thing to do would be to turn around and head to his truck, hell, maybe even the right thing. Didn’t matter. She wanted to see inside, needed to see. And refusing him wasn’t something she wanted to try. Jessie scrawled her name on the signature page.
Denver nodded, took the papers from her, and gave them to Tank.
The Masters’ Chambers gatekeeper asked him, “What keys do you need?”
“Just the main key.”
Tank pushed the key forward.
Denver took it and guided her to the door behind the desk. The woman on the floor didn’t look up, but Jessie noticed her lick her lips.
There’s no turning back now. Well, not unless I say my safe word. That settled Jessie’s nerves a bit.
Her cowboy guide unlocked the door, and they entered a twisting hallway. He pulled the door closed behind them and put his arm back around her. “Let me show you what The Masters’ Chambers is all about.”
As they moved forward, the dark, sensual music bouncing off the walls grew louder. The erotic scream from a female from behind another door they were approaching had Jessie jumping, but it didn’t seem to have any impact on Denver.
She trembled, and he halted their progression forward.
In an assuring tone, he said, “We don’t have to do this tonight.”
“Please, Sir. I want to see for myself what’s going on.”
“God, you’re something else. Fine. But the second I think you’ve seen enough, we’re leaving. Understand?”
His possessiveness and command comforted her. She leaned into him and answered, “Yes, Sir.”
He opened the door and pulled her in even tighter. They walked forward side by side. Her eyes widened in amazement at the first thing she saw.
A man was wielding a whip. He was on a large stage with a naked woman chained to a trapeze bar ab
ove her head. She was gagged and blindfolded. There were a group of ten men and women sitting in folding chairs looking intently at what was occurring on the stage.