Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

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“Sugar, that’s a demonstration by one of the resident Doms.” Denver’s words were just loud enough for her alone to hear in the clatter of the club.
The instructor lovingly kissed the woman on the cheek, and then turned back to the audience. “Any Master who wants to incorporate the single tail with a sub must practice very diligently before attempting to use it.”
Jessie whispered, “Sir, where are all these people from? There are more people in here than can possibly live in Wilde.”
“It’s the second biggest money maker next to the mine around here. Members come from everywhere. We’ve even had people from around the globe, including dignitaries.”
That shocked her. “Who owns the club?”
Denver’s face darkened.
Her gut clenched. She knew her mistake was not addressing him with his title. “I mean, who owns the club, Sir?”
A faint smile creased his cheek. “You’re a fast learner, sugar. Actually, Austin founded the place five years ago. Dads put up the funds, but he paid it back to them in less than eighteen months. It’s been making money ever since.”
Though she’d only met Austin once, she believed that he’d likely built the club less for the money and more for his own use. She looked around for the eldest Wilde brother but didn’t find him. She was glad. She needed Denver’s training before attempting time with Austin.
Jessie leaned into Denver. “Sir, please show me more.”
He nodded and led her to the right, to smaller platforms that looked like minisets for a play. One looked like a doctor’s exam room. The other could’ve passed for a medieval dungeon.
“These are used by members for public demonstrations and training.” He pointed to the trio in the medical scene. Two women in skintight black latex paddled a naked man on the exam table. “Does that surprise you, sugar?”
“Yes, Sir. A bit.” Jessie’s pussy dampened when she saw the look of pure pleasure on the man’s face as the women continued slapping his ass with the rubber club.
“Dominance comes in both genders as does submission.”
“Do you ever like women to be dominant in the bedroom, Sir?” she asked, hoping he didn’t.
“Not my thing, but there’s all kinds of kink tried between these walls. As long as protocols are followed, the club doesn’t give a damn what happens between consenting adults. Neither do I.”
As if on cue, they came to the next stage where an interracial gay couple was getting ready for some play. She was intrigued and stood watching them for several minutes. The white guy wore a collar and black shorts, but nothing else. He was on his knees. The black man wore leather boots, blue jeans, and a black T-shirt with one word in white lettering. “Dom.” Both were sexy as hell.
Denver’s gaze didn’t leave her. “Master Burke and Ray, his sub.”
A small crowd gathered for the demo that the two gay men were about to give. Ready to see more, she looked up at Denver, imploring him to continue the tour.
He nodded and led her away.
“What’s that for, Sir?” she asked, pointing to a cage in the center of the room.
“Do you see the people dressed in white?”
She spotted two massive men wearing all white, who looked like they could lift a bull over their heads with one hand. “Yes, Sir. I see them.”
“We call them angels. They’re the club’s bouncers. Every Dom who is a member here agrees to submit to the rules. If they don’t and an angel witnesses an infraction, the offending member is sent to the cage if the violation is not too egregious. If it is, they can be banned from the club for a week, a month, a year, or even for life, depending how serious the offense is.”
“That happens?”
“Rarely. To become a member requires some hurdles to clear. Most have been through training provided by senior club members or resident Doms. Some come through references.”
“So, someone can’t just walk in here and start whipping on a girl.”
He laughed. “Jessie, The Masters’ Chambers is very exclusive. We like our place. No one is going to fuck it up. If they try, they won’t be welcome here again.”
He guided her through another hallway. There were several closed doors on both walls. On each door was a number. Jessie thought about trying one of the handles, but she was sure they were all locked. Tank had asked Denver if he needed any other keys, but he’d declined. Did Denver mean to splay her out on one of the stages for everyone to see? Fear and a stabbing heat shot thorough her. Even with the powerful need awakened inside her, she wasn’t sure she would be ready for that.
A door on the left opened, and a man walked out wearing a brown uniform. On the lapel in black letters were the words “Dog Catcher.” In his right hand he had a large net. In his left hand he held a leash that was attached to a woman dressed as a…dog? Jessie’s jaw dropped.