Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 4

The man tugged at the leash. “Wilde.”
When the odd couple were out of earshot, Jessie asked, “What were they doing, Sir?”
“Puppy play.” He moved her forward to the large room past the hallway of doors.
She took a hard breath. What the hell have I gotten myself into? “Sir, I–I couldn’t—”
He laughed. “We’ll never do anything like that, sugar. Again, not my style.”
As Denver continued the tour of the club, Jessie was amazed at how large it really was. This second public room was more like a nightclub, though the people on the dance floor were doing a lot more than dancing. The lasers shot through the room, and the music blaring from hidden speakers vibrated against Jessie’s skin. In one corner, a naked woman had two men scrubbing her with wash clothes in a fully exposed shower. A crowd stood around the half wall taking in the steam the three created.
In the opposite corner, a man placed clamps on the nipples of another nude female who was chained to the wooden X. Unable to look away, Jessie watched him shove a dildo into her pussy. The woman’s lusty scream could be heard over the music for a moment. Jessie squirmed, wondering how the woman felt being so controlled and exposed. Her mind twirled that single thought like a quarter in a gambler’s fingers. What would it feel like to submit to Denver on one of the club’s stages? The more she toyed with the idea, the more her insides melted with arousal.
“So, what else do you have in store for me, Sir?” she asked shakily.
“Don’t you worry about that.”
She looked around the room. The women were exceptional. Great figures. She couldn’t compete with them. Perhaps Denver liked sharing her with his brothers, but now that he was alone with her, he didn’t care to move things forward. Was he only pacifying her with this tour?
As if reading her mind, he grabbed her hand and placed it on his crotch. She felt his cock swelling under the leather. “You’re perfect. Don’t doubt that.”
She bit her lip. “Could I have a drink, Sir? I think I need some courage.”
He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in tight. “You don’t need courage. You’ve got buckets full of that. Also, there’s no liquor on premises. Juice and water only.”
“That seems odd.”
“Not really, sweetheart. Strict rules are enforced about conduct here. No drugs. No alcohol. Everyone is here willingly. Besides, dominance and submission is about getting to a state where your mind and body merge. Awareness is a key component.”
“I think I’ve got a lot to learn.”
“You do. And I’m glad to be your teacher.”
“Then may I have some water, Sir?”
One of the club’s male angels walked by and looked at her and Denver, and then he raised an eyebrow before moving on.
“What was that about, Sir?”
“You’re the first tourist I’ve ever brought to the club.”
“What’s a tourist? The guy at the front called me that earlier.”
“Someone who is a guest of the club but is only here to observe.”
Instantly disappointed, Jessie pushed her lower lip out. “B–but—”
“You’re not ready for the stage, sugar. Not tonight. But I do have plans for you later.”
“Please, Sir.”
In clear view of the couple just passing them, Denver pinched her nipples through her shirt. She closed her eyes, enjoying the tiny sting. Her pussy ached, soaking her panties.
He released her bits of flesh and pulled her in tight. “I’m in charge. Don’t forget that, Jessie.”
* * * *