Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

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Chapter One
Denver Wilde placed his hand on top of hers, causing a shiver to run down Jessie’s spine. His large, manly fingers made hers look so tiny and delicate. He wore a gray cowboy hat over his smooth black hair. The blue T-shirt and Levi’s he sported were just snug enough to show off his mouth-watering, rock-solid muscles underneath the fabric. God, he was handsome even with the scar that ran from his ear down his cheek, ending at the line of his jaw. She considered questioning him about how he came by it but decided it was best to wait to ask after she got to know him a bit better. Besides, her mind was fixed on where they were going.
She sat next to him in his truck as they sped down the road. They were just minutes from arriving at the sex club, The Masters’ Chambers, which was located twenty miles outside of Wilde, Nevada in the opposite direction of the mine.
Denver hadn’t said a single word since they’d left her hotel. This was the first time she’d been alone with him, and unease and excitement took hold of her.
Her heart hammered in her chest. “How much longer?”
“Almost there.” His voice rolled out his mouth like a growl from a lion.
Denver was different from his brothers. Where Jackson was fun-loving, he was much more serious. Where Phoenix skillfully worked his seduction techniques, he seemed to expect a woman to swoon. Jessie sure as hell felt like she was swooning for him already, but perhaps it was just the excitement about their destination tonight. Probably a little of both.
As Denver drove through the lot searching for a spot, she glanced over at him. She shivered. Where Dallas was an open book, this cowboy was a mystery and guarded. She really shouldn’t be attracted to such a man, but damn it, she was. And that was a good thing given the reason she was with him tonight.
Denver turned left off the narrow country road through an open gate onto property clearly marked private. The driveway looked like a black ribbon through a narrow canyon. The jagged rock faces and curve of the road kept her from seeing any buildings or signs of life.
“Do you think there will be a crowd?”
Denver raised an eyebrow but didn’t answer.
Jessie’s nerves were getting the best of her. She’d actually been the one to request the trip to the club. Had that been a mistake? He’d seemed amazed at her insistence to be taken to The Masters’ Chambers. Or was she misreading him? Likely. Still, she really did want to see for herself what the place was all about. She’d learned that the Wilde brothers visited the sex club from time to time, and the eldest brother nearly lived there. I have to stop being so wishy-washy. I’ve come this far already. I’m not turning back now. She nodded to herself in an effort to shore up her resolve, but her hands kept shaking in her lap.
The driveway curved and gently opened up to a well-lit parking lot that gave the answer about how busy the place would be. Around the large imposing building were vehicles common to rural Nevada, but she also spotted a fair share of Beemers, Ferraris, Maseratis, Mercedes, Porsches, and even a couple of Rolls-Royces. Like a warning sign, the sky rolled with dark clouds, hiding the moon and stars. She stiffened. Was she making a
mistake coming to The Masters’ Chambers? Sure, she was more than a little intrigued, but the old proverb about curiosity killing the cat might’ve been worth considering.
“There sure are a lot of people here.” Jessie bit her lip.
“Yep.” Single word answers suited him.
She looked down at her outfit that had taken her forever to choose. The black jeans did a poor job of camouflaging her too-big hips, and the black top seemed tighter than it had been at the hotel.
“You sure I look okay for the club? Perhaps I should come back after I shed a few pounds.”
He chained her with a piercing stare. After a full minute, he said, “Gorgeous.”
She felt heat spread through her cheeks, her chest, and down into her pussy. God, if he asked to spread my legs here in the parking lot, I doubt I could resist. She shook her head to rein in her wanton thoughts.
He touched her thigh. “Ready?”
She tried to chuckle, but it came out more like a choke. Denver didn’t look away. He wasn’t taking that as an answer.
Trying to calm herself, she inhaled deeply and got a whiff of his scent of new leather and spice which only made her even more jittery and turned on. Denver had shared her with three of his brothers, but he’d never thrust his cock inside her. Would tonight at the club be the time he’d change all that?
Jessie gulped a big lungful of air before answering. “I think so.”
“Not good enough.” He cupped her chin and put his other hand on the back of her neck so she couldn’t look away. “You’re either ready or you’re not. Which is it?”
His force of will was like unbending steel that only made her want him more. “I’m a little a nervous, yes. What woman wouldn’t be? I’m still not sure if I could ever win over your brother Austin or if I even want to try. But if I am ever going to understand him, I need to see what’s going on inside this club.”
“Good.” He leaned in and pressed his sexy mouth to hers. His tongue darted past her lips, and she began to glide to a delicious state of arousal. Her insides warmed as her nerves jumped. When he pulled back, she felt wonderfully dizzy and completely needy.
“For the rest of the night you will address me as Sir. You will stay next to me. You will not talk to anyone unless I give permission. If you feel like you need to leave the club, say your safe word. You are free to ask any questions you want, but only to me. Be discreet when you ask so that no one hears but me. Understand?”
Alaska was the word she’d chosen and kept since her first time at the tree. “Yes, Sir.”
He smiled, and his pale, unblinking blue eyes glistened. “Excellent.”
Denver got out of the truck, came around the front, and opened her door. Putting his arm around her shoulders, he guided her to the front of the building.
They walked through the two large black doors and entered a small room with slate floors, dark walls, and an oak desk with what must’ve been the club’s receptionist. She feigned a weak smile at the man. His scowl, shaved head, muscles, and tats filling up both his arms promised to deliver swift and painful action should someone misbehave. He wore a leather vest but no shirt.
Denver nodded to the guy. “Tank.”
“Wilde.” The man intimidated her with his lusty steel-gray eyes. “Tourist?”
Tank opened a drawer and brought out some papers and a pen, sliding them over to Denver.
“Read these.” Denver ordered in a domineering tone she’d heard hints of before but not full on like this. She should’ve been pissed by such arrogance, but instead it worked like a switch inside her body, turning on some latent desires she’d felt before.
“Yes, Sir.” Shivering, she took the papers and pen and began reading.
The title at the top told her where she stood. Single-Visit Release. The details were very clear. The visitor agreed to all the rules and regulations of the club. Additionally, they were required to remain with their member-escort at all times. There were other legalese sections that she quickly scanned without giving them too much attention.
“Do you understand what signing means, Jessie?” Denver asked.
A giggle at Tank’s feet startled her.
A woman knelt on the floor at the man’s feet. Jessie wasn’t sure how she’d not noticed the woman the moment they’d walked into the reception area. Likely, nerves had been the reason.
Jessie couldn’t help but stare at the woman. She wore a red latex tube top that was held together with a metal O-ring in the front of her chest and a fringed mini skirt with a wide black belt. On her wrists and ankles were shackles.
The woman winked at Jessie as if to say, “You’re about to jump down the rabbit hole, and I bet you won’t ever come back out.”