Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 6

“You Wilde brothers never cease to amaze me. I want to hear something.”
He pointed to the lone sofa. “Sit.”
She saluted. “Yes, Sir.”
Denver strapped on a black electric guitar and plugged it in to an amp. He stepped up to one of the microphones. He started with Guns N’ Roses’s “Sweet Child of Mine” and bowled her over. He didn’t just play guitar. He sang, and his voice melted her like butter. For over thirty minutes he performed a solo concert just for her, covering the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chris Daughtry, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, and more. Each lyric got her vibrating with desire. The last tune, Bon Jovi’s song about strangers becoming lovers, undid her. Her panties were completely soaked.
Denver clicked the mic off and unplugged the guitar, but his gaze never left her. She shivered at the intensity of his stare. He didn’t say a word but lifted her up in his arms. She leaned into his chest. Her body had been buzzing all night, and now, the cowboy would quench her thirst.
He carried her into his bedroom. Unlike the other rooms, this was much less formal. The bed was massive and comfy looking. He placed her on the bed and stripped her clothing off her body. She looked up at the man, and a tingle shot through her, recalling the gift of music he’d given her. Methodically, he removed his clothes and placed them neatly by the bed. His muscles made her mouth water. She believed that his stomach’s six-pack had come not from some gym but from time in the mine and on the ranch. Hard labor never looked sexier on any man.
He crawled up on top of her, and she could feel his long, hard cock slide against her pussy’s folds. A gasp left her mouth. He brushed the hair away from her face. Was she crazy to even consider the Wilde brothers’ suggestion of a permanent relationship? She’d fallen for three of them, and now, she was losing herself to another one. Denver. God, she needed his touch, despite how insane it might be.
He moved to the side, and she instantly missed the feel of his dick against her pussy. Thankfully, he pressed it into her thigh, as if to remind her of what was to come. One of his hands traced her jaw, and the other skimmed over her pebbling nipples. Urges exploded inside her. He wanted her, and that was enough. For now.
“Thank you, Denver.”
He squeezed her nipple, and a sweet dizziness took hold of her. He commanded, “Call me Sir.”
She inhaled deeply, surrendering to his control. “Yes, Sir.”
His rough hand slid down the flat of her stomach. “You ready for your lesson, sugar?”
Completely turned on and ready to surrender, she nodded.
His fingers danced over her skin, raising gooseflesh all over her. He moved his hand down and down until he reached her clit, igniting a fire inside her depths.
“Thank you, Sir.” Wickedly, she silently let her lips mouth his name.
“I saw that, sugar. I think you meant for me to see that, didn’t you?”
She lied, “No, Sir.”
“Naughty girl. You must be punished for not being honest with me.” He rolled her on her stomach and slapped her ass with his open hand.
The little sting felt wonderful. His power and skill called to her. Three more slaps to her ass had her damp with desire. He guided her so that now they were facing each other, and he kissed her like a man branding his property. The demand on his lips could not be missed. He wasn’t asking for her submission. He was demanding it, expecting it, and would not rest until he got it. When his tongue danced with hers, her body got soft and hot at the same time. Her toes curled, and her body quaked.
He leaned down and sucked on her breast, and her back arched off the bed.
Denver suddenly pulled away, his commanding gaze holding her still. “Jessie, you’re mine. Every inch of you is mine. Your silky hair.” He threaded his hands through her locks. “Your lush lips.” He kissed her, and she thought she might swoon. “Your delicious breasts.” He dove down and sucked on each of them. “That pretty, tight cunt is mine.” He circled her clit with his thumb, causing a groan to escape past her lips.
Her body warmed with a need to surrender and to be filled by this cowboy.
“Sweetheart, you don’t come.” His deep, hungry voice rocked her insides. “Not until I say. Understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” Hoping to tempt him, she spread her legs a little wider.
He growled. “Nice try, but you’re not running this rodeo, sugar. I am. Grab my cock.”
She obeyed instantly, desiring to please him. His shaft vibrated in her hand.
“Stroke me good.”
She gripped his cock and pumped fast. “Like this, Sir.”
“Perfect.” His low tone let her know that she was pleasing him.
He licked her neck, and tingles shot down her spine. She moved her thumb over the head of his dick and felt the pre-slickness oozing from the tip.