Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

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“Enough.” He forced her hand off his dick and then dove down between her thighs.
He lifted her legs and draped them o
ver his shoulders. Next, he cupped her ass. He sent his hot breath across her pussy’s flesh, causing her to violently shake with desire. Finally, his hungry mouth lapped at her swollen, wet folds, making her crazed with even more wantonness. When his tongue touched her clit, she lost it and began pounding the bed with her fists. He spread her ass cheeks with his hands, and then teased her backside entrance.
He bathed her pussy with his tongue until the room began to spin.
“P–Please, Sir. I need to come!”
From between her legs, she heard him say, “Not yet. You can hold on a little longer.”
“I d–don’t think I–I...” The edge of release clawed at her insides.
“You can and you will. Don’t disobey me.”
His words fortified her somehow, and she held on. “Yes, Sir.”
Denver removed her legs from his shoulders, and put on a condom. Then he moved up her body. His dick was once again pressing against her pussy, and she loved it.
“God, you’re something, sugar. You want me inside you?”
This cowboy knew how to make her squirm, and she enjoyed every second of it. “Yes, Sir.”
“You’ve earned it.” He sent his dick into her pussy, filling her channel to the max, possessing her completely. When he was all the way in, he began pumping his cock into her over and over.
Jessie bit her lip, holding back the gasps. She shook violently as he pounded faster and faster into her pussy.
“Such a tight cunt.” His eyes were wide and intense.
Her channel vibrated, squeezing his stabbing cock. This wasn’t like any time before. This was primal and explosive. He made it that way. Pushing her to hold back her orgasm was taking her to new heights of sexual pleasure she’d not known possible. He’d done that for her, and that made her crave him all the more.
Her juices stirred inside her, and she prayed he would let her have her release. He’d stirred up such passion in her that if he didn’t allow her soon, she thought she might lose her mind.
He seemed to be able to read her mind when he said, “Sugar, you want to come now?”
She nodded. The crashing waves inside her rose higher and higher.
“Then do it. Come for me.”
Her orgasm exploded like fireworks. “Y–Yes, Sir!”
Everything shook inside her, and she had to nearly fight for air. Denver had made a meal out of her, and she loved serving him.
Chapter Three
“I’ll be back in at seven, sweetheart.” Denver smiled in the hallway outside Jessie’s hotel room.
She was still buzzing from spending last night in his embrace. After a little prodding by her before they left his house, he’d sung several songs with hard-rock roots and dirty electric guitar riffs. Such talent amazed and magnetized her.
“I’ll be ready.”
They were going back to The Masters’ Chambers tonight. He’d bought her an outfit that he wanted her to wear. The plaid skirt and white top made her wonder if he had some kind of role-playing in mind for her. She’d asked if this evening’s activities at the sex club were more than just a tour. He’d refused to answer, but told her to wait and see.
Denver leaned in and kissed her. This cowboy devastated her in the best of ways. “I’m proud of you, sugar.”
I surrender, Sir. “Thank you, Denver.”
He closed the door, leaving her alone in her hotel room. Another Wilde brother, Denver the musician, had taken her on a ride that hit every passionate button inside her. Why was she falling so hard and so quickly for not just one but four men? Next time she saw her dad, she’d have to ask him if insanity ran in the family.