Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 9

“Nothing. Austin never blew the whistle on them.”
“How do you know about this? You probably weren’t even born yet.”
“Paul told me on one of his rants about how he was going to win me over. He threatened to tie me to a tree like he’d done with Austin until I finally submitted to him.”
“That’s the right word for him.”
“He’s gotten away with too much, Sam. He’s dangerous, and you need to expose him.”
“Please. No. You don’t know Wilde like I do. I know what I’m doing. Please don’t tell the brothers. I beg you.”
Reluctantly, Jessie nodded. “Okay. But you have to promise me that if he calls you or anything else, you will let me know.”
“I promise. I don’t think he’ll be coming around after today.” Samantha laughed. “Did you see his face after I busted his balls? Priceless.”
Jessie smiled. “You got him good. I just hope he got the message.”
“He did. Sure, today he went overboard, but he really is pretty harmless.”
“Does his wife know about any of this?”
“No. She’s so sweet, but a bit of an airhead.”
The back door opened, and Jessie jumped. She looked back at Samantha, who was again wielding the knife.
A guy dressed in a brown uniform walked in. He was holding a clipboard. “Hi, Sam. Where’s your mom?”
“She had to go to Elko.” Sam put the knife back on the counter. “I thought you weren’t going to be here until late.”
“This is the new time for the delivery. Crap. I need your mom’s signature to unload your order.”
“No prob. Give me your papers.”
The man handed her the clipboard.
“Here’s the only place you need her signature?” Samantha pointed to the paper.
“Yep. You know how to sign her name?” He raised an eyebrow. “It’s gotta be perfect, Sam. I could get in real trouble from the boss if the home office notices.”
“Trust me.” Samantha went to a desk in the far corner with a computer, a fax machine, a scanner, and a phone. Jessie watched her place the paper on the glass of the scanner and punch the green button. Samantha then typed on the computer and brought up the digitized copy of the sheet. She clicked on some folders on the desktop. And in less than five seconds she had pasted a digital copy of her mother’s signature on the bottom line of the invoice. She hit Print. And five seconds later a copy of the paper with Norma’s signature appeared.
Sam handed the sheet to him. “That work for you?”
“Sure does. I’ll get started right away.” The guy exited the kitchen.
Jessie was amazed. “You are a whiz at the computer, aren’t you?”
Samantha shrugged. “Hey, did you come here to talk to me or were you wanting something to eat?”
Jessie nodded. “I’m starving. But I would love for you to eat with me.”
“Sounds great. How about King Cakes?”
“I shouldn’t.”
“No one should, but why not?”