Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 10

* * * *
In one
of the VIP rooms of The Masters’ Chambers, Denver sat in a chair, gazing at Jessie on the small stage next to the paddling bench. The little white blouse and silky bra he’d chosen for her to wear tonight could not hold back her peaking nipples. The plaid skirt he’d bought for her rose high on her thigh, causing his pulse to pound hard through his veins. Even the white sneakers he made her wear were decided on by him to add to her feeling of innocence. She looked so appetizing, a multicourse meal for him to devour.
“Strip,” Denver instructed Jessie, watching the passionate shivers she presented for his enjoyment.
He was impressed by how quickly she obeyed, though her body shook visibly. She folded the clothes in little piles by the bench on the tiny elevated stage. This was her second visit to The Masters’ Chambers, and he was satisfied that she was ready for her first training session.
Even before they’d entered during her first trip the club, it had taken every ounce of willpower not to take her on the spot until she screamed and clawed his back. Her emotions and thoughts were easy for him to detect. Her shallow breaths and flush skin told him volumes. She wanted to be dominated, controlled, and pleasured. He was more than willing to be the one who delivered just that for her. He’d never been so completely obsessed with a woman, but Jessie wasn’t like any other woman. She was peerless.
Jessie was down to her bra and panties, trembling. She hesitated, looked at the door, and then back at him with her gorgeous wide eyes. His cock lengthened in his jeans, and his balls loaded up just at her innocent, delicate beauty. Her curves and silky skin called him to action.
“Why did you stop undressing, sugar?”
She trembled. “Sir, is anyone else coming in here, or are we going to be alone the whole time?”
“Don’t worry about that. I’ve asked a few members to come in and watch, but they’ll come after I think you’re ready for an audience. Understand?”
She bit her lip, showing how excited she was at the prospect of being put on display. “Yes, Sir.”
The little exhibitionist inside her was about to be let out, and that thrilled him. That’s what he loved about the club and the BDSM lifestyle. Jessie would’ve never been able to let go and experience that. It wasn’t in her to be the driver in such things. She needed a firm, assuring hand to guide her to a safe space. A place she could open up and really feel.
Her arousal wafted through the room like a hot fog. Even though a novice, she obeyed beautifully. The more he’d learned about her, the more he believed her excitement and pleasure needed dominance and the sting of his choosing.
From the moment of their kiss in his truck, he knew what an amazing sub she would be. Jessie got to him with her curiosity, courage, and innocence. That only added to his desire for her. Though he wanted everyone to know she was his, he’d opted for the more private setting for this first round of training. When he did bring her out to the big stage, he wanted everyone to see how amazing she was.
Still, he would get her prepared for a perfect demonstration for his eldest brother on the main stage. Knowing Austin would never cut Jessie’s brake lines or cause the other accidents, he expected proof would present itself soon. Once it did, he’d set the time for Jessie’s naughty exhibition.
At the moment, they were alone in the VIP room he’d chosen. Not for long. VIP rooms were by invitation only. He knew Jessie wasn’t ready for a main stage. Not yet, but soon.
Every primal instinct inside him screamed for him to jump on the stage with her, pull her lush body tight against his, and fill her pretty pussy up with his hungry cock. Seeing the little wet spot on her pink panties nearly crumbled his willpower to dust—nearly. “Remove your underwear, love.”
She closed her eyes and nodded. He knew the little nod was more for her than for him, but he would let that slide. Slowly, her trembling hand removed the last bits of clothing. The flawless symmetry of her naked body hypnotized him. Her silky, auburn locks cascaded down to the pale skin of her shoulders. Her breasts were perfectly shaped. Her berry nipples were colored a pretty pink. He moved his gaze down and saw she had covered her pussy with both her hands.
“Open your eyes and clasp your hands behind your back, love.”
“Yes, Sir,” she whispered, and then did as instructed, jutting out her breasts even more.
Denver left his chair and sauntered next to her. Never had he needed more self-control with a woman before. Everything about Jessie tantalized him to forget the training, but she needed this. Hell, so did he. Besides, wasn’t he also supposed to try to get her ready for Austin, Mr. Twenty-Four-Seven? Yes. But could he ever really turn her over to his eldest brother?
It had all sounded so logical, a perfect plan, but after only two days alone with her, Denver wasn’t so sure.
He leaned down and nuzzled her neck, inhaling her jasmine and citrus fragrance. “You’re doing great, sugar.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
Denver thought about how Austin might respond to Jessie’s naiveté. He’d known three of Austin’s former subs. They were very experienced in the life, and even then, they had failed to keep his brother’s attention for long. Austin made sure the discarded subs were handed off to appropriate Doms, but still, Denver had seen them when Austin came to the club. His brother had left his emotional mark on them, and if given the chance, all of them would’ve dropped their current Doms for another go with Austin. It’d been years since Austin had taken a sub on for himself. Denver wasn’t sure why, but he guessed it was because Austin didn’t want to hurt another woman.
Maybe, or maybe Austin just didn’t want to deal with the trouble of handing a sub off. Still, Austin didn’t miss a beat when it came to having a round with a sexy woman. He was in hot demand to train subs at the club and elsewhere. Well, I can worry about what Austin will do later and whether or not I’ll turn her over to him. Right now, I have my own sexy sub to train.
Denver threaded his hands through her hair. He looked into her eyes and watched her blink. He could feel her nervousness and excitement growing in concert together. Perfect.
He leaned in and brushed his lips against her ear. “Before the others come in, you need to understand some things. You’ve been through a round or two with Dallas, right?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“This will be different.”