Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 11

As Jessie studied the canes, crops, and paddles he’d brought and placed on the table by the bench, her eyes froze on the black single-tail whip there.
Denver grinned. She wasn’t ready for it, but its presence, just as he’d known it would, worked to keep her on edge and guessing. He wasn’t certain she’d respond to the sting the whip would deliver, but when she was ready to give it a try, he would eventually test her to find out if she might. But not here, and not now. If she didn’t take to the whip, then he would know that she could never be turned over to Austin. His brother was infamous of using a variety of whips in his sessions.
Denver moved his hands to cup her breasts. She didn’t move an inch, but he could see the gooseflesh cover the top of her skin. Her mounds were soft and full. He rubbed her nipples with his thumbs, working to raise the warmth inside her. “Nice chest, love.”
The corners of her mouth curved up slightly. “Thank you, Sir.”
The door opened, and she gasped. They now had their audience.
* * * *
Jessie watched as Jackson, Phoenix, and Dallas, her other lovers, marched in and took seats. Though a bit relieved, she was also somewhat disappointed. She asked Denver, “This is our entire audience?”
He pinched her nipples, causing a tingle to shoot down into her pussy. “Didn’t you forget something, sub?”
Her heart pounded with anxiety as the pressure of his thumb and index finger didn’t let up. “Um...Right. I forgot to say ‘Sir.’” She was quickly coming to think of him as more than just Denver, but as “Sir.”
Sir nodded and released her tiny bits of flesh. He leaned down and gave each nipple a lick, delivering wonderful sen
sations to each breast.
“Close your eyes, sub.”
“Yes, Sir.” And she did.
“Keep them closed until I say.”
“Yes, Sir.”
His fingers moved over her slowly and methodically as if inspecting every millimeter of her body. In a strange way, his large hands on her made her feel safe, protected. She sensed him move behind her. She heard a couple of clicks and felt something close around her wrists. Oh God! She heard the door open, and two more men walked in. She’d never seen them before. They were wearing white, so she thought they must be the club’s angels, bouncers who enforced the rules.
Sir’s lips brushed her ears. “Shh. You will always be safe with me.”
Though she wanted to believe him, her gasping lungs and pounding heart weren’t quite on board with the idea. Had she been foolish to go this far? Her safe word silently worked to the back of her lips.
Sir’s attention went to the two men she didn’t know. “Guys, I know I said I wanted you here tonight, but I can tell my sub isn’t ready for strangers to watch yet. You mind?”
Sir had called her my sub. Tingles spread through her body, but she couldn’t give in to them. Not with the two strange men in the room.
“Shame,” one of them said, and then they both stood up and walked out.
When the door closed, leaving only the Wilde brothers and her in the room, she sighed.
“You see, sweetheart. Your reactions tell me all I need to know. You need to trust me on that. I wanted to push you, but not past your limits.” His hands never stopped traveling over her body even as he spoke. “Do you understand?”
New sensations, warm and explosive, flooded inside her. “Yes, Sir.” Had she disappointed him and his brothers? “I’m sorry.” Tears welled up in her eyes. She felt like a wimp and a failure.
“Nothing to be sorry for, sugar.” He guided her to the bench that was slightly higher at one end than the other. “Let me worry about how far to take you. That’s my job. I’ll sense when I’m pushing too hard, too fast. Asking Q and Davis to come in was my way to find out where you were. You’ll be on the main stage before you know it, driving all the men crazy with lust and the women crazy with envy.”
She wasn’t sure about that last statement about her ever being ready for the main stage, but she did believe he would know whenever he’d reached her limit. He must. She definitely didn’t know her own boundaries. Thankfully, Sir seemed to be able to read her mind.
He ordered, “Bend over. That’s it.”
In a flash, she was face down on the narrow bench with her head at the lower end and her breasts hanging down either side. She realized her ass was high enough for the audience of her sexy cowboys to see. Also, she could move her head enough to get a view of them. The wrist cuffs he’d placed on her were secured to the bench. He moved to her legs and fastened them with other cuffs. Then he attached them to the bench as well. She tested each arm and leg by pulling on the restraints. They didn’t budge. She was completely immobile.
Jessie could hear the other Wilde brothers’ hot breathing, and that made her warm and dizzy.
Suddenly, an image of Austin spun her mind around, and her belly did a somersault. How would she be responding if he’d been invited to the room to watch her training? Wasn’t that why she’d agreed to let Denver put her through the ropes? She knew the score about the Wilde family’s plural marriage. She’d talked with their grandfather and their mother and learned even more. The family’s generational norm was all brothers married the same woman. The current brothers were expected to do the same, one day. Three of the five of them had made it clear they wanted her to be that woman. Sir seemed to be following suit, too. God, she knew she wanted him to feel that way about her. Jessie loved his possessiveness and self-assuredness. It comforted her, relaxed her, and drew her in deeper to him. His amazing singing was such a dichotomy to how he carried himself here at the club, yet in a way it fit. He was talented behind the mic and also in front of a chained woman.