Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 13

The man who had brought her into womanhood said, “I love you, Jessie.”
“Jackson, I love you, too.” Tears leaked from her eyes. This was too much. Too intense. “Please, Sir. I’m not sure I can take much more.”
“You can take more. Trust me.”
If he believed she could, then damn it, she would. “Yes, Sir.”
“Phoenix, you’re up to bat.” Sir’s tone was still very even, but to her it did sound deeper in his chest.
The next cowboy leapt to her side. He kissed her cheek. “I can’t wait to make you my wife, angel. I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
Phoenix delivered three more slaps to her ass from the paddle, making her incredibly dizzy and even more wanton. She sobbed, not from the stings they were delivering but from something else, some other sensation deep inside her that was clawing to be freed.
“Master Dallas,” Sir called to the last brother in the room.
“I never knew I could love someone so much, sweetheart.” Dallas rubbed her neck. “You knock me out. I’m nuts for you. You know that, right?”
Jessie choked out, “Yes, Master Dallas. I do.”
“Fuck. Master Denver, how the hell have you gotten her to this state so quickly? Seeing her so submissive has got my dick hard as a rock.”
“Experience is how. Now, give her the message she’s yours.”
“Yep. I will. What state are you in, Jessie?”
“Green, Master Dallas. I’m green.”
“You’re beyond amazing, love.” Then Dallas delivered three whacks to her ass that curled her toes and had her biting her lip. She had almost screamed at the burn of the last smack but had incredibly held it back.
“My turn, again,” Sir informed. “You’re mine, love. All mine. Trust me.”
Wham! She yelped at the smarting that spread out from the impact on the bottom of her ass’s left cheek. She ground her clit into the bench, and her pussy leaked liquid desire.
“Trust me, love.” She felt the paddle hit the uppermost part of her right cheek.
She groaned and became really woozy.
“Trust me, Jessie.” The paddle hit both cheeks in the middle of her ass.
She whimpered and closed her eyes at the burn and ache she felt. Her bottom’s nerve endings were sparking like exposed live wires. She’d never been so wet or turned on in her life. They wanted her. No, they’d claimed her. The men didn’t ask for permission. They took what was theirs. I’m theirs, and they are mine. How could she deny them anything? She couldn’t.
“You did amazing, love.” Sir’s tone was gentle.
Jessie felt the cuffs being removed and several hands caressing her bottom so gently. A slick salve was being applied to her ass. It felt cooling and wonderful.
Suddenly, Sir lifted her up in his arms. She looked up into his pale blue eyes. The other brothers went back to their seats, resuming their roles as audience. “Sir, let’s give your brothers a show.”
He frowned. “You’ve done good, but you’ve got more to learn, sub.”
Trembles made her voice shake. “Sir, did I do something wrong?”
“Yes, you did. You’re trying to take charge.”
She shook her head, hoping to convince him otherwise. “No, Sir. I’m not. I promise.”
“Really? Didn’t you just tell me to give my brothers a show?”