Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 14

“Yes, but—”
“But nothing.”
He placed her feet on the ground and brought his hands to the curve in her waist. Her legs felt really wobbly, but he held her steady. “Sir, I didn’t mean that.”
“I know, sugar. In here, you must let me hold the reins. I decide if there is a show or a no-show, not you. Understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” She blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. “I won’t do it again. I promise.”
“Yes, you will. That’s okay, sweetheart. It’s all part of it. Learning to trust. Learning to let go. It’s a lifelong process, not a destination. But I can’t let your indiscretion slide. You do get that?”
“Yes, Sir.” Silently, she prayed he wouldn’t spank her more. Her ass hurt, and she didn’t think she could take more torture there.
“Let’s see how that sweet mouth of yours feels on my dick. Get on your knees, sub.” Without hesitation, he dropped his jeans to his ankles, and his long, thick dick jutted out. The whole scene was wickedly delicious.
Jessie dropped to her knees and waited, though she was ready to show Sir she did really understand.
“Good girl. Cup my balls.”
She did. They felt heavy and full.
Sir guided the tip of his dick to her mouth and held it to her lips. “Show me you’ve learned your lesson and earned my reward.”
Eager to please him, she licked the tip of his cock. It tasted salty with pre-cum. She felt his hands in her hair and could hear his brothers’ heavy breathing from their chairs. The whole thing made her marvelously muddled. She went up and down his shaft, swallowing in an attempt to hear his approval.
“Great. Amazing. Love, you’re—Fuck! That’s so good,” Sir said, as if reading her mind. He cupped her chin. “That’s enough. I’ve got to get inside your pussy. Correction—my pussy. Understand, sub?”
She did. “Yes, Sir.”
Sir pulled a condom out of his pocket, freed it from its wrapper, and rolled it down his dick. “I’ve not enjoyed the feel of that pretty, little cunt around my cock. Time to fix that, right now.”
A manic need for him to be inside her body took hold of her. “P–Please, Sir.”
He lifted her up to a standing position. “First, I need a taste.” He leaned over slightly, and then he threaded his fingers through her pussy’s saturated ruffles. An array of heat jetted through her body. When he pressed on her clit with his thumb, Jessie sucked in a heavy, wanton breath. Every conscious thought about what and who was outside this room fled from her mind. Nothing mattered. Just now. Just here. Just Sir and his brothers.
She watched as Sir brought his hand up to his lips.
He sucked on her juices that coated his fingers. “Perfect. My pussy tastes delicious.”
Fiery trembles shook her entire body. She loved his lascivious talk. His tone and words worked hypnotically to suspend her, a surreal space of his making. He’d created it and brought her to it. Jessie could’ve never reached it alone.
Suddenly, he hoisted her up into his arms. “To steady yourself, put your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck.”
“Yes, Sir.” She did as he’d instructed.
Slowly, he guided the tip of his dick to the sensitive puckers of her pussy. “You hold on, love. Let me do the work. Understand?”
“Yes, Sir.”
She felt his thick dick part her slit as he lowered her down millimeter by erotic millimeter. Sensations fired in her like massive cannons as his cock split her in two, filling every space inside her pussy. The more she took of his dick, the more her need swelled and her clit throbbed.
Finally, the incredible, torturous lowering of her pussy onto his dick came to an end. His dick filled her completely, and her pussy shivered around his shaft. Though she held onto him with her arms and legs, it was Sir’s strength that was keeping her secure, guiding his dick in and out of her, taking her to a new edge of pleasure beyond what she’d known until now. She felt helpless and wonderful, adding to her surrender to him and the uncontrollable sensations inside her. Each time he lowered her pussy down onto his hard dick, her hunger exploded as Sir stretched her out even more. She nipped at his chest as his continued onslaught drove her to the verge of insanity. She clawed the back of his neck and screamed as she came hard. Her entire body shuddered, with the center of the quake coming from deep inside her pussy where he filled her up. Her womb convulsed as he stabbed her in a final long, possessive stroke. Then she felt his cock jerk against the inner walls of her pussy as he came inside her.
Her body went limp, and her arms fell to her side. She would’ve fallen, too, if Sir hadn’t been holding her. He gently lifted her body, and his dick left her channel. She immediately missed the feel of him inside her. Sir squeezed her tight and kissed her hair. He went to the bench and sat down, shifting her body so that she was now sitting on his lap. “Thank you, Jessie. You’ve pleased me very much.”
Sudden applause from the three brothers made her turn to them. Master Denver had given them a show, and she’d been the star attraction. Her men made her feel adored and beautiful, something she’d never known before coming to Wilde, Nevada.
Denver brushed her hair out of her eyes. He looked at his brothers. “She’s had enough for tonight.”