Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 15

“Agreed,” Jackson chimed in.
Phoenix stood up. “Enjoy your time with Denver, okay?”
“I will.”
“We’ll see you soon,” he added and headed to the door.
“That we will,” Dallas agreed, and followed him.
Jackson lingered, his gaze unmoving from her face.
“You coming, lil’ bro?” Phoenix asked.
“Yep. I love you, darlin’.”
“I love you, too, Jackson.”
He smiled broadly and went to the door where Phoenix and Dallas were waiting. Her three cowboys stared at her before leaving her alone with Denver. It felt strange, but she knew this was the plan all along. Get to know Denver, and let him get to know her. Jessie was already enamored with Denver, and she believed that he was feeling more for her, too.
Denver slid her to the bench and off his lap. He stood and quickly disposed of the condom.
When he sat back down next to her, she shot her fingers up to the scar on his face. His eyes narrowed.
She jerked her hand back. “I’m sorry, Sir.”
He shook his head. “Don’t be. You’re wondering about my scar and how I got it?”
“Yes, Sir.”
He let out a long breath. “I’m not ready to tell you about that. Maybe someday.”
Of the four brothers she’d been with, he was the most guarded and hard to read. Was he really interested in her? Could he see her as his wife someday? And there was still the question about Austin. Had he been responsible for her brake lines being cut? If so, she didn’t even have an icicle’s chance in hell to reconcile the brothers with him, and they’d never agree to let him join them in marrying her some day. That thought had her shivering.
“That pretty little head of yours is going to get you into trouble, sugar. Where did you go?”
“Thinking about the mine and my investigation.”
“And?” God, he could read her mind.
“I was thinking about Austin.”
“Let us worry about him, okay?”
“May I be candid, Sir?”
“Candid, yes. Sassy, no.”
“Yes, Sir. I can’t be the reason you and the others cut ties with him. He’s your brother.”
“If he’s behind your brake lines being cut, then he’ll get what he deserves.”
“Austin is intense, I get it, and his ways may be—”
“Over the top.”
She nodded. “But, if he did do the unthinkable, it was a misguided love for the mine and your family. What if he only meant to scare me?”