Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 20

“My sentiments exactly.”
“Well, I can meet you both at the mine,” Phoenix offered. “I think she needs at least two of us with her in public from now on.”
“Agreed. I know we thought taking her to the club might give us a lead on who might be after her, but I’m not willing to take her back there until we have the killer.”
“Yep. You’re right, bro.” Jackson’s head turned. “Hold on. Mom’s knocking on the door.” His picture disappeared.
Denver heard his mother’s voice. “Jackson, dinner will be ready in thirty minutes.”
“I’m not hungry,” his little brother answered. “Thanks though.”
“You staying here tonight?” she asked.
“No. I’m finishing up some work, and then I’ll head home.”
“Suit yourself. I’ll fix a plate for you to take with you for later.”
“Okay, Mom. Thanks.”
Jackson’s video popped back up. “I think Mom knows we’re up to something. That’s the fifth time she’s come up.”
“She would be fine with everything we’re doing, less one.” Denver hated to ask, but he had to. “What did you find out about Austin?”
Jackson’s face darkened. “He has been meeting with Malcolm, in fact, several times. He’s also moved a big chunk of the club’s money to a new account in Las Vegas.”
“Vegas? That doesn’t make sense.” Denver’s gut tightened.
“Neither does that memo with his signature,” Dallas pointed out.
“I have a possible answer for that mystery, boys.” Jessie’s tone was sharp.
Denver jerked his head around. He’d gotten so focused on what his brothers were telling him that he hadn’t heard her leave the bathroom and come down the hall. Her hair was wrapped up in a towel and her body was covered in his robe that was way too long for her and touched the floor.
Well, too late to try to fool her now. “Come.” He motioned her forward and shifted the laptop so she could see the images of his brothers.
Jessie moved next to the chair. “So, you guys were going to hold out on me. Nice.” She was pissed, and he couldn’t really blame her.
“Darlin’, we don’t want you to get too deep into this. There’s a killer on the loose who is gunning for you. Leave this to us.”
“You said you had an answer about the memo, sugar.” Denver fixed her with his best Dom stare, daring her to refuse to answer.
She folded her arms over her chest. “Now you want my help? That requires a two-way street, guys.”
There was a long pause, and then Dallas spoke. “I think she deserves to know.”
“Me, too,” Phoenix concurred.
“Okay.” Jackson nodded.
Denver didn’t like where this was going, but he couldn’t figure a way out of this mess. “We tell her only if she agrees not to do anything stupid.”
“Done,” she answered.
“And if she promises to let us take the lead on this.”
“I promise.”
“And she won’t fight us when we say something needs to be done to make sure she’s safe.”