Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 21

“Like what, Denver?”
“Like telling you to stay away from the mine.”
She sat on the
arm of the chair. He inhaled her scent. “Not possible. My boss needs input from my investigation. I’m not willing to jeopardize my career here.”
Phoenix snapped, “You won’t need a career after we’re married.”
“Slow down, cowboy. I love you, but I’m not the kind of woman who doesn’t have a mind of her own.”
“You can say that again.” Denver chuckled.
Jessie frowned. “Seriously, let’s table any discussion of me leaving my career to be barefoot and pregnant in your kitchen.”
Denver liked the image she was creating in his mind. “Okay. For now. But at least two of us will be with you whenever you’re at the mine.”
“I can handle that.”
“And you will stay with one of us from now on at all times.”
“Denver, are you proposing?”
“You’re too much, Jessie.” He would propose to her, but when he could do it right. Now wasn’t that time.
“Have no doubt, angel. You will marry us.”
“Well, we’re not engaged yet. I promised to give you all a chance. I will. But Austin is part of the equation.”
Denver growled, “Unless we find out he’s behind all of this.”
“Okay. Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.”
He had other ideas of what that game would be, but that had to come later. If she knew something that might be helpful, he wanted to know it, too. In fifteen minutes, he and his brothers had shared what they’d found out about the cut brake line, the explosion, the memo, Austin’s meetings…everything.
“So, we really don’t know much,” she said.
“What about the memo, honey?” Dallas asked.
“The original is lost. I asked myself why. If Austin didn’t create the memo, then who did, and how did they do it?”
“Go on,” Denver prodded.
“It would be easy enough to get a scan of your brother’s signature off another document and then paste it into a memo of your choosing. Then all you have to do is print or make a digital copy of it, and presto, you have a valid document to lower the mine’s standards below the agency-acceptable safety guidelines.”
Jackson rubbed his chin. “That makes sense.”
“Our girl is really smart.” Phoenix smiled.
“Sure is,” Dallas agreed.
“It doesn’t completely clear Austin, but it does leave more than a shadow of doubt in my mind.” Jackson was in his lawyer mode.
“Guys, please don’t leave me in the dark anymore.”
“If you do what you promised, we won’t.”
Denver squeezed Jessie’s hand. “We keep digging until we find out who is behind everything.”