Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 24

“Okay, but I want you out of here as soon as possible.”
The idea of leaving Wilde wasn’t something she wanted to think about right now. “I’ll be done very soon, I’m sure.”
“That is what I want to hear.” Lee grinned. “I’m starving. Do they have anything good here to eat?”
“Let me introduce you to Wilde’s famous King Cakes.”
Chapter Six
“What are you thinking about, sugar?” Denver asked.
Jessie sat in his living room with her mind spinning. “Besides you being rude to my boss? I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re a Neanderthal cowboy, simple as that.”
sp; She thought about listing his latest offenses, like making her leave her boss at Norma’s the instant she’d finished her meal. He’d claimed later that the cafe was too exposed to let her stay. She thought an ugly green-eyed monster had likely clawed its way free from Denver’s insides. He might’ve gotten confused by the affection she and her boss had for each other. Besides, he was double her age. Not boyfriend material. He was more like an older uncle to her.
Denver hadn’t taken the news about the photos well. In fact, he’d exploded. He’d called Jackson, who had no idea that his camera was missing, but it was. Denver had cussed a blue streak into his cell before ending the call with Jackson. Then he’d punched a hole in one of the walls of his living room.
“I promise you, we’ll get that camera back, sweetheart.”
“I hope so. I’d like to get rid of this file.”
“Hand it over. I’ll toss it in the fireplace.”
She did, and in no time, the file and its contents were ashes.
A text came in on her cell, capturing her full attention. It was from Michael, and the message had Jessie dialing his number instantly.
911. Call me.
“Jessica, thank God.” Michael’s voice was unusually shaken.
“What’s wrong?”
“Your dad is coming to Wilde.”
“He called me about some pictures he got today.”
“Oh my God.” She squeezed her eyes shut, praying to wake up from this nightmare.
Denver wrapped his arms around her. “What’s wrong, Jessie?”
She cried, “My dad is coming here.”
* * * *
Jessie’s phone call with her ex had lasted only a few minutes, but her demeanor had changed abruptly. She went deep into herself, cutting herself off from not just the memory of some hurt but also from her emotions. She stared straight ahead, clearly not seeing anything in front of her.
Denver knew that such a mode wasn’t productive or good for her. So, he pressed, “Tell me what trouble you and your dad are having.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” Her voice was totally flat and lifeless.
“Sweetheart, talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong.”
“I will. I promise.”