Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 27

Growing desire poured into Jessie from Denver. His craving for her surrender was thick in the room. She bit her lip. She needed him to unravel her.
“You need to control your mouth, sub.”
She mustered as much bravery as she had, and said, “Control, Sir. I bet you want to fuck me. Don’t you?” Tonight she wanted to be wild, and she wanted Sir to be the one to tame her.
“Best to hold your tongue.” His voice seemed to gush with anger and hunger, yet he didn’t move to touch her. She wondered how deep his desire was for her. Was it enough? Her parents had lost their love. It’d happened months before her mother’s death. She feared the same might happen to them, as well.
My dad is coming to Wilde. That thought flattened her out. She wasn’t about to try to explain the pictures to her dad. Ever.
Whack! Sir’s slap to her ass pushed out the offending thoughts.
“Get out of your head, sub.”
Jessie needed Sir’s touch. Why wasn’t he spanking her more? One slap wasn’t enough. She needed more. She’d pushed for punishment but wasn’t getting it. Why? Was she trying too hard? Or because she wanted it he was holding back.
“Sir, what are you going to do to me?”
“Whatever it takes, Jessie. Whatever you need, but stop trying to run the show with your smart mouth. It won’t work. The more you push for pain, the more I hold back. Got it?”
She gulped. “Yes, Sir.”
“First, I want you restrained.”
Her heart thudded like a hammer in her chest. “Please, Sir.”
He moved to her ear and growled, “First, you must earn the pleasure, love.”
“What do I have to do, Sir?”
“Obey. Make me proud. Then, I will reward you.”
“Sounds really nice, Sir.”
“Tonight, leave everything to me. I’m going to guide you to a place of pure bliss where old failures and disappointment fade away. All that will be left inside you will be hot shivers.”
She liked the sound of that. He guided her to his bedroom. He tied her on her stomach to the four corner posts on his bed.
She turned her head to the side on the pillow and looked at the very sexy Sir. He was shedding his clothes. “You’ve done this before?”
“Chatty little, sub, aren’t you? Yes. I have done this before. By the way, you will be punished for your sassiness and disobedience.”
That thrilled her. She wanted to feel the sting on her ass. “Then get it over with, Denver.”
“Keep talking like that, and I will put a ball gag on you. Call me ‘Sir’ and nothing else, sub, until I say this session is over.” His tone was more dangerous and threatening. She’d pushed him too hard.
She mustered her most submissive tone. “I’m sorry, Sir.”
He blew out a lungful of air. “Believe me, I want to drill my dick into your hot pussy right now. This is not about me. It’s about you. Besides, I know you’re not ready for my cock yet.”
She gulped. Heat rushed deep into her insides. “I think I am, Sir.”
“Quiet.” Sir’s commanding tone was so controlled it scared her. “I know you want punishment. Hell, you need it tonight. You’re not to analyze, study, plan, contrive—anything. You’re only to trust and to feel. I know what you need. You don’t. Understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” Jessie licked her lips, wantonness causing droplets of moisture to pop up on her skin. She opened her mouth to say something then closed it tight. She needed to back down as he’d ordered.
“Now you’re getting it. Do what I say and you win. Don’t and you lose.”
How could he see so deeply into her? However he did, it had her pussy aching.