Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 28

Sir patted her ass. “We’re both going to enjoy this, sub.”
Her insides fractured with desire.
Did he enjoy unhinging her, getting underneath her old layers?
“Now that I have you properly restrained, I want to touch my pretty cunt.” She felt him reach between her legs and thread his fingers in her pussy’s creases, causing everything to go soft and hot inside her. “Good. You’re wet, but I want you soaked and drowning.”
“Please, Sir.” Jessie trembled at his promise.
Sir brushed her clit, and sparks fired up and down her body. “Lots to learn, sub. Lots to learn.”
She wanted to learn enough to free herself from The Masters’ Chambers VIP rooms. She wanted to prove to the Wilde brothers she could do it, but especially to Sir. Even Austin. Desire flooded her body, taking her to the limits of her control. When Sir captured her clit between his fingers and squeezed, her pussy quaked and electricity fired through her body.
Sir continued fingering her sodden folds, spreading her out, driving his digits into her pussy. His sensual push and pull drove her higher. Dizziness and mania spun her around, and her pussy was contracting from Sir’s finger torture. She bit down on the pillow.
“Jessie, as before, you cannot orgasm until I give you permission. Understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” But she was already getting close, so close.
“Good girl. Now, listen to me. I will touch you anywhere and any way I want to.”
He removed his thumb from her clit and stopped licking her neck. Immediately, her ache for his touch grew.
“What just happened, sub?”
“I don’t know, Sir.”
“You do. Tell me, now.”
“I didn’t follow your instructions, Sir.”
“Right. And?”
“You stopped touching me.” Sir was taking her on a journey, and she wanted to see it to the very end.
“See, you did know.”
“Yes, Sir.” Jessie’s body vibrated. She could still feel bits of her anxiety about her dad coming to Wilde, but bit by bit Sir was replacing those thoughts with growing desire inside her.
Slap! Sir hit her ass with his open hand. His first smack to her left ass cheek sent a buzzing sting just under the skin. The second slap to her ass warmed up her bottom. Thankfully, the third shattered her thoughts about her dad, leaving her in a wonderful subspace in her head.
She chewed on her lip, weakly attempting to hold on to her defiance. Wasn’t happening. She’d been introduced to a whole new way of being, and she loved it. Had it been inside her all along? Probably.
“Good girl.” He untied her from the posts but left the ropes on her wrists and ankles. “Sweet sub, the only reason I’m untying you right now is because I want to taste your lush mouth. But don’t think you’ll get to stay that way for long.”
He rolled her onto her back. His mouth feathered her lips, and his kiss brought her to the edge of release.
She couldn’t orgasm now. He’d told her to wait. But it was hard to hold back. She wanted to put her arms around his neck, but he held both hands to the bed. Instinctively, her legs wrapped around his waist. She wanted him inside her pussy so bad she thought she might lose it. Sir adored her. She knew it, and that pleased her very much.
“Let’s get your punishment over with. Sound like a good idea to you?”
“Yes, Sir.”
Again, he rolled her over and tied her spread-eagle, face down to the bed.
Sir spanked her ass with a masterful hand that conveyed fiery bites. Tears flo