Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 29

oded down on the pillow from the sensations he was bringing out in her.
Jessie delighted in the chance for Sir to take her body, but she feared he wouldn’t stop there. No, he would try to seize everything inside her. The argument about her keeping her job leapt from the fog. An image of her boss frowning floated to the surface. It didn’t make sense to her that he hadn’t fired her. The guy was no push-ov—
Whack! The image disappeared as the heat spread through her backside.
He tapped her lightly on her ass with his open hand. “Stop drifting, sub. Stay with me.”
“Yes, Sir.”
He delivered several more slaps until her entire bottom burned and stung. “You’ve got so much to learn.”
“Yes, Sir. I do. But I have a good teacher.” Jessie’s body throbbed and vibrated. Sir’s dominance turned her internal furnace to high heat.
“Yes, you do. You can handle much more than you know. Next time we go to the club, I’m putting you on display. Do you understand what that means?”
Giddiness took hold of her. He was pleased with her. “Y–Yes, Sir. I do.”
“That overworked mind of yours needs peace and quiet.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
“Let’s use Dallas’s colors to see where you are. What state are you in, sub?”
“Green, Sir.”
Sir grazed her back lightly with his hand. “That’s excellent, love.” His tone was filled with caring.
Crazy as it was, she could no longer deny that she was in love with four men. Jackson made her feel beautiful. Phoenix told her over and over how smart she was. Dallas made her feel proud. And Sir? He made her feel protected.
Sir pressed his lips against her neck. “Are you in your head again?”
“No, Sir.” Her body warmed, and a sweet shiver shot down to her mound.
“This is to remind you not to go back into your thoughts.” Sir stung her ass with two slaps from his open hand. Her body vibrated with desire.
“What state are we in?”
“Green, Sir.”
The palm of his hand connected with her ass. Heat welled up deep inside her pussy.
“I will take you every way possible—in your mouth, in your ass, and of course I’ll take you in your pussy.”
She’d never felt so exposed, so wide open, as his demands of submission made her feel. “I understand, Sir.”
“Bending you to my will is going to be such an incredible experience for me and for you. Stop and just feel. I am responsible for your pleasure, not you. Understand?”
His dominance thrilled her. “Yes, Sir.”
Before meeting the Wilde brothers, she’d mistakenly thought she was living. But she wasn’t. Her life had been gray and drudgery.
“I can tell you’re back deep inside your head. I know what will stop that.”
Jessie ached to please him. She couldn’t catch enough breath to do more than whisper, “Please, Sir. Tell me.”
Sir’s hands caressed her ass, and then he left the room. She longed for him to come back. In moments, he did. He was holding a large butt plug in one hand and a bottle of lubricant in the other. “This will get you out of your head, I’m certain.”
“Thank you, Sir.” She wanted the thoughts to stop, wanted to only feel, wanted to please Sir.