Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 30

He sat on the bed, and she felt his fingers tempting her anus, drifting to the skin between her rectum and her pussy, before finally reaching her swollen folds. Then, with incredibly skilled fingers, he tormented her clit. Electricity ricocheted from her pussy throughout her body, inside and out. Dizzy with desire, she shuddered.
She felt him apply the lube to her rectum. His fingers circled and stretched her out. She was frightened by the prospect of the butt plug, but she would go the distance.
“You ready to tell me you don’t want this, sub?”
Jessie couldn’t answer. Did she really want what Sir offered? “I want it, Sir.”
“Good girl.”
“I’m a bit scared.”
“Don’t worry, little one. Trust me. I’ll never push you too much. Stop talking, and start feeling.”
Jessie believed him. He’d told the bouncers to leave the moment she’d tensed. He knew her better than she knew herself. “Yes, Sir.”
“Good girl. I can’t wait to fill your hot pussy with my dick.” Sir’s voice bowled her over.
He cupped her ass with both hands. It still stung from his spanking, making her want him more.
“This is my ass.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“It’s nice and pink.” Sir’s fingers went deeper into her ass. He was taking his time, and she loved every second of it.
A delicious shiver shot up and down her spine. She craved to submit to his dominance. “Am I pleasing you, Sir?”
“The beginning of sweet submission, little one.” Sir let out a long, lusty sigh. “I hear it in your voice now. That pleases me. Take a deep breath.”
She sucked in a ton of air.
“Hold it. Good. Now, let it out.”
Jessie expelled the breath.
“Yes, Sir.” She did.
“Hold it. Good. Now, let it out.”
As she blew out the last bit of air, she felt a hot burn as Sir shoved the plug into her ass. She didn’t have the air to yelp. Instead, she sucked in more air.
“Breathe slow, sub. Easy. You’re doing great.”
The sex toy was seated completely in her bottom. The pain began to retreat, replaced by subspace and desire.
She watched Sir don a condom, and excitement bloomed inside her. He untied her once again, and rolled her over. Sir wasn’t in any rush. He took his time with her, and he played her body like a skilled musician.
When she was face up again, he tied her to the post again.
Sir leaned down between her legs and inhaled. “You smell so good, sub. That’s the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen.”
Electric pulses shot through her body. She was so aroused and wanted Sir to possess her insides with his dick. His fingers lightly pressed on her clit again, causing it to swell and throb. Quick, short, almost painful pants passed her lips.