Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 31

“Please, Sir. I need to come.”
Sir gave her no respite. Instead, he pinched her nipples until they were aching in harmony with her clit. Then she felt his lips bathe her breast. Sir’s treatment burned her hotter and hotter, higher and higher.
Sir shifted his position down, until he was between her legs once again. His lips on her pussy reduced her to a puddle, and his tongue’s pressure on her clit melted her.
His voice dipped to a low octave of masculinity. “This is how I like you, sub.”
“I’m glad this pleases you, Sir.”
He’d opened her up to her true nature. She liked to be dominated by Sir. No, it was more than that. She loved it. She wanted more, needed more.
His tongue danced through her folds, then moved to her clit, laving her into frenzy. Her fingers and toes curled tight. Her body rumbled from the approaching climax.
“You want me to fuck you?”
“Yes, Sir!”
He was on top of her in a flash. His pale blue eyes were hot with lust. His weight felt so good. She felt him position his dick at her pussy’s opening. Cravings more powerful than anything she’d ever known rolled through her like a million invading soldiers.
Joining the march, his dick pierced her slit wide and tunneled into her. Tremors rumbled through her like an earthquake, its aftershocks shooting deep into her channel as Sir’s cock possessed and conquered her insides. With the plug and his dick filling her up, she fell back into the whirlwind of heat that stormed in her body.
Slowly, patiently, in and out, he thrust into her pussy. One of Sir’s hands went down between them until he found her clit. Using his thumb to apply pressure to the bud, Sir never changed his rhythmic assault of his dick. Tears poured out of her eyes.

You’ve earned your reward.”
His strokes lengthened. Each time as he pulled back, he blazed a path back into her, taking her breath away. Sir’s passionate sweat dripped on her shoulders. Stroke by stroke, his stabs came harder and faster.
Jessie felt her womb begin to convulse around his dick. “Please, Sir. May I come?”
“Yes, little one.” Sir’s cock jerked inside her. “Come for me.”
Her back arched up from the mattress, as the release Sir had given her blasted inside her pussy, her stomach, her chest, her lungs, her toes…everything and everywhere…her entire body. There wasn’t a single millimeter that didn’t tremble.
She screamed, “O–Ohh!” Her orgasm wasn’t a single explosion, but many. Each bigger than the one before.
“Fuck!” Sir yelled, and then he slammed her back into the bed with his final climatic thrust.
Slowly, her release settled back, and her delightful shivers softened. Denver spooned her with his muscled body.
“You want to know how I got my scar, sugar?”
God, yes. She nodded.
“Austin and I were camping up in the mountains. I was twelve and he was thirteen. Though our dads convinced our mom to let us go, she wasn’t crazy about us going alone.”
“I think your mom was right to be worried.”
Jessie will be an amazing mother. “Sometime after midnight, a black bear came into our camp. Austin told me not to move, but I didn’t listen. I wanted to prove to him that I was just as brave as he was. I tried to get to my rifle, but the bear charged before I could reach my tent where I’d left it. The bastard swiped my face and would’ve killed me if Austin hadn’t reacted instantly, hitting the bear over the head with a log from our fire.”
“Oh my God. What happened?”
“The bear turned from me to him. Unlike me, my brother had left his gun within reach and filled the beast with lead. I passed out from the loss of blood. When I came to, I found Austin staring at me with concern. While I’d been out, he’d stitched up my wound. We agreed to never tell anyone, or our mom and dads would never let us camp again.”
“What did you tell them happened?”
“That I fell down a ravine. Mom didn’t let me go camping again for another year. That was tough for me, but if she’d known about the bear I would’ve never been allowed to camp again. Austin and I never talked about that night since then. You’re the first I’ve ever told.”