Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 34

“That’s awful.”
“Yes. The boys were really young. Maude fell in love with them first, then their dads. When she delivered the twins, she had her hands full. We help each other out.”
“I imagine you have to.”
“Yep. We women have to stick together in Wilde.”
Jessie continued asking questions, and Mary gladly shared. She learned that though the Wilde way wasn’t perfect, it did work for her cowboys’ mother. Could it work for her, too? She was beginning to think it might. Still, Austin was the dark horse. It was past time to find out if there was any chance with him.
* * * *
Jessie paused at the door of Norma’s diner. Denver was at her side.
He asked, “You sure about this?”
Her dad was somewhere inside, waiting. He’d called her cell and set up the meeting. His tone had an edge. Would he spread out the photos on the table the second she walked in? Maybe. It didn’t matter. She wa
nted to get this over with.
“Yes. I’m sure.”
The place was loaded with patrons. Every table was taken. She spotted her dad in a booth by the window. He wore his typical suit and tie. In Wilde, he stood out like a sore thumb at a hand model convention.
Jackson and Phoenix were sitting at the booth across from him. She spotted Dallas on the other side of the glass outside. The Wilde brothers weren’t taking any chances. It was like she had her own Secret Service team.
She took a deep breath and walked to her dad’s booth. Denver walked beside her.
“Hello, Dad.”
“Have a seat, Jessica.”
“This is Denver Wilde.” She pointed to her cowboy and was glad that he was by her side.
Denver held out his hand, but her father didn’t take it.
“I recognize him. I also have seen those two.” He pointed at Jackson and Phoenix and then motioned to Dallas on the other side of the window. “That guy, too.”
“Mr. Greene, we can end this meeting right now.” Denver was seething.
“Who the hell do you think you are talking to?” Her dad’s face darkened.
“Denver, please, go sit with your brothers. I want a moment with my dad.”
He didn’t move. Instead, he and her father just stared at each other. The cafe’s customers were turning their heads no doubt to see what all the commotion was about.
Jessie rubbed his cheek. “If you care about me, I beg you.”
Denver stopped glaring at her dad and turned to her. “Five minutes. Okay?”
“Yes.” She smiled. “Thank you.”
Denver turned back to her dad. “Don’t fuck up, sir. Your daughter deserves better.”
Luckily, her dad ignored him.
Denver slid into the booth with Phoenix and Jackson.
Her dad angrily said, “Sit, Jessica.”