Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 36

“I forgive you, Dad. I wish you would’ve told me.”
“There’s more.”
“That night when you knocked over the medicine, before you came in, she confessed everything. I wish she hadn’t. I gladly would’ve continued in my fantasy, but her guilt wouldn’t let her take the truth to the grave. Sweetheart, you’re my daughter. No matter what.”
Jessie’s mouth gaped open. “Are you saying…? No. That can’t be.”
“I was wrong. Please forgive me.”
“Not possible.” Her mind was buzzing, burning, screaming. “This is crazy.”
Her cowboys were at her side.
Denver lifted her from the booth. “Your five minutes are up, Mr. Greene.”
“Jessica?” Her boss walked in the door and beelined straight for her.
Her dad turned around. “You!”
“You know my boss?” she asked.
“You asshole! Lee, you’re my daughter’s boss. How could you?” Her dad was on his feet, throwing punches at her boss.
Jessie pointed at her boss and screamed, “You’re the best friend!”
Chapter Eight
Sitting in the chair in his living room, Denver held Jessie close as she continued to sleep. Jackson, Phoenix, and Dallas sat on the couch watching her intently. None said a word.
The big reveal at Norma’s had been like a made-for-TV melodrama, only it had been true and had broken Jessie in pieces. She’d screamed her resignation to her boss and told both men that she never wanted to see either of them again. After he and his brothers got her in his truck, she sobbed buckets and finally collapsed before he got back to his house. The outside world was fucked up. Both men loved Jessie’s mom, but were unable to share her. How selfish. The concept was so foreign to him.
Her eyes fluttered open. “Hi.”
“Hi, sugar.”
She turned her head and saw his brothers. They all stood up and drew close. “All my cowboys are here.”
“Yes, angel. We’re here.” Phoenix brushed her hair.
“Darlin’, you okay now?” Jackson asked.
“I am. Crying helps a woman more than you know. It’s sometimes better than therapy.”
Denver did know.
Dallas kissed her cheek. “I’m glad you’re okay.”
“Me, too.” Jessie nodded. “Now, down to business. Tell me about your investigation on the memo, the brake line, and the explosion.”
Phoenix spoke first. “Angel, you were right. Austin isn’t the one behind the memo.”
“I got with the techie guys at the mine. Apparently everything that gets printed there goes to a server. The little bastards were able to backtrack the fake to one company employee ID. Paul’s.”
“Paul King? The guy who had the heart at