Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 37

tack and nearly ran me over?”
“The one and only.”
Jackson gave his report next. “And apparently Austin’s been meeting with the bank president to get his funds in order. He’s planning on leaving Wilde next month. There’s been nothing nefarious about their meetings and nothing to do with the mine.”
Dallas nodded. “That clears our eldest brother.”
Jessie asked, “What about the brake lines?”
“Paul’s worked on machinery at the mine.” Dallas cupped her chin. “I’m sure he knows a thing or two about an automobile. And he’s a miner. Dynamite is as easy to handle to him as riding a bicycle. He is likely responsible for the Old Mine explosion, too.”
“All evidence points to Paul,” Jackson pointed out. “I can’t figure it out. He always seemed like such a nice guy.”
Phoenix added, “And I always thought he liked working at the mine.”
“Who knows why anyone loses their mind.” Dallas rubbed his chin.
“Did I tell you about how crazy he was at Norma’s with Samantha the other day?” Jessie’s eyes widened.
“No. So, now you’re the one holding back on us.”
“No, Sir. Not me.” She told them how he’d burst into the kitchen and seemed really out of his mind. He’d even warned her to leave town.
“Well, I say we go get the son of a bitch.” Jackson stood up.
“Can’t,” Phoenix informed. “Paul’s left town and his wife. No idea where he went.”
Dallas shook his head. “The guy is completely off his rocker.”
“Well, I feel safe with my guys around me.” Jessie’s words ignited him like a lit match to spilled gasoline.
No matter what happened, she would be his wife one day. “Let’s make our girl feel more comfortable,” he ordered.
Jessie blinked her consent. Denver and his brothers removed her clothes in a flash. He lifted her up into his arms and went to his bedroom. His brothers followed behind.
He gently lowered her onto the middle of the bed then pressed her lush lips with his. Her lips quivered like a delicate butterfly against his mouth. God, he was totally lost to her.
Phoenix and Jackson massaged her calves, while Dallas worked on her feet. His brothers were leaving her upper body to him, and that was just perfect. He nuzzled her neck and began gently kneading her chest. In no time, little whispering moans left her mouth, pleasing him to no end.
* * * *
Jessie’s cowboys worked out every knot and every bit of tightness in her body.
Denver had gotten up on the bed and placed his legs around her, turning his middle into a manly pillow for her head. He massaged her shoulders like a pro, but when he went back to her breasts, he spent more time there.
Phoenix kissed her thigh. “I can’t wait to taste your sweetness, angel.”
Jackson kissed her other thigh. “Me either, darlin’.”
A burning grew inside her as her cowboys licked, pinched, and touched every inch of her body. Jessie’s mind was so numb after the day’s confessions, and she craved the pleasure they would certainly give her.
Jackson, Phoenix, and Dallas took turns fingering her pussy. They each had their own style that got to her in different ways. In no time she was wiggling, panting, and arching her back off the bed.
“You like that, sugar?” Denver asked.
“Y–Yes. Very m–much.”
She closed her eyes, as he whispered, “I love you. I’ll make sure you’re safe. Understand?”