Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 38

“Yes, Sir.”
The three brothers between her legs replaced their fingers with their tongues. One at a time, they went down on her pussy. Denver pinched her nipples and whispered in her ear. “We’re going to fuck you senseless, sugar. Your hot, sweet body is going to be burning with desire.”
Dallas laved her clit with his tongue until she thought she might pass out.
“Stop,” Denver ordered. “She’s really close. Let’s take turns tonight. Condoms are in the nightstand. Lube is there, too.”
One by one, they each fucked her to orgasm, while the others watched. First Jackson. Then Phoenix. Next Dallas. Then Denver climbed up in the bed.
“Time for a session.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“What state are you in?”
“Green, Sir.” Her body was wonderfully sore and humming.
He rolled a condom down his hard dick. She felt Sir’s muscled frame touching her side, causing her to tremble. “You really pleased me tonight, little one.”
“I’m glad, Sir.”
“This sub did good, didn’t she Master Dallas?”
“She sure did. She did great.”
Jackson, Phoenix, and Dallas were looking at her with such pride she thought she would explode from the joy she was feeling.
Sir asked, “Do you know why I asked my brothers to take you one at a time?”
“No, Sir. I don’t know why.”
“You just put on three shows, and you’re about to do tonight’s finale. The next time I take you to The Masters’ Chambers you’ll be ready to submit to me in one of the public areas.”
She smiled, thinking how thrilling and erotic it would be. “Thank you, Sir.”
Sir moved her on top of her. He thrust his big cock into her pussy, slow and hard. Jessie chewed on her lip. The burn, the pressure, the possession made her delirious.
“Clamp your pussy muscles tight around my cock, sub.
She obeyed, feeling a deep hot shudder in her core.
“Good girl.”
Sir drilled into her pussy like a man possessed, causing her depths to tremble. In and out. His invasion spread out her insides, swelling her to the impossible. She wrapped her arms around his neck and clawed at his muscled shoulders. And still, he pressed on with more possessive stabs from his cock into her pussy.
“Do not come, sub.”
A tremble rocked its way from deep inside her pussy through the rest of her body. “It’s hard, Sir. I’m not sure I–I can h–hold—”
“You can. Do not disobey me, Jessie.” Something about Sir’s tone helped. The demanding climax backed down below the surface, but only just under it.
She was mad with desire. Sir’s manly musk filled her nostrils, adding to her frenzy.
“Good girl.” Sir rolled her on top of him, keeping his dick inside her pussy.
Suddenly, she felt hands massaging her ass followed by a lubed finger piercing her anus. She knew immediately it was Jackson from his touch.