Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 41

Sir sent her a wink that only she could see. “Turn the water on and clean your filthy body.”
“Yes, Sir.”
There was plenty of soap, wash cloths, and shampoos to choose from. In no time, she was lathered up and washing herself.
“Sub, is your pussy dirty?”
“Yes, Sir. Very dirty.”
“I want you to scrub it clean.”
“Yes, Sir.”
Three more people joined her onlookers, and that thrilled her. Give them a show and make Sir and his brothers proud.
She closed her eyes and washed her pussy and breasts. Her body began to heat up, and she licked her lips. She heard someone in the audience let out a sound of approval, and that got her even hotter. She pressed the cloth on her clit, and her head started to spin.
“What do you think about my sub, Master Q?”
“She’s something else. You sure you don’t want to share her with me?”
Jessie’s eyes popped open.
Sir smiled. “Don’t worry, little one. He knows I only share with my brothers. He’s just jealous that he doesn’t get to sample your delights.”
“You can say that again.” Master Q nodded.
Jessie closed her eyes again and continued washing her body. Her mind was swimming in an erotic, dreamy space. She loved how she felt. Then a voice jolted her back to reality.
“What the fuck!” Austin stood like an angry god behind Master Q. “Everyone but my brothers and Ms. Greene, go back to the main room.”
The crowd did as they’d been commanded. Jessie covered herself with the tiny cloths. He was clearly pissed, but she didn’t know why.
“What’s the matter with you, Austin?” Sir asked.
He walked over to Denver and pointed at the middle of his chest as if daring him to take a swing. “Get her out of my club and don’t ever bring her back. Understand?”
Jackson, Phoenix, and Dallas positioned themselves in front of her. She dressed quickly.
“I understand you’ve gone off the deep end.” Denver glared at his older brother. “She’s the one, Austin. We all know it. Why can’t you just give her a chance?”
“Fine. Marry her. You’ve known for years that I’m not interested in the Wilde family way. Get it through your thick skulls, brothers.”
“Why not, Austin?” Jessie asked, pushing her way past Jackson to stand next to Denver. “Is it me? Do I repulse you so much?”
Austin didn’t answer. He only stared at her, causing her to tremble. He looked back at Denver. “I suggest you worry about keeping Paul King away from your sub. It looks like he’s the one behind all the accidents.”
“Yeah, we figured that out for ourselves, bro,” Phoenix chimed in.
“Congratulations. You’re all growing up.” Austin’s tone wasn’t sarcastic as much as sad.
She mustered all the courage she could. “I have a right to know, Austin. You didn’t answer my question.”
“No. I didn’t. You and my brothers have been scheming, planning, training for this very moment. All of you thought you could trick me, bend me to your will. Not happening.”
“Am I ugly?”
He snorted. “You’re gorgeous, Ms. Greene, but you and my brothers don’t know what you’re asking of me.”