Wilde Nights (The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada 4)

Page 42

“Tell us,” she begged. If he walked out now, she would never see him again. No one would.
“No,” Austin said flatly then turned back to Denver. “Like I said. Get her out of here. Now.”
Jessie was desperate. She grabbed at the only weapon she could think of. “What are you afraid of, Austin? Me? You’re acting like that little boy who Malcolm and Paul tied to the tree.”
He jerked his head around and glared at her. He didn’t make a sound and didn’t move an inch.
His brothers looked dumbfounded. They didn’t know about the tree. She bet they were hoping, even praying, she could reach Austin. If he would even consider spending time with her, they just might get their brother back if she didn’t screw it up.
It terrified her, but she had to press on. “I’ve been to that tree, Austin. You’ve turned it into your own BDSM training ground, haven’t you? It’s the same tree.”
He grabbed her arm hard. “Be careful, Jessie. You don’t know what I’m capable of.”
She gulped but continued. “And you don’t know what I’m capable of, either. Try me if you dare.”
He nodded then looked at his brothers one by one. “You guys sure about this? I don’t think you understand
how this could end.”
Denver looked him straight in the eyes. “You will honor her safe word?”
“What kind of Dom do you think I am? I’m the one who taught you, Denver. Of course, I will.”
“Then, yes. I’m sure.”
Jackson said, “Me, too.”
Phoenix and Dallas nodded.
“Okay then. I’ll do it. One week. Me and her alone. No phone calls. No visits.”
“Agreed.” Denver pulled her tight to his side.
Jessie’s insides leapt for joy. Somehow, she’d prove to Austin he should reconsider.
“Say your good-byes to her. I want her in my office here at the club in five minutes.” Without another word, Austin left.
“Jessie, you did it.” Jackson was smiling from ear to ear. “How did you know what to do?”
“I didn’t. I just threw the only thing I knew about him.”
Dallas shook his head. “My God, the tree. It’s the very same one. I never knew that.”
“Our Jessie has amazing insight.” Phoenix kissed her hair.
Denver cupped her chin. “I love you.”
Hearing those three words from him thrilled her. “I love you, too.”
His blue eyes held her firm. “You know, Austin never told anyone who tied him to that tree, but those two days and nights changed him into who he is today.”
“I know.”
“Sugar, I thought we’d have more time to train you, but we don’t. It’s now or never with him.”
“Oh God. I’m not ready.”
“Yes, you are. You’re so strong. He’s going to push, but he won’t harm you. Sure, there will be pain, but if it’s too much, use your safe word.”